2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Gets Official: All Turbos, Manual Availability, Type R Promised

Timothy Cain
by Timothy Cain

American Honda has wisely revealed studio images and announced a level of detail regarding its 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback. After pictures ( from an unfortunate angle) of the new car’s early shipment filtered to America last week, the tenth-generation’s third body style looks significantly better in Honda’s official shots.

Honda’s 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine will power all U.S.-bound Civic Hatchbacks across LX, Sport, EX, EX-L, and Sport Touring trims. The LX, Sport, and EX will be available with a six-speed manual transmission. Until now, the 1.5T upgrade in the tenth-gen Civic was linked exclusively to a continuously variable transmission.

Both the Sport and Sport Touring models add six horsepower, for a total of 180, to the 1.5T’s usual 174-horsepower output.

Honda revealed an aggressive but thinly veiled prototype version of the Civic Hatchback this past spring in Geneva. It’s clear that the hard points of the prototype are mirrored in the production car, including a bifurcated rear window and winglets at the roof and on the decklid. The Sport and Sport Touring models both feature the Geneva prototype’s center-mounted exhaust.

Honda furthered the promise of the first North American Civic Type R with the overnight reveal of Civic Hatchback imagery, as well. The Civic Hatchback, Honda confirmed, “will serve as the basis for the radical new Civic Type-R launching in the U.S. in 2017.”

Although the hatchback takes the place of the tenth-generation Civic’s third body style, following the North American-assembled sedan and coupe, the hatch makes its way across the Atlantic from Honda’s UK plant in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Sound familiar? American Honda last sourced a Civic from the Swindon plant when a two-door Si hatchback accompanied the markedly different North American seventh-generation Civic for a four-year run between 2002 and 2005.

Times have changed. The 2002 Honda Civic Si’s naturally aspirated 2.0-liter produced 160 horsepower. Like the rest of the auto industry, Honda is into turbochargers now, and the standard 2017 Civic Hatchback now produces an extra 14 ponies with 25-percent less displacement.

The 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback will arrive at U.S. dealers in September.

[Images: American Honda, Honda Europe]

Timothy Cain
Timothy Cain

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  • Frozenman Frozenman on Aug 15, 2016

    This is Honda's revenge on you fops for dumping on the looks of the crosstour and ZDX.

  • Trucky McTruckface Trucky McTruckface on Aug 15, 2016

    Good God, that rear fascia is hideous... So how much longer do we have to wait to find out how disappointing and ugly the new Si will be? Does Honda take such a tediously slow approach to new product rollouts because they know how much enthusiasts are going to be let down, or are they just that clueless? On the Honda forums, they're reading between the lines that the Sport Touring trim means the Si will be coupe/sedan only. I also saw a screenshot of some sort of internal Honda order page indicating the LX and Sport are the only trims available with the manual (no EX like the press release claims - I've seen this kind of error from their PR flunkies before). As with the Accord, I'm assuming that the base Sport will be an LX with wheels, fogs, upgraded exhaust and "sporty" upholstery, but with the same crap stereo, etc. That means if you want a stick shift hatchback, you have to go poverty spec or spend top dollar on the Type R (whenever it finally shows up) with what I can only assume will be an even more absurd body kit. I've come to expect nothing less from Honda.

    • Slavuta Slavuta on Aug 16, 2016

      See, to me it opposite. To me, I like all the angles, the way it looks but direct front view where something could of been done to that bar. and then - yea, the Honda packaging! Just recently there was article on TTAC - "the ace of base - Mazda3". That base car is OK to buy. Any Honda LX - not so much. They don't have split folding rear seat and ... intermittent wipers. 2 speed wipers for LX but it has climate control! Climate control is unnecessary but intermittent wipers are. This is Honda in essence. They pack these things into EX but they also force you to buy moon-roof. Moon-roof is like $700 profit for them but for you - it is $1000 spent for useless feature that best functions as headroom limiter. And also that electronic dash... One other thing, is what happening under the hood of those 1.5LT engines - they are way too close to front bumper. I bet that any small collision will require engine work. This is why I probably will go straight to Mazda. Although, I need to think. Since Honda constantly sells at deep discounts, I may steal EX with moon-roof for less that Mazda3. I doubt, however. Besides, I still don't want moon-roof but this is only choice if I want to have rear split-folding seat and intermittent wipers. phew.

  • Wjtinfwb Funny. When EV's were bursting onto the scene; Tesla's, Volt's, Leaf's pure EV was all the rage and Hybrids were derided because they still used a gas engine to make them, ahem; usable. Even Volt's were later derided when it was revealed that the Volt's gas engine was actually connected to the wheels, not just a generator. Now, Hybrids are warmly welcomed into the Electric fraternity by virtue of being "electrified". If a change in definition is what it takes, I'm all for it. Hybrid's make so much sense in most American's usage patterns and if needed you can drive one cross-country essentially non-stop. Glad to see Hybrid's getting the love.
  • 3-On-The-Tree We also had a 1973 IH Scout that we rebuilt the engine in and it had dual glass packs, real loud. I miss those days.
  • 3-On-The-Tree Jeff thanks. Back in 1990 we had a 1964 Dodge D100 with a slant six with a 3 on the tree. I taught myself how to drive a standard in that truck. It was my one of many journeys into Mopar land. Had a 1973 Plymouth duster with a slant six and a 1974 Dodge Dart Custom with 318 V8. Great cars and easy to work on.
  • Akear What is GM good at?You led Mary............................................What a disgrace!
  • Randy in rocklin I have a 87 bot new with 200k miles and 3 head gasket jobs and bot another 87 turbo 5 speed with 70k miles and new head gaskets. They cost around 4k to do these days.