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It’s supposed to be about celebrating sugary rings of fried dough, but automotive enthusiasts know what National Donut Day is really about.

Our vehicles, for the most part, put up with a life of endless drudgery. Driving stoplight to stoplight, hunting for parking at Walmart, putting up with a general lack of maintenance from most owners — it’s a hard, mostly thankless existence.

Sometimes, though, our cars get a chance to break free (well, at least their back ends) and come alive for the pleasure and enjoyment of everyone around. (Minus the police. Police do not like this). Doing a donut — or as the Australians lewdly call it, “circle work” — is an act of free-wheeling rebellion that guarantees a smile, at least until the driver hits something they didn’t see.

Rather than show you fancy driftwork in a purpose-built supercar, we figured undervalued people carriers deserved some limelight. So, check out these tired old mares kicking up their heels before they’re sent off to the glue factory:

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18 Comments on “Have a Happy National Donut Day, and Dance Like Nobody’s Watching...”

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    If only it wasn’t raining right now I’d go out and ruin my $300-per-tire tires while risking the lives of innocent school children.

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    Dear Old Dad’s box Caprice Estate Wagon I quickly learned that in snow and ice I could either steer with the throttle or the steering wheel but not both. As a teenager I once did a complete lap of the parking lot of the restaurant I was employed as a cook at with very minimal input from the wheel. A wet snowstorm put to good use.

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    Arthur Dailey

    If this was filmed about 42 years ago and the Town Car was black, that could have been me driving.

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      The Town Car reminded me of doing doughnuts in my ’77 LTD wagon with the 400ci torque-monster under the hood. I’d disappear in a cloud of dust.

      I wasn’t very bright as a youngster.

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    Never really saw the point of destroying tires for no purpose.

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    Seeing a big old late 70s Continental do donuts gives me hopes for my future Hot Rod Lincoln project.

    ’77 Town Coupe with a built up EFI 460 and some serious suspension tweaks. :D

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    Back in the late 70s I’d pick up Vegas with blown head gaskets for a hundred bucks and put one in and drive it til something else blew.
    They were great for winter donuts, we lived on a residential circle about a quarter mile in diameter.

    I remember one time I was sliding too fast, went into the ditch, and a front wheel snagged on a driveway culvert pipe. Must have displaced it (the wheel) backwards 6 inches or more. Given the large amount of rotten metal in the chassis, the decel rate was nicely cushioned.

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    Absolutely love the *thub-thub-thub* of those old V8’s. The sound from the caddy limo was especially endearing.

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    Back in the day I owned a 429CI powered 1972 Ford LTD Brougham that would do donuts as long as you wanted in a K-Mart parking lot. It wasn’t all that fast in a straight line by today’s standards but you could light up the tires and do donuts to your heart’s content. Easy car to drift too.

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    What a hideously ignoble fate for that glorious Town Car.

    Like natives defecating in the ruins of a colonial mansion.

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    What a wonderful take on a national day of commemoration which I thought was bogus, but is actually real, and began long before anyone realized that donuts are artery pavement, “as a fund raiser for Chicago’s The Salvation Army. Their goal was to help those in need during the Great Depression, and to honor The Salvation Army “Lassies” of World War I, who served doughnuts to soldiers.” (Wikipedia)

    I can certainly get behind all that.

    My favorite of the videos by far was the last one, starring the Volvo 240.

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    I rented an LS3 Camaro SS last October. I did unspeakable things to it in the empty parking lot of Compuware Arena after taking in a hockey game. USA!

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