Honda Files Transmission Patent, Cranks It to '11' (Speeds)

honda files transmission patent cranks it to 11 speeds

Apparently, the 10-speed automatic transmission co-developed by Ford and General Motors doesn’t impress Honda, because it wants a gearbox with more cogs.

The Japanese automaker recently filed a patent for an 11-speed, triple-clutch transmission, AutoGuide reports.

Filed with the Japan Patent Office, the document describes a transmission that decreases the torque loss between shifts that is common with dual-clutch transmissions. The solution? Adding a third clutch.

The design, credited to inventor Izumi Masao, aims to increase the speed of each gear shift while reducing fuel consumption. While the layout of the future gearbox isn’t exactly clear (the patent can no longer be found on the patent office’s website), and there’s no mention of applications, we’re left to assume that the 11-speed unit would find a home in a high-mileage model or a gas hog.

A transmission this technologically complex would likely carry a hefty price tag compared to other options. That increases the odds that, if built, it would be offered in a mass-market model, rather than a niche vehicle.

[Image: Ronnie Schreiber/The Truth About Cars]

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  • Rtr Rtr on Aug 23, 2016

    I had an Audi A4 with the ZF 8 speed and thought the transmission was brilliant and many reviewers feel the same. Programming makes a huge difference and it seems that Audi and others got it right. Some not so much.

  • ...m... ...m... on Aug 23, 2016

    ...f*ck everything, we're doing five blades!..

  • Cartunez Cartunez on Aug 23, 2016

    Lexus has been using an 8 speed tranny for years and its smooth and reliable.

  • Gearhead77 Gearhead77 on Aug 23, 2016

    11 speeds? From Honda? The company who struggles to make a decent V6/automatic combination? The transmission in our '14 Odyssey is far from my favorite and it might determine whether we get another when the lease expires in May. It's getting very abrupt on the 1-2 shift, especially at anything under part throttle and rather unresponsive in general. I know in Tim Cains last write-up, he shares many of the same gripes I have with the Odysseys six speed. It just always lags behind or you really must prod it to make it downshift. And Hondas grade logic is some of the dumbest I've ever encountered. I'm not new to the brand either. Myself or a family member have owned multiple Hondas over the past 30 years and grade logic has never been a strong suit. Since the Maintenance Minder(TM) just called for an ATF change, I'm hoping that helps smooth it out. But the programming has never been a favorite of mine and no manual control except the D4 button is annoying. When I drive the Honda, it reminds me of how awful our new multi-speed world can be. When I drive my 08 Mazda 5, it shows me how good a basic 5 speed automatic can be. Even my last experience with a 15 Charger with the V6/8spd was positive for 700 miles of mixed driving. But excuse me for being skeptical of any Honda transmission. To be fair, one of the best cars we've had was an 06 Accord 2.4 and the 5 speed automatic.