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Skoda Kodiaq Leak

A Czech SUV that borrows its name from an Alaskan town, island and bear has been revealed ahead of its launch later today.

The Škoda Kodiaq has been teased by the surging automaker throughout its lengthy development, but here it is in the flesh. The low-resolution images leaked on the Serbian enthusiast forum earlier today. Will it show up in America, or is a corporate cousin too close?

Skoda Kodiaq Leak

Škoda wants the Kodiaq to carry the brand’s flag to new markets, where it hopes to boost already rising sales. The Volkswagen-owned brand posted its best sales figures in history last year, but the automaker is wary of entering the U.S. market. Recently, the brand’s CEO said he felt the Kodiaq would be a “home run” with utility-hungry American buyers.

The automaker has already trademarked all of the necessary badging in the U.S., but we’ll have to wait until next year to find out if there’ll be a Czech invasion.

The Kodiaq is said to be closely related to the upcoming 2017 Volkswagen Teramont, another SUV with high hopes for the U.S. Both are three-row models, and while the Škoda adds diesel power to the mix (we don’t know the Teramont’s powertrain), hybrid variants are expected for both.

Volkswagen plans to slash sticker prices on its vehicles in a bid to reverse sinking sales, and it’s reasonable to expect value pricing (or what passes for it) on the Teramont. The automaker has a big SUV and crossover push planned, and a model like the Kodiaq could erode the Teramont’s sales. That alone is a big rationale for not bringing the Škoda brand stateside.


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39 Comments on “Czech-mate: Photos Leak of Skoda SUV that Could Come to the U.S....”

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    I hope they’re more reliable than VW’s Otherwise don’t even bother coming here.

    • 0 avatar

      Was the Prizm more reliable than the Corolla? Cause this amounts to the same thing.

    • 0 avatar

      my VW has been pretty reliable for 5 years 125,000 miles , I know what a fool I was for keeping it past warranty , maybe time to check the real world ratings.

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        I have a 2010 VW Golf and and I’ve had a dead battery (at five years) and my rear washer dribbles when the outdoor temp hits 90/95 and that’s all.
        Skoda has rated pretty high in UK and German surveys I’ve seen. I’ve ridden in Skoda Octavia taxis in Amsterdam and Barcelona and they were quite solid. Build and material quality wise somewhere is between a Jetta and a Golf–maybe on par with last year’s Civic.

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    Mirko Reinhardt

    Who came up with “Kodiaq is closely related to Teramont”?
    Because both are MQB? Then a Golf would also be closely related.
    The Teramont is much, much larger than the Kodiac, which shares every dimension with the LWB Tiguan.

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    Wow. Just wow. I thought that the rumblings about Skoda coming to the US were a joke. I still do to some degree. But now I am starting to wonder “could this really happen?”

    I couldn’t imagine a bigger middle finger to already sore VW dealers than this. “Hey guys, you know that mid size SUV you guys have been clamoring for for years? Here it is! Oh by the way, we are selling an identical cheaper version through a new sales outlet. Happy competition!”

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      Nah. I’m sure they’ll twin their dealers up just like everyone else with same price point brands. What they would be doing here is seeking greater volume on the western hemisphere manufacturing investments. The purpose of this would be to gain greater leverage through volume on both incentives and dealer profits. If they do it right that is.

      If they do bring skodas in aside from vehicle launches I would nominate someone for a dunce cap. This is probably a tiguan or teramont under the skin.

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    Nice looking Kia/Dodge Journey.

  • avatar

    That’s nice, but I’d still rather have the Superb Wagon.

    Having Skoda here would definitely be welcome. Every one I’ve driven in Europe has been a really solid car.

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    Won’t Chevrolet/GM have something to say about a truck-ish Kodiak from another automaker? I would think the TopKick’s demise is too recent for them to let go of that moniker.

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    That is a much better looking SAAB SUV than the 9-7X ever was.

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    30-mile fetch

    The Big & Butch truck and SUV names are amusing. Sequoia, Titan, and Armada are the most blatant, and Kodiak will fit right in. GRRRR KODIAK! Available in Grizz and Mauler trimlines with the special edition Treadwell to be introduced at a later date.

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    Given that VW has to dang-near fire sale their cars lately, not sure how a further (if only slightly) down market variant of the same car would do here. Then again, maybe Skoda would give VW a fresh start here. Me? Make mine a Rapid Spaceback, only because it reminds me so much of my recently departed Lancer Sportback Ralliart.

    I also think the Yeti could be a potential seller here. The Tiguan never really picked up, although it has had some recent success. With a name like “Yeti” it has to be a tough SUV, right (sarcasm noted…for those driving back and forth to the wilderness called the Mall!)?

  • avatar

    I can see where VW execs would envision a whole legion of added management jobs for US marketing, sales, and service. Promotions for everyone!
    In my view, adding the Skoda nameplate in the US is a fail. Like Comcast realizing its name is totally toxic and trying to masquerade as Xfinity.

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    I think this looks good…and I’ve rented and driven Skodas in Europe multiple times, always coming away impressed. I really like them and am one of the few Americans who would consider the brand.

    Skodas don’t come out of the same factories as the VWs do, but rather Skoda exclusive factories in the Czech Republic mostly. I don’t think that would have any effect on long term reliability, either way. VW’s have generally excellent build quality, but poor component reliability & expensive repair costs. Using many of the same components in another assembly plant location likely won’t change that.

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    Big Al from Oz

    Almost a Kia grille!

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    SCE to AUX

    The only difference between this and the Teramont is diesel? Well, diesel isn’t returning to the US market, so don’t bother bringing the Kodiaq here.

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    Big Al from Oz

    Skoda should use the front end of this and the chassis to make a unitary midsize pickup with AWD.

    This would make it more attractive than the Ridgline.

  • avatar

    Looks like another ultra-feminine crossover, of which we have enough.

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    Trucky McTruckface

    Looks like a Chinese mashup of a Kia and a Grand Cherokee.

    A VAG product under a different nameplate is still a VAG product. And owning a VAG product is a mistake I won’t be making again. Pass.

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    I don’t see how VW would gain much by adding another nameplate (Skoda) to the U.S. market. OTOH, if they wanted to rebadge some Skodas as VWs in the U.S. to help keep the prices down, that makes sense.

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