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The Wall Street Journal reported that Jeep’s remarkable sales pace may be fueled in part by a significant increase in fleet sales through the first 10 months of this year.

According to the newspaper, which cited R.L. Polk’s sales figures, Jeep through October increased its deliveries to rental companies by 57 percent compared to the same period last year.

Through October, 11.2 percent of Jeep’s overall sales were to fleet buyers, according to the report. A Jeep spokesman told the Wall Street Journal that the fleet increase was due to Cherokee deliveries to rental companies that weren’t reported until this year.

According to the report, Jeep isn’t alone either. Polk reported that GMC sold 4,000 more SUVs to rental agencies this year, and Cadillac boosted its sales in the first 10 months of this year to fleet buyers by 52 percent.

Automotive News estimated November’s fleet sales mirror Polk’s report. According to their estimates, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Hyundai, Nissan and Toyota all had double-digit increases in fleet sales. FCA’s fleet sales increased 24 percent year-over-year, according to the November numbers.

Automakers don’t report fleet sales figures.

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26 Comments on “Report: Jeep Increased Fleet Sales More Than 50 Percent From 2014...”

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    I can only see one thing I’d want in my life in this photograph.

    It’s the piso mojado yellow cone.

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      You don’t want a squinty Jeep CUV?

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        Not with the super duper build quality and fiddly Sport-Brougham details and Fiat transmission.

        Bad ride quality

        The list goes on and on.

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          Kyree S. Williams

          We rented a Cherokee for the July 4th weekend in Denver. The transmission overheated three times. I was not impressed.

          Once we limped it back to the Hertz location at DIA, the lady that was in charge there said that she’d have been able to put us in anything else that we wanted—including the S-Class I’d been eyeing—if it hadn’t been the weekend of the Fourth. But pretty much everything was booked.

          They ended up putting us in a Nissan Frontier Crew Cab…which was a surprisingly functional vehicle and gave us no issues.

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    Who would have ever expected a decently sized crossover WITH a V6, AWD and A GREAT INFOTAINMENT CENTER to do so well???

    Especially when the WORTHLESS PROFESSIONAL REVIEWERS continue to play up the pathetic 4-cylinder engines as “all you need”…

    Except someone like me…

    Who continues to demand that the industry build V6 with AWD.

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    I’ve seen a few “sport” trim Cherokees in the Avis lot at work, with ghastly-styled steel wheels. To quote Donald Trump, “Absolutely horrible.” Somehow Subaru Foresters and Honda CRVs pull off the silver steel wheel look better.

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    Kind of disappointing seeing domestics revert to this tactic. Did they not learn anything from the recession and bankruptcy? Maybe this is why FCA’s profit margins trail Ford and GM…

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      Well it’s disappointing on the one hand, but on the other I salute FCA for continuing to offer a bare bones family van at incredibly affordable prices. Here in the Midwest you can find a brand new Grand Caravan “AVP” for $15,500. That’s a 280+hp V6 vehicle with an ungodly amount of utility, with not just A/C but dual zone climate control, chock full of airbags, power accessories and cruise control. I may be a big detractor of their build quality, but boy when I have some little ones to cart around, in addition to the two dogs my fiance and I already have, a $15k van with a brand new car warranty sure sounds good. Whether having that warranty outweighs the risk of having to deal with waiting around at the dealership while the next oddball issue is addressed is something to consider, however.

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      FCA’s fleet sales as a whole are typically less than GM and Ford. Ford leads the industry for fleet sales percentage. It’s not really surprising though since a big part of their business is trucks and other commercial vehicles which are primarily purchased by fleets. Other manufacturers don’t offer in nearly the variety that the Detroit 3 do.

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      SCE to AUX

      Perhaps you missed this statement:

      “According to their estimates, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Hyundai, Nissan and Toyota all had double-digit increases in fleet sales.”

      But of course, Jeep is the only one called out in the headline.

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      They didn’t “revert” to this tactic. Fleet sales are big business, and the big 2-1/2 never left it. It’s not just direct sales to rental companies, larger dealers have their own fleet sales units, and are just as happy to order and deliver 50 identical cars to a local utility, private company, or government agency at a $200/car profit as have their guys in plaid jackets trying to sell that many for $300/car one by one.

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    These regular Cherokees, Renegades, Darts & other Fiat-based vehicles are all giant Pieces Of Scheisse.

    Thus, the fleet sales on all of them will only continue to increase, especially when the consumer market begins to turn down.

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    SCE to AUX

    As everyone knows, fleet cars disappear into a black hole….

    On the contrary, these cars end up being owned by consumers eventually. I don’t care if they go to fleets first, but everyone treats this news as scandalous.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      Of course, these ex-fleet cars flooding the market every year tends to lower the resale values of those models, and nowhere is that more evident than within FCA.

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      Right. Meth country provides a strong market for the staid former rental car. Nothing wrong with this as America is becoming poorer. This could be the new paradigm. Rental fleet as a springboard to the end customer. FCA may be on to something here.

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    Fleet sales and government handouts are the only reason Chrysler even exists today.

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    My Trailhawk has over 35K on it over my 19 months of ownership. No major problems, a battery died about 3 months ago but beyond that just oil changes and cleaning. I avoided all the fancy tech, but even still with the cold weather package and the 4 wheel drive this thing laughs at snow and Canadian winters.

    Our previous ride was a Rav4 of 2006MY. It was a toaster, no heart or soul and driving the 2014 felt exactly the same. The Jeep was more $$$ but was also better in every significant way. More power, more features, way better NVH, and when I look in the driveway I smile at my decision. Plus I don’t see 15 exactly the same in every mall parking lot. Oh and yes it has been off road a little bit, try that with your Rav4 or CR-V.

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      ” Oh and yes it has been off road a little bit, try that with your Rav4 or CR-V.”

      I’ve probably done more offroading in ancient Ladas and worn out FWD Toyotas than you ever will in your Trailhawk, it’s all relative.

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      30-mile fetch

      “Oh and yes it has been off road a little bit, try that with your Rav4 or CR-V.”

      I have (well, a relative’s RAV, not mine). Excellent approach and departure angles for a car based thing. Did it while using all the 37 cubic feet of cargo capacity for our group of 4. Try that in your crampy Jeeplet.

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      Last summer I rented a surprisingly loaded Cherokee in Canada. It was a nice ride and I even found some muddy trails for it. I can see that it would be nice for winters up there.

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    FCA. Future Chuck Aways.

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