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drag crash

You could fill the better part of a day watching bone-headed wrecks filmed outside Cars and Coffee meetups.

The latest (but not the last) automotive crunchfest entertained spectators at last week’s Reno, Nevada event.

The driver of a first-generation Chevrolet Camaro dragster figured laying a magnificent strip of rubber would lend some much-needed panache to his exit. Oh, and it sounded good. Everything was going according to the one-point plan.

But the Camaro’s back end went squirrely as it gained speed, sending the black beauty on a quick trip to the median. After gobbling up chain link fence like so many White Castle sliders, the Camaro’s front end was nicely trashed, though its high-output motor started right back up.

The driver escaped unharmed, though his street cred was soiled like a pair of pants at Woodstock.

Despite videos like this, you can bet your retirement fund that these crashes will never, ever, EVER stop happening, so we’ll leave the tut-tut moralizing to the cameraman.

“Here is a good example of what not to do leaving a car meet of any kind,” said MustangMatt on his YouTube page, adding, “And this just goes to show anyone can crash their high hp car at anytime its not just Mustangs lol.”

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40 Comments on “Camaro Dragster Eats Fence for Breakfast in Latest Cars and Coffee Embarrassment...”

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    Handicapped permit validity confirmed.

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    Just glad this didn’t end with a crossover head on. Only money and pride were lost. Thats cheap for education.

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    A fool and his insurance deductible are soon parted.

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    Z-28 IT !

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    Fat tires in back, skinny tires in front and a spooled rear axle make for a car that has to be persuaded to go any direction other that where those back tires are going.

    Some people have to learn this the hard way.

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      This car is probably a “pro-street” machine which if it is why the hell would somebody run a spool on the street? A buddy of mine did the same in his 66 Biscayne sorta rat rod thing. Guy loves to do budget builds and as a drag racing machine it was pretty quick but entirely unsafe. He spooled the stock original 10 bolt rear and I told him if he is was going to do a junkyard build just go grab the rear axle from a 4WD Exploder. Its an 8.8 with 31 spline axles and drum or disc brakes (with discs acting as a cheap C-clip eliminator) with either a 3.73 or 4.11 final drive and a street friendly limited slip differential.

      Just clean the axle up and either make a custom drive shaft or see if their is a u-joint application that would mate the stock shaft to the differential.

      In any even one fine Saturday morning he sets the car up for kill. Two stages of giggle gas and the timing setup for race gas. Sure enough the car dead hooks and snaps an axle on the 10 bolt leaving him with the impression that its just hopping. Away he goes with the axle racing down the track and the car careening across the other lane into the wall.

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    From the looks of it, the car was out of its misery, now it won’t have to be seen dragging its arse on the ground with a paint job that awful.

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    Good riddance. I love how the combination of i) American muscle car revival ii) cheap gas and iii) Fast & Furious popularity is drawing out the Stupid & Incompetence. The only better thing would be for the SUV driver who think their SUVs can drive like these muscle cars try to keep up on a twisting road to end up in the same situation (maybe deeper in the canyon) and that would be perfect.

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      Not really sure what your getting at with a and b, but Americans have always loved their classics, people have been restoring Model As and such since at least the 1960s. Why this one in particular looks so awful, who knows.

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        IMO its a “pro-street” car as that particular niche is making a comeback. Street cars which essentially imitate pro mod race cars complete many times with a garish paint job that is generally only impressive to the owner and his company of sycophants.

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      “The only better thing would be for the SUV driver… to end up in the same situation”

      Solely for the crime of owning an SUV?

      I understand your hostility towards the reckless endangerment of innocent passersby when Gonzo floors the Camaro but extending that to SUVs shows some pretty broad-spectrum anger that ain’t necessarily car related. More you related.

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        Back when SUVs weren’t front wheel drive station wagons, the drivers who bought one to “feel safe” really were a menace to the rest of us.

        The CUVization of the SUV (especially the reduction in bumper height and the improved trqction comes with FWD+ABS+TCS) really serve to make the roads safer around the people who buy SUVs to “feel safe”.

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    When I had my Infiniti G37, I went to Cars and Coffee on a somewhat regular basis…and then I stopped going.

    The biggest douchebag guys in America assemble on early Saturday morning for these events and it made me cringe. You’d see some nice cars, but you’d also see some of the worst people. You’d also see a lot of people who don’t understand how RWD cars work, and, well you’ve seen enough Mustang videos by now.

    I went because a few friends of mine went from time to time, and for what it’s worth, we went to a few decent C&Cs that were usually held at higher end places like wineries. The backwards hat crowd can’t appreciate a good sangria.

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      I agree, and would compare the Saturday morning C&Cs to the Sunday Harley Bar-Hoppin. All kinds of weekend “bikers” assemble on Sunday morning, bare all of their tattoos, and ride from bar to bar all day long in large groups. Roughly 5% have any kind of safety gear on at all, and by about noon, many are riding under the influence. The end result is often what is seen in the above video, except it is a person rolling into the fence…

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        Well said.

        I ride a Harley and I enjoy it. But the yahoos are everywhere. There’s a point, and it’s hit early, where riding a bike stops being motorcycling and becomes little more than a display of asshat behavior.

        I get douche chills just thinking about it.

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    Driver of the Camaro was wearing a wife-beater tee true to stereotype, as a bonus!

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    So what’s the over/under for these meets to finally be harassed out of existence by law enforcement because of dipwads like this guy?

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      Usually its the property owner that ends up shutting it down since they don’t want the bad press associated with knuckleheads driving like this.

      Some event organizers police a C&C fairly well or as well as they can. Its a shame though that so many of these events are ending up with people recklessly driving (generally showing off for a crowd that gathers at the exit as the event comes to a close) away and ending up in accidents.

      Years ago there was a popular meeting place for cars but when the county decided it was time to clean up (I suspect it coincided with a new grocery store coming in). They cracked down on the place by having a zero tolerance reckless driving policy – back then it was automatics with hard shifting shift kits that would make the tire bark a bit as it shifted which would inevitably lead to a reckless ticket that the judge would not let go.

      The second prong of the attack involved hiring security which walked around and videoed everybody there and telling them at any point in the future if they returned for any reason to the parking lot they would be charged with trespassing.

      It was pretty damn effective and killed the meeting spot over the course of a few weekends with the various reckless driving charges and/or trespassing charges and the county made a fair amount of loot in the process.

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    So who’s paying to fix all the damage this brainiac caused?

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    Big Al from Oz

    I wonder how long this guy has been driving huge hp vehicles? He seems to have more dollars than sense.

    The positive of this is no one was injured or worse and people have learnt(?) that just because you have an expensive tool set doesn’t make you a mechanic or for that matter have a high powered vehicle doesn’t make you a racing car driver.

    Also, the vehicle is not a dragster, far from it, sort of like having a story and calling a Nascar an Indy Car.

    Steph, learn what a dragster is or a rail, T Bucket, Pro-Stocker, Funny Car, etc.

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      “Also, the vehicle is not a dragster . . .”

      To be fair, it was closer to being a dragster than to being a functional street car. Now, it’s just a source of amusement. I guess that makes it a funny car.

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        Big Al from Oz

        Don’t ever become a scrutineer!

        Big difference between a rail/dragster and a unitary constructed vehicle.

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          Are those rear tires even street legal? Looks like dragster slicks to me but I’m a road course guy. It sounded like the guy lifted in time to correct and almost got it pointed in the right direction before collecting what appears to be a longest median fence I have ever seen. Sign this guy up for Street Outlaws.

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          The joke was intended to imply that the car is just as useless on the street as a dragster. Nothing more.

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    Crash or not, that is one sweet sounding engine!

    Blame it on standard stability and traction control in newer vehicles. Rendering drivers incompetent at controlling any car built pre 1995 :)

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    Too bad it didn’t burst into flames while doing a burnout, I love when that happens.

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    Am I the only one who feels just a little bit sorry for this guy?

    Sure, it’s his fault, but the crushing feeling of having ruined your pride and joy is somthing many (most?) car guys can sympathize with.

    I don’t take joy in the misfortune of others… We all make mistakes, and I know someday that might be me.

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      “Am I the only one who feels just a little bit sorry for this guy?”

      Hope so but strongly doubt it.

      Zero tolerance for this dangerous twerp sh1t on public roads.

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        Right , putting innocents in danger on public roads, is just not an acceptable practice .

        However ,a lot of time, work , and money ,went into that vehicle. Perhaps not the “vehicle of choice” for many of the B&B. Myself included. As has been previously stated , we’re car enthusiasts here, and personally I have a little sympathy for the dude

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      I did wince a little bit when I saw how many hours of custom work were ruined by the driver.

      I can’t tell if was his hours or someone else’s hours that were ruined.

      But it was all ruined by incompetent showboating.

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        My schadenfreude in seeing his front fenders pulled away like foil from Jiffy Pop was marred only by the knowledge that he’ll go home and take it out on every being smaller than himself.

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    Well, if he was seeking the attention and adoration of thousands, he sure got it.

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    Cars, coffee, and a big slice of humble pie.

    His insurance company probably will not pay for this, FYI. I also wouldn’t have started the motor with the radiator damaged like that. Those big blown engines can overheat pretty quickly.

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    Carlson Fan

    Well at least he wrecked that meh Gen 1 Camaro and not a split bumper Gen 2.

    Seems like mostly just a crappy driver that didn’t know his car all that well. What he did didn’t seem all that reckless, surprised he wrecked.

    Here’s the proper way to leave a car show and do a burnout. Ford
    fans rejoice! – I’d give my left nut to have that car.

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