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Two suspects in a non-violent Los Angeles burglary decided yesterday that if you’re being watched on TVs everywhere, you should at least entertain your audience.

The two men, who were pursued by police and watched from the air, drove their rental Ford Mustang convertible through rainy afternoon traffic and past excited crowds in what the L.A. Times has called “The most L.A. chase ever.”

During the chase, which ended in the suspects’ arrest after they stopped to take selfies with passers-by for several minutes, the suspects performed donuts on a rain-slicked Hollywood Boulevard. Enjoy some commentary-free highlights here:

The Mustang’s top was down for the entirety of the chase, but it wasn’t tidily stowed away like it should have been. It would seem that the suspects dropped their top while travelling at a fast clip, wrenching that sucker all to hell and making their Tinseltown cruise permanently al fresco.

During the pursuit, the Mustang suffered at least one low-speed impact, a flat tire, and was briefly boxed in by a TMZ tour bus. Can you imagine going on one of those tours? So catty …

Although they got their man in the end (who now faces several driving-related charges), the LAPD didn’t come out of this chase without egg on their face. Not only did the suspects have to stop and wait patiently for cops to arrive (while being filmed the entire time), one officer’s spike strip fumble had Twitter abuzz:

Thankfully, no one was injured in this chase, unlike so many we’ve seen in the past.

It’s hard not to notice there’s something uniquely American about a chase like this. Following a relatively minor crime that wouldn’t even make the papers, the news media, general populace, and a suspect’s devil-may-care showmanship all combined to entertain an entire city on a dreary, rainy day.

And it’s now immortalized on film.

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27 Comments on “Burglary Suspects Take Time to do Leisurely Donuts During L.A. Chase...”

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    So was the car stolen too?

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    I have heard (but not experienced) that LA drivers absolutely flip out any time it’s raining, and it makes the already unbearable traffic even more so.

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      My experience driving in Southern California is that people get squirrely if it even *looks* like it *might* rain. If actual rain drops are falling, you’re much better off waiting it out wherever you are and driving later.

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      Confirmed. In fairness, it’s not actually 100% their fault. Most California highways are crowned barely or not at all and turn into a puddle of standing water when it rains.

      Here in Washington, we have properly crowned highways and you’d think people would do a bit better given how often it rains, but no. They still either drive exactly the same way they would in the dry or panic.

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      I lived in Orange County for two years. What I always loved were the dry-rotted wiper blades that flapped in the breeze when it rained, and inevitably left fantastic scrapes in the windshield.

      True story: Prior to the drought, everybody watered everything all the time with sprinklers in SoCal. In my neighborhood, one of the sprinklers was poorly aimed – instead of the grass, it was oscillating between watering the street and the grass. People were actually stopped on the road trying to time the sprinkler so their cars wouldn’t get wet. It was pure mayhem.

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        I bought a 2008 Lexus LS 460 in 2015. It spent the first two years of its life in Newport Beach and the rest in Sacramento. Seven years old, and it still had the original (by then useless) rubber on the wipers, despite having been maintained like clockwork in every other respect.

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        @MrGrieves — wipers deteriorate quickly in dry climates. They get baked by the hot windshield, and when you turn them on they run dry until they hit the part of the glass where the water is spraying. At that point, some of that dust, dirt, sand, twigs) has already scored the blade, or is stuck under it. I tested that theory by adjusting the spray jets on one of our cars to be really low, and it made a huge difference in longevity.

        BTW, in most of coastal California there is no reason to use windshield washer fluid. Water is fine 24/7/365.

        Uuugh on the so-cal watering habits. They have an obsession with lawns. Folks in northern CA where there is usually more rain in the winter have been replacing their lawns for a while now, and have been able to conserve considerably more water by comparison.

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      The situation is made worse by the fact that none of the roads in southern California are “crowned.” Water does not run off the roads, as in most places. It piles up and puddles and sets up great situations for hydro-planing.

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        And the often long duration between rain, combined with heavy levels of traffic leaving behind micro particles from emissions, tires and asphalt, turn the roads into slippery goo when the rain does arrive.

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    The encounter with TMZ tour bus was icing on the cake. Those people got the FULL LA experience. I can see the pamphlet now: see the homes of famous movie and TV stars! view the OJ murder scene! witness a drive by in Compton! be part of a police chase! pick up available at all LAX hotels!

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    Nice symmetry in the upper left and bottom center rings; sloppy on the right.

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    I have to paraphrase Bill Maher on this one.

    Other young men play Grand Theft Auto… these guys ARE Grand Theft Auto.

    I salute those that are about to die.

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    Yeah, they are hilarious. Just a couple of carefree dudes breaking into someone’s home, endangering the lives of drivers and pedestrians and screwing up traffic for miles for drivers who are trying to go to work and may now come home to a place these superstars just broke into. You go, boys! Woo hoo! Party time! LA rocks, yo! The cops are stupid!

    If they had crashed and died, it would have been a horrible tragedy which would have made me cry.

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      Meh. If we actually cared about people intentionally harming others then the penal system wouldn’t be such a joke. I’m glad they didn’t take anything too seriously and managed to have some fun while providing us entertainment. It appears there was relatively little damage or endangerment.

      Kids frequently steal vehicles and cause far more destruction around here; receiving nothing but a slap on the wrist. If that’s all you deserve for a high speed run in a stolen truck that ends up killing someone, then this is nothing but good, clean fun.

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    The suspects should probably thank some of their sponsors, as one famous criminal allegedly did:

    Dear Sir:

    While I still have got breath in my lungs I will tell you what a dandy car you make. I have drove Fords exclusively when I could get away with one. For sustained speed and freedom from trouble the Ford has got ever other car skinned and even if my business hasen’t been strickly legal it don’t hurt anything to tell you what a fine car you got in the V8 —

    Yours truly
    Clyde Champion Barrow

    (Ford did receive this letter. Whether the letter was actually written by Clyde of Bonnie and Clyde fame remains a question.)

    Of course, this is the modern age, so they should communicate their gratitude via Facebook, post some photos on Instagram and tweet about it.

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    This would have been a lot funnier if it wasn’t a real crime.

    I’ve driven in LA many times since 2004, and it is horrible in most places. I wonder where all the people are going all the time?

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      Since the entire city is required by law to be pretty low-density, and the housing prices reflect that, you’re pretty much guaranteed to live an hour from your job unless you’re a Hollywood star.

      • 0 avatar

        And over the past decade or two, the massive Fed sponsored wealth transfers towards moviestars’s politically connected neighbors, have driven all traditional jobs away for cost reasons.

        So now, instead of commutes being from “bedroom communities” to “work/business areas”, commuting consists of wealth transfer beneficiaries commuting out of their bedroom communities to their law firms, real estate brokerages and boiler rooms; while at the same time, the army of gardeners, nannies, security guards, baristas, maids, poolboys, dope dealers, personal trainers, “tutors” and gigolos servicing their house (sorry, home….) and mimosa sipping wives, are commuting into them. IOW, all roads, in every direction, crammed to the limit, all the time. Where it not for bikes, it would take the better part of a day to travel 25 miles from Beverly Hills to Burbank and back.

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    New rule.
    If you lead police on a high speed chase for more than 2 miles, endangering others along the way, the police ( and any K-9s with them) are allowed to go full Rodney King on your dumb ass.

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    “…And this is your brain, on meth.”

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    IMHO, this sort of thing is why LAPD police helicopters should be heavily armed. One short burst or a Hellfire missile, problem solved.

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      Of course, but then the street department would have to repair the resulting crater and the state or municipality would have to pay for collateral damage to adjacent houses, cars and businesses, and THAT costs real money!

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      Please don’t give those idiots any ideas. They contribute more than enough braindead noise pollution as it is. Proliferation of anti air guns, properly silenced, would be much more appreciated.

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    Couple of stupid assed mooks .

    FWIW , in L.A. , the locals _SPEED_UP_ when it begins raining…..

    I have never understood why , it’s stupid plain and simple .


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