Some Volkswagen Goodwill Packages Taking 5 Weeks, Or Longer

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole
some volkswagen goodwill packages taking 5 weeks or longer

Some Volkswagen diesel owners say the goodwill compensation packages they elected to receive four weeks ago, as part of the automaker’s apology to North American consumers, still haven’t arrived in the mail.

According to several owners who wrote on VWVortex, gift cards have taken longer than four weeks — the timeline promised by the automaker — to arrive, if they’ve even arrived at all.

Most of the owners who posted on the forum said that they registered for VW’s goodwill program around Nov. 9, when registrations were initially open.

However, some of the posters have reported that their cards were arriving this week, the fifth week after registrations opened.

Ryan Schmidt said he and his wife registered their diesel cars on the automaker’s website Nov. 9 and that they only recently received their goodwill package from the automaker this week — his wife received hers on Monday and Ryan said he expected his to arrive Tuesday.

A spokesman for Volkswagen said he wasn’t aware of any delays in shipping out the packages to owners.

Several commenters said later registrations on the goodwill program site were rewarded with earlier packages. Commenters who said they registered their cars on Nov. 30 received packages earlier this month.

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  • Turboencabulator Turboencabulator on Dec 15, 2015

    Goodwill package from VW? What are they talking about? I contacted VW Canada about this and there is no such thing in Canada. At least so far. The message I got on November 24th is that there is a gesture in the making for the patience of owners. They've been quiet about it since then. "Volkswagen Group Canada will be presenting eligible owners of affected 2.0TDI vehicles in Canada with an offer as a gesture of goodwill for their continued patience. Details of these offers will be announced in the coming days. We are taking the time to ensure we develop a program that is right for our Canadian customers." I heard nothing since. Maybe I've been sleeping under a rock.

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