U.S. Auto Sales Brand-By-Brand Results: July 2016 YTD

Timothy Cain
by Timothy Cain
u s auto sales brand by brand results july 2016 ytd

After a steep May decline and modest growth in June, which fell below expectations, U.S. auto sales expansion flatlined in July 2016, suggesting the market is poised for a slower second half than the early part of the year projected.

New vehicle sales volume rose less than 1 percent in July 2016, a year-over-year improvement equal to roughly 11,000 sales.

There were a number of significant improvements. July 2016 was the best July ever for American Honda, for example, as sales jumped 6 percent to 139,125 at the Honda brand, overcoming another Acura decline. Buick, up 10 percent last month, ended the January-July period with its best start to the year since 2005. The only brands with superior growth rates in July were smaller outlets: Smart, Volvo, and Scion.

Mixed in with these gains, however, were double-digit percentage losses from a bundle of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles brands: Maserati, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Dodge.

Additionally, Chrysler sales fell 4 percent. FCA’s corrected sales reporting methods mean prior monthly tallies don’t mesh with July’s numbers, but the automaker now says sales are up 4 percent through seven months.

General Motors was July’s top-selling automaker, Ford led all brands, the F-Series led the pickup truck sector and outsold all other vehicle lines, the Honda CR-V was America’s top-selling utility vehicle, and the Toyota Camry led all passenger cars.

Auto BrandJuly 2016July 2015% Change2016 YTD2015 YTD% ChangeAcura 13,67414,915-8.3%92,668102,002-9.2%Alfa Romeo 4349-12.2%338354-4.5%Audi 18,36417,6544.0%115,298111,2693.6%BMW 25,77726,970-4.4%179,213195,593-8.4%Buick 22,96020,79110.4%127,167127,1050.0%Cadillac 14,34114,1541.3%87,57295,053-7.9%Chevrolet 178,820188,790-5.3%1,185,7101,242,409-4.6%Chrysler 19,09519,907 -4.1% 148,398191,079-22.3%Dodge 35,52039,492 -10.1%311,658303,7012.6%Fiat 2,7543,196 -13.8%19,34623,118 -16.3%Ford 206,170212,478-3.0% 1,498,043 1,453,6853.1%GMC 51,13748,7774.8%305,724313,490-2.5%Honda 139,125131,4095.9%852,486797,3236.9%Hyundai 75,003 71,0135.6%449,063 442,1631.6%Infiniti 9,94510,433-4.7%74,92374,7130.3%Jaguar 3,3981,242174%14,3899,07858.5%Jeep 79,24675,459 5.0%543,714476,101 14.2%Kia 59,96956,311 6.5%388,296367,2635.7%Land Rover 6,0755,01121.2%42,72337,32314.5%Lexus 27,89029,816-6.5%179,454188,664-4.9%Lincoln 9,0989,536-4.6%62,39556,64810.1%Maserati 811957-15.3%6,0136,261-4.0%Mazda 27,91527,1572.8%173,269186,152-6.9%Mercedes-Benz ° 28,52327,526 3.6% 191,300 192,492 -0.6%Mercedes-Benz Vans ° 3,2722,16351.3%19,03415,69721.3%Total Mercedes-Benz ° 31,79529,6897.1% 210,334208,1891.0%Mini 4,7745,191-8.0%29,91835,451-15.6%Mitsubishi 7,8907,868 0.3% 59,824 57,4124.2%Nissan 122,530120,4391.7%855,666792,6428.0%Porsche 3,8784,730 -18.0%30,58629,8682.4%Ram 44,06942,021 4.9%302,082274,9249.9%Scion 6,4233,86566.2%44,14328,79653.3%Smart 49344111.8%3,0864,065-24.1%Subaru 52,09350,5173.1%331,551322,9352.7%Toyota 179,920183,500-2.0% 1,188,436 1,231,161-3.5%Volkswagen 28,75831,300-8.1%177,772205,742-13.6%Volvo 8,5845,61952.8%45,23834,98529.3%————— ——BMW-Mini 30,55132,161-5.0%209,131231,044-9.5%Fiat Chrysler Automobiles 180,727 180,1240.3%1,325,5361,269,2774.4%Daimler AG 32,28830,1307.2%213,420212,2540.5%Ford Motor Co. 215,268222,014-3.0% 1,560,438 1,510,3333.3%General Motors 267,258272,512-1.9%1,706,1731,778,057-4.0%Honda Motor Co. 152,799146,3244.4%945,154 899,3255.1%Hyundai-Kia 134,972 127,3246.0% 837,359 809,4263.5%Jaguar-Land Rover 9,473 6,253 51.5%57,11246,40123.1%Nissan Motor Co. 132,475130,8721.2%930,589867,3557.3%Toyota Motor Corp.214,233217,181-1.4%1,412,033 1,448,621-2.5%Volkswagen Group * 47,287 49,162 -3.8% 293,854 318,468 -7.7%———————Industry Total †1,522,1441,511,261 0.7% 10,167,06410,032,521 1.3%

Source: Manufacturers

[Image Source: General Motors]

* Volkswagen Group includes sales figures for Audi, Bentley, Porsche, and Volkswagen brands

° Mercedes-Benz USA releases sales figures for the Mercedes-Benz brand in the conventional sense, vans excluded, as well as totals for the Metris and Sprinter vans. The complete picture is included here.

† Industry total takes into account WSJ figures/estimates for brands such as Tesla (3,300 July units) and other low-volume, high-priced manufacturers. Numbers upated at 12:22 PM ET on August 3, 2016, with final Jaguar-Land Rover figures.

[Image: General Motors]

Timothy Cain is the founder of GoodCarBadCar.net, which obsesses over the free and frequent publication of U.S. and Canadian auto sales figures.

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  • Tstag Tstag on Aug 04, 2016

    Looks like Jaguar are clawing their way back into the US car market. The F Pace is making such a big impact for them that larger and smaller models won't be far away. JLR combined have even now overtaken Lincoln.

    • Jthorner Jthorner on Aug 05, 2016

      JLR and Volvo are both recovering. Lincoln is stuck in purgatory. Why did Ford sell Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo at a deep discount ?

  • Jthorner Jthorner on Aug 05, 2016

    Smart needs to just give it up. Less than 500 units per month? No way that is a profitable business. VW's problem isn't so much the scandal as it is the fact that they can't sell diesel powered vehicles right now. "Clean Diesel" used to be a huge part of VW's appeal. Now we know it was a lie ....

    • Amancuso Amancuso on Aug 05, 2016

      To be fair VW's 1.4TSI and 1.8TSI are fantastic motors that offer near diesel like MPG figures. We have a '16 Jetta Sport that just replaced a '14 SE 1.8 TSI and couldn't be happier. Also my GTI has been a solid performer as well.

  • Dukeisduke An updated Model 3? What does "updated" mean? Will they change the styling someday?
  • Dukeisduke The current MSRP for a Camry LE is $26,320 plus $1,095 destination, according to their Website.
  • MaintenanceCosts So many truck owners would end up busted if cops just enforced existing state laws on headlight and bumper height. Those go unenforced almost everywhere in the US.Lift aside, I'm a fan of any truck that has body-color bumpers and trim. The chrome on a lot of the trucks is just way too much.Late addition: the 6.2 is an amazing engine from the driver's seat, but based on the spotty reliability record of the Gen V engines I might actually rather have the 2.7 turbo four for reliability.
  • Sooper Toyota already has no new vehicles on their lots; they are just another used car dealership now. So why introduce another model when Toyota appears to be going out of the new vehicle business?
  • Tassos There is nothing 'weird' about Finland's fine system. A few other nations have it too. Switzerland maybe, I am not sure.But you do not specify WHAT was that clown's income that required him to pay $120k for a speeding ticket?I am sure that for somebody like ELon Musk, $100k will barely operate his megayacht ONE LOUSY Day.