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TTAC’s membership in the Ford GT club just got a whole lot less exclusive (sorry, Sanjay), after Ford Motor Company announced an extension of its supercar production.

Ford Performance will tack on another two years of GT production, meaning thousands of jilted would-be buyers still have a chance to score the carbon fiber beast.

The application period for the 2017 and 2018 models yielded 6,506 orders, despite a 500-unit production total spread across two years. Plenty of unhappy customers, for sure, but also plenty of vetted people willing to pay in excess of $400,000.

“While we can’t build enough Ford GTs for everyone who has applied, we are going to produce additional vehicles in an effort to satisfy more of our most loyal Ford ambassadors,” said Dave Pericak, global director of Ford Performance, in a statement. “We want to keep Ford GT exclusive, but at the same time we know how vital this customer is to our brand.”

Customers who applied for a GT and received a heartbreaking rejection letter will now be first in line. They simply need to update their request when the next application window opens early next year.

According to Ford, the third year of production “will support applicants who were placed on the wait list; previously deferred applicants and those who missed the initial application window will be served by production year four.”

Built by Multimatic in Ontario, the Ford GT sports an intercooled version of Ford’s twin-turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6.

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30 Comments on “Ford GT Production Extended by Two Years, Past Applicants Now First in Line...”

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    This is not good news for folks who are buying this car as an investment. Their exclusive car just became a lot less exclusive.

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    “Built by Multimatic in Ontario, the Ford GT sports an intercooled version of Ford’s twin-turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6.”

    Ehh, aren’t all 3.5’s intercooled?

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    I’m cancelling my order. This car is now common.

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      Limited production – Limited to how many you mo’ fos will order.

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        Anybody know the number of GT’s built 10 years ago when Ford was pumping them out?

        I know the selection process had to of been much more lax. A friend’s girlfriends father was able to order one. He was the fortunate recipient of a lottery purse. Unfortunately for him he had no clue how to manage his funds and had a bad drinking problem to boot. His time came to an end in his red GT with white stripes at the end of an on ramp at high speed.

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      Nobody buys Ford GTs anymore – they’re too popular.

      (with respect to Yogi Berra)

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    Translation, we screwed over a lot of real customers and collectors and big dog guys who buy thousands of cars from us for their businesses and now we have to scramble to fix this situation and the negative PR associated with it.

    No disrespect to Sanjeev’s brother but I can’t for the life of me understand how they could pick him over guys with 5 Ford GTs, multiple other high dollar collectible Fords and guys that have bought hundreds, even thousands of Fords for their companies? That is one hell of a slap in the face to those guys to lose out to him or some dude that plays video games on YouTube.

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      Venom, with all due respect, you don’t know how many Fords we own, how active Sanjay is on the FGT forum, how many FGT rallies he’s attended, etc. If you think I got him an FGT via TTAC, you should spend more time with Sanjeev.

      (edited so I don’t come off like a complete jerk)

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        Do you own 5 Ford GTs? No.
        Do you own a super large collection of high dollar Ford collectibles? No
        Have you ever bought or ever intend to buy hundreds even thousands of Fords for your company? No

        I never said you got your brother a Ford GT by the way, quite frankly you don’t have any pull to get him one I imagine. He’s the one with the money and the cars so I’m guessing all the pull he needed was himself. It probably didn’t hurt that the guy in charge of the program is Indian also but that’s just speculation.

        I perused the Ford GT forum prior to this and that’s what it is, a forum for Ford GT owners, everyone on there is active and quite a few of them got turned down so not sure what that has to do with anything? Your brother’s collection overall is impressive but there are guys on there with multiple GTs and he has only one as far as I can tell. I saw one story that caught my eye on the boards, guy was a car dealer or motorcycle dealer, something like that, loyal Ford and Ford GT owner for decades and decades and when the recession hit and everything went to hell, he told his hundreds of employees that he would personally give them $1,000 each out of his pocket if they bought a Ford, he even got a letter from the Ford family thanking him, and he got passed over for the new GT. Can you honestly tell me that your brother deserved this car over that guy?

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          “Can you honestly tell me that your brother deserved this car over that guy?”

          I don’t know. Bet he wasn’t Indian, though. ;-)

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          Maybe they should let you choose who gets one and who doesn’t. But, then you wouldn’t have anything to complain about, so nothing would be gained.

          Love the touch of racisim, btw, that’s so mature.

          No matter who was or is chosen, there will be reasons why someone else deserved it more so.

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            “Touch of racism?” I read that as rather blatant, but then I’m not an admin here, so I guess it goes.

            Not sure I get the beef. I’m not in the running to (ever) get a GT, so I have no skin in the game. I have exactly one Ford in my “collection,” and that’s a two-year old base S model Escape that I use to haul rescue dogs with each weekend. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t qualify me (though my newly-adopted daughter thinks it’s a good use for a car).

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          ” didn’t hurt that the guy in charge of the program is Indian also but that’s just speculation”

          I think you’re confusing the word speculation for another word.

          “he told his hundreds of employees that he would personally give them $1,000 each out of his pocket if they bought a Ford. Can you honestly tell me that your brother deserved this car over that guy?”

          I think he should give his employees $1000 to buy any car, not bribe them to “curry” extra favor with Ford. If my brother did that with his staff, I’d call him out too.

          That said, he sounds like a good dude and I have no idea if he deserves one over my brother.

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          Venomv12 the racist,
          Did you ever wonder why Ford may not have picked your beloved dealer principle? The company tends to know a lot more about their sometimes slime ball dealer principles than what said principle will tell you on a public forum.

          I recommend you stop sucking Internet stranger d1ck. Makes you look foolish.

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          Frank Galvin

          Makes me think of that quote attributed to Twain…better to keep ones mouth shut than open it and remove all doubt. You don’t have a clue about what the good doctor wrote in his application for selection. Only you imply that his collection is not up there with the extremely wealthy, or doesn’t have enough GTs to warrant consideration. And then throw in an absolutely baseless accusation at the Ford employee. You’re a fool. I’ve been around here long enough to recall that both brothers have worked hard, have beat the worst life can throw at them, and have preserved an overlooked subset of Fords history. Maybe that meant something to the GT team, maybe with a limited allocation, someone like DrV8 was who they wanted. Congrats, DrV8..

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      I can see your point that it appears many other people should have been granted the chance to buy the FGT.

      With that said, I’ve known Sanjay almost my whole life; trust me, he, his brother and father are real car guys and very much Ford diehards. As Sajeev mentioned, you have no idea the number of Fords they own, nor have owned in the past. I’ll just say that what they have today would make for one very cool and eclectic Ford museum.

      Also, you will have a very hard time finding people in this world that are nicer than the Mehta family. And I think that this trait went a long way with Ford choosing Sanjay.

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      Plenty of venom, but not firing on all of those twelve cylinders. So you’re half-right.

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    So my SS might be about as rare as the GT.

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      Yes but it will be far more reliable and has a proper number of cylinders.

      And it wasn’t made by a manufacturer so arrogant and full of themselves that it required people to write letters and beg for a chance to buy the vehicle.

      Ford is such a joke of a company. Requiring people to beg for a chance to buy an ugly appliance with a Taurus V6.

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    Joe Btfsplk

    I’m still gonna have to wait for the fiberglass kit car version made from Pinto parts…

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    Silly, ignorant people.

    There shouldn’t be demand for this car. There are far, far better cars from much more respectable brands that deserve to be bought.

    But at the end of the day, after you’ve spent way too much for this hideous appliance, you are still left with a Ford powered by a Taurus V6.

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    A 600+ hp “Taurus engine”. It’s not as if it’s a Vulcan 3.0 from 1991.

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