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A day after its head office was raided by Japanese Transport Ministry officials, the U.S. is going to put Mitsubishi’s mileage claims under scrutiny.

The scandal began when Mitsubishi admitted it overstated fuel economy numbers on its Japanese market eK mini wagons, but Reuters is now claiming the false data extends to U.S. market vehicles.

Reports in Japanese media single out the diminutive electric i-MiEV, which has sold in the U.S. since 2011. Overseas RVR and Outlander models might also be saddled with misleading mileage numbers.

The scandal has caused Mitsubishi’s stock value to drop 40 percent since midweek, prompting Japan’s Transport Minister Keiichi Ishii to tell reporters, “This is a serious problem that could lead to the loss of trust in our country’s auto industry.”

Now that U.S.-bound vehicles have become suspect, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has asked Mitsubishi to turn over data on domestic models. Reuters claimed the NHTSA wouldn’t comment on what specific vehicles it wanted information on, or whether it planned to put other automakers under the microscope.

Mitsubishi might be forced to buy back affected vehicles in the Japanese market, while repaying the government the green car subsidies it offered on select models.

[Image: Mitsubishi Motors]

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16 Comments on “Mitsubishi Mileage Scandal Makes its Way to the U.S....”

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    Good news, though…Mitsubishi can afford to buy back the 12 i-MiEVs they’ve sold this year.

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    First of all, I’m getting less than 12mpg on 2 different vehicles AND I DON’T CARE BECAUSE I SIGNED UP FOR IT!

    Anyone who buys a car is going to buy it knowing that it’s all in how they drive – what they drive – which will determine their mileage.

    Little turbo 4 cylinders would get FAR LESS MPG if I were driving simply because I’d be applying max boost 100% of the time.

    If you let these light-foot hypermilers test a car, of course they are gonna get max mpg.


    I guarantee that whatever the rated MPG is I absolutely won’t even come close to it.

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      Welcome to today’s BTSR Primal Cry For Attention.

      (The “logic” here – because my HELLCAT is advertised as getting rotten mileage and I indeed get rotten mileage from it, and don’t care, mileage ratings don’t matter.)

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        You could just scroll past him, you know.

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        And now you know why Trump is leading.

        Alpha Males are about to take over in a big way.

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          I would be surprised if Trump gets the GOP nomination. The GOP is in consternation at the prospect.

          The GOP will find a way to deny Trump because it isn’t about the popular vote. It is what the party bosses and insiders call for. People don’t elect a POTUS. The Electoral College does.

          And IF by some miracle it were to be a contest between Hillary and Trump, Hillary would win hands down against any GOP nominee because every woman in America will vote to see that first woman POTUS in their lifetime.

          I’m not voting for either one of them, but I will predict Hillary as the winner of the Nov 2016 election and the next POTUS.

          This is/was pre-ordained. Hillary will be pardoned for her sins and free to run.

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            SCE to AUX

            “every woman in America will vote to see that first woman POTUS in their lifetime”

            Maybe, except the Republican ones who can’t stand Hillary or what she stands for.

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            Maybe, but time will tell.

            My assessment is based on the greater number of ‘crats registered in America vs Republicans; PLUS the fact Independent women will be swayed by the female- POTUS factor; AND there will be people coming out of the woodwork and woodpile registering to vote for the first time in their lives, just like in 2008 when people came out to vote for the first negro in the White House.

            Hillary and the ‘crats are right to be smug and confident in a win.

            It would take divine intervention for Hillary not to be the first woman POTUS.

            Individual’s votes don’t mean schit. Electoral votes are what it is all about. That’s how come Shrub won and Gore lost.

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      I would click to 700000 times on the video of you driving a pink Mitsubishi Mirage at its limits

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      SCE to AUX

      Driving technique has nothing to do with MPG claims acquired while using a standard laboratory protocol, conducted per EPA standards, for example.

      The EPA’s average speed for the highway test is 48 mph – crazy.

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