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2017 ford fusion sport

Ford just ran through its 2017 product lineup, shouting, “You get upgraded Sync 3, and you get upgraded Sync 3…!”

Today, the automaker announced that a new version of its Sync 3 infotainment system will be available on every 2017 Ford product. The system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, meaning your phone never had it so good.

Ford offered a peek at the system at January’s Consumer Electronics Show. The automaker wants to standardize its equipment across the lineup, rather than offer the system in select models. Think of it as a freeing of the apps.

For the unenlightened, Apple CarPlay works with iPhone 5 and later models. Users can use their iPhone to access Siri voice controls, Apple Maps, Apple Music, phone calls and messaging, plus third-part apps.

Android Auto, available on phones with Android 5.0 and higher, allows users to access Google Maps and music via their vehicle’s screen. Voice controls for phone calls and messaging are included in the technology.

For 2017, Ford tweaked Sync 3’s software to make the system faster and offer sharper voice recognition abilities. Supposedly, this means you don’t need to speak as clearly when giving voice commands.

The automaker introduced its Sync 3 connected vehicle system in late 2014, after taking the previous MyFordTouch system behind the barn. Owners found that system annoying, and Ford wasn’t willing to replace hair torn out in frustration.

[Image: Ford Motor Company]


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30 Comments on “Ford Updates Sync 3, Offers It in All 2017 Models...”

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    Hopefully Sync 3 is better than a G6

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    I’ve had MyFordTouch powered by Sync on my 2013 Focus ST for 3 years now, and I think the system is great. It’s not totally flawless, but is a far cry from the system that routinely gets beaten up on in the automotive press.

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      Adam Tonge

      It was $hit when in launched in 2010/11. Not the idea, but the usability. However, I’ve had my C-Max for almost four years now and have had zero issues with MFT in the vehicle.

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      The problem was that it was inconsistent. I drove three different Fusions with it as rentals. Two were flawless. The third one re-started whenever you play/paused the music. Otherwise, I agree, it was a nice system.

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    I recently tested the 2017 MKZ and the 2017 E-class.

    SYNC 3’s improvements are mostly because of the ease of use of knobs and tactile switches.

    Unfortunately, while the graphics are OK for the MKZ, they look downright amateurish in the Continental – while the E-class/C-class/S-class have graphics that look fluid and “luxurious”.

    However, my problem with COMAND is the lack of a touchscreen.

    I personally prefer UConnect to Sync 3.

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    When they come out with Sync 5 will they name it Synco de Mayo for Fiesta models?

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    Wasn’t Ford at one point trying to hold out against offering Apple/Android Auto in order to differentiate its Sync equipped cars from competitors? I assume this means they’ve given that up? Does this make Toyota the last “not in our cars” holdout?

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      Adam Tonge

      It was reported like that. Based on timelines, even if that’s what Ford was doing, it was super short lived. The Jalopnik article about it is from January of this year. They were showing off Sync3 with CarPlay and Android Auto at CES in January of this year, too. Ford was probably trying to get Sync3 rolled out and working properly before adding features. They certainly don’t want another MFT mess.

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        I was just thinking about that the other day. I’m starting to think about replacing my Impala, and this’ll help keep Ford on my short list.

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      based on my experiences with CarPlay in various aftermarket and a couple of OEM systems, I’d say it’s more like CarPlay is a ball-ache to implement and they were probably waiting to make sure Sync 3 was ready for prime time. SYNC Gen 2 was such a disaster that “play it safe” ruled the day.

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    Can one buy a Ford without this?

    And if you can, is it possible to get things like AC and radio at that trim level?

    Has this also infected the pickup trucks?

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      I think in the lowest trim you might be able to bypass that option.

      Every f150 I have had in my shop that is lariat or higher. Has been a complete joke! Years and years of just broken gaudy electronics. Hope this new sync 3 is like my silverado. Flawless in the last 8 months of heavy loud music and dirt. I’m at motocross races a few times a week and my truck gets dirty dirty inside with dust. I can’t believe that the GM has been ahead in this category for so long and people keep buying the Ford at such a higher rate. I couldn’t live with what I have experienced in the f150’$ in the last 7 years. Just pure crap imho. In Ford’s defense GM upgraded the system for the 16′ trucks with lots of options. Its much better than those too. So maybe it wasn’t as far off as I’m looking at it. I just can’t believe 50k truck being that held back. Its true though

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      “Can one buy a Ford without this?”

      yes. this just means that it has completely replaced SYNC Gen. 2. Lower trim levels don’t have it.

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      Can you buy a Ford without a well-designed, fully-featured, fast and genuinely useful piece of technology that ends up being far easier to use than some radio-button base mess? Yeah, you can. Should you decide to do so without having any knowledge of the system and how it works? No, you shouldn’t.

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    Dave W

    When we bought our Fiesta in 2011 we had to search to find one with a manual transmission, and without MFT. Funnily enough nearly all the bad press, less then reliable ratings, and general slagging the car received were based on MFT and auto trans issues.

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    Trucky McTruckface

    After insinuating since January that Carplay would be a free downloadable upgrade for any 2016 Ford with SYNC 3, Ford’s website now has the following disclosure:

    “Owners of 2016 models with SYNC 3 are required to to perform a software upgrade (available late 2016) and purchase a hardware upgrade through your dealer.”

    As the owner of both a 2016 Ford and an iPhone, my reaction to this news, if quoted here, would get this comment banished to moderation…

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      I had previously thought that Apple CarPlay would be the only thing that could get me to upgrade my 2 year old GMC truck, but after driving a new Sierra and testing CarPlay, I see no value in it for me.

    • 0 avatar

      Wow, that’s some BS. I was OK buying a ’16 model because I understood that the SYNC3 system in my Mustang could be upgraded via a wi-fi download. That’s what Ford’s website led me to believe.

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    Works with Google Maps or Apple Maps? Does that mean it does not have a GPS built in?

    Not a big fan of these things for several reasons. Mainly anything that depends on cellular data loses its functionality during our numerous road trips to the US and roaming is expensive. Plus I don’t have an Apple or an Android phone, which isn’t Ford’s fault, but it kills the usefulness of the technology for me if it is phone dependent.

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      Adam Tonge

      You can get Sync3 without Navigation. However, navigation is a $795 option with Sync3, and I would recommend checking that option box.

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      I don’t think AA/Carplay actually add much over SYNC3. The Ford system handles all the music streaming needs through the phone without those two services. Either way, the weak link is going to be the phone, not the car. And at least satellite radio is an option.

      And while I do like the Nav, it can be a bit cumbersome to find a place without an address. But the fact that I can find the nearest grocery store without having to use my phone is pretty cool. I probably wouldn’t have optioned it though, had I ordered my car.

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    Still light years behind uConnect. In every measurable category, uConnect is a superior product.

    And the graphics that the new MyFord Touch has are pathetic. Looks like a Windows 3.1 era computer. It’s amazing Ford cannot even buy a competent infotainment system.

    • 0 avatar

      Having used both extensively, I disagree. uConnect succeeds in some areas, Sync3 in others. Absolutely the only areas where uConnect is undeniably superior is in the graphics…but that for me is a moot point. In terms of usability, quality of interface design, and the navigation function, they are pretty much on par these days.

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