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Wyper Logo, Image: Wyper

Automotive search startup AU.TO is getting into the mobile game, and it wants you to find your next car in the same way you judge members of the opposite (or same) sex — at the swipe of a thumb.

AU.TO’s newest initiative is called Wyper (rhymes with “swiper”), and the company bills the app as “Tinder for Cars.”

I found this interesting, so I asked a few questions.

The rise of mobile usage has tech startups aflutter. We have our digital devices either in hand or constantly nearby throughout the day. Many of us — some studies say up to 75 percent — even take their phones to the commode, resulting in apps that let you anonymously chat with other people who are indisposed.

Anyway, back to cars.

The Wyper app uses the swipe gesture, similar to Tinder, to “like” and “dislike” available cars in AU.TO’s database. It’ll supposedly learn from those swipes and offer up vehicles more befitting a user’s taste in the future.

“Our goal is to simplify the car buying process and put the power back into the hands of the consumer,” said Wyper Founder Aaron Rosenthal in a statement. “With personalized results and unparalleled design, Wyper is modernizing the way consumers buy and sell cars online.”

However, to understand Wyper a little further, you must also understand its limitations.

Only vehicles listed by a group of 24,000 dealer websites in the United States are included in the app’s vehicle inventory. Wyper will not search Craigslist or Autotrader, so you’ll still have to use those sites as part of any methodical vehicle search, but it will pull listings from, AutoNation, Carmax, and “buy it now” listings from eBay Motors. Users can also submit their own ads for private sales.

Also, the app’s creator doesn’t make money from driving sales, per se, but from clicks and leads to those dealer sites. Other big players in the market make money through similar arrangements, so this is nothing new. Wyper simply attempts to change the way in which we find, or are matched to, those vehicles in the first place.

We did not reinvent the wheel; we just made it more efficient. With our network we will have the largest selection of used cars in one place on the internet,” said Adam Jansen, VP of Business Development for AU.TO.


I gave it a shot, using this author’s favorite go-to model to search: the 1992-1996 Ford Bronco.

Inventory for the Bronco was fairly limited with less than 20 matches. Those looking for vehicles more likely sold through private sales may have better luck on Craigslist or eBay Motors. But the app is incredibly strong in finding late-model used vehicles.

In the future, AU.TO looks to expand into another market.

“We will also be adding new cars to the mix fairly quickly, adding even greater value,” said Jansen.

Wyper is now available for download on iOS and Android devices.

Update: An earlier version of this article stated Wyper pulls ads from 32,000 dealer websites. A representative from the company stated the app actually pulls from 24,000 dealer websites, and does use eBay Motors as a source.

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27 Comments on “Wyper Wants You to Find Your Next Car the Same Way You Would a One-Night Stand...”

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    At the end of the day you’ll still end up in the same F&I office as before, getting offered crap you don’t need and fighting to preserve the price you agreed to one hour ago. So what’s new?

    The buying process is not terrible because it is difficult to find a car. It is a terrible process because the F&I manager is involved. Find a way to cut out the F&I guy and we’ll have something newsworthy.

    • 0 avatar

      Last time I bought a new car I had the check made out even before seeing the F&I guy. He then briefly mentioned some options apparently knowing I’d say no, finished up the paperwork and sent me on my way. My doing that wasn’t an intentional attempt at silencing the F&I guy, I had forgotten about that part. But as I already had a price with tax and fees before I went in, things were simple. I also went to a dealer I found tended to be quite straight forward and honest, so they do exist.

      Anyway, as for the app, I can see its appeal as most people don’t seem to be that interested in doing in-depth research (unlike me, who will do it to a fault). So I guess it’s a better option for people who buy a car in a hurry and often regret it. Hmm, kind of like one-night stands. So maybe not. Maybe the app is more like waking up with a hangover in Las Vegas next to someone and finding out you’re married, even if that probably only happens in bad sitcoms.

      How about an app that decides if someone can really afford a car? I picture the per/month option coming up and if someone clicks on “60” or “72” months, it immediately alerts, “No, you cannot afford this car. Move on.”

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    Land Ark

    I’ve always wished that and eBay had a “Don’t show me this pile of sh*t again” button.

    Craigslist has it, but usually that seller posts the same ad 45 times in a row which makes hiding them more of a hassle.

    • 0 avatar

      Autotrader lets you delete search results. Unfortunately autotrader doesn’t seem to find much to start with.

      • 0 avatar

        I have had to delete numerous results because the car was advertised as stick shift, but the pictures clearly show an automatic shift lever.

        • 0 avatar

          Same here. This is especially disappointing when looking for a rare car (which almost anything with a manual is) and two of the three results within 200 miles are lies.

          I wonder if that field defaults to ‘manual’ when the seller lists the car, and they forget to change it. I can’t believe they see an advantage mislabeling the transmission.

          • 0 avatar

            Yep this is a common problem. Also noticed many models were cruise control is listed when I know for a fact that the base model doesn’t have it. It got to the point where all I cared about was pictures to verify transmission and other options visually instead of by the (searchable, yet wrong) text description.

          • 0 avatar

            It could be that they forgot it, or the temp putting the listings up isn’t being paid enough to make sure everything is right. JMII has it right: Look at the pictures rather than the description.

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      Swipe left and its gone… Swipe down and you can dislike model, trim, body, color, price or mileage and Wyper will stop showing them to you!

  • avatar

    Companies like this one will make America great again.

  • avatar

    But, Wyper….

  • avatar

    Does it make me a lesbian if Wyper right on an Outback wagon?

  • avatar

    What if the the car left swipes you?

  • avatar

    “Wyper no Wyping! Wyper no Wyping!”

    /sorry, i just had to

  • avatar

    “Wyper will not search Craigslist, Autotrader, or eBay Motors”

    So it won’t look for cars in the three places I use to look for cars. Useless.

    • 0 avatar

      Wyper actually does search eBay Motors & lots of other private party listings. Wyper goes directly to the dealer to get fresher inventory faster. With almost 2 million used cars Wyper has more user cars then Auto Trader. Wyper also remembers which cars you like, and learns as you swipe never showing you the same car twice…

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    In the picture:

    14″ BMW i3
    15″ BMW i3
    15″ BMW i3 Extender

    BMW is at it again with their maddening model names!

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    Wyper will inevitably lead to disappointment, unfortunately. The cars will be pictured from unnatural angles to hide their disfigurements, will underestimate their true ages and how many previous, ah, owners have manhandled them.
    All you want is a quick “test drive”, and they will do anything to make you take them home and pay their expenses forever. The really good looking ones will make your life a living hell after the honeymoon is over. Some of them will give you the ride of your life a few times, then refuse to start when you are rarin’ to go. Pretty much all of them will depreciate, fade, get wrinkly and saggy with the years, and require new shoes on a regular basis. Before long you will be wanting to trade it in on a sexy newer model.

    I could go on all night…

    As a very wise man once said: “Men age like fine wine, women age like milk!”

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