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Faraday Future, the other, other bespoke electric luxury carmaking startup said they’ll show off their concept for the “future of mobility” next month at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The automaker’s website sports a clock counting down to 7 p.m. (Pacific) Jan. 4, 2016, for the automaker’s unveiling. The company has made several high-profile hires, including head of engineering Nick Sampson who helped Tesla design chassis for their cars, according to The Verge.

In an interview with the website, Sampson said the company expects to roughly double from 400 employees now and challenge other automakers soon. The company announced last month that its looking to invest $1 billion in a factory in California, Georgia, Louisiana or Nevada.

Other efforts from electric startups such as Fisker (now Karma) and Think City largely stalled when economic realities of building electric cars set in. Tesla, the poster child for electric car startups, still has a problem turning a profit.

But still, the designers and engineers at Faraday Future are unfazed and are talking “mobility devices” and designing the car in virtual reality, according to The Verge. The car company even says they’re making production parts for the car that has yet to appear in concept form.

That could all lead to a show in January that could be something truly remarkable. Or it could all be vaporware.

It probably won’t have gullwing doors, I’m betting. 

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12 Comments on “Faraday Future Has An Electric Car to Show Next Month At CES...”

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    What would it take for me to buy an EV?

    Well – it would be more like an appliance than “fun” so I’d want a nice interior and ALL WHEEL DRIVE whether it’s a car or suv/ crossover.

    I’d personally be happy with an XTS4, SRX4 or Edge that got at lest 200 miles range.

    The Fisker Karma failed because IT WAS TOO GOTDAMNED SMALL. The Tesla Model S succeeds because it’s big enough for family of 5 (4 plus child seat).

    If these idiots in these companies simply targeted practicality rather than building micro-econoboxes (like the Volt and Leaf) they’d get more attention.

    Add a range-extender and everyone’s happy.

    If I’d been at GM, the ELR would have been a CTS4 sedan and a CTS4 coupe and I’d have advertised it so hard I’d have been able to demand (and get) $90,000 for it.

    But they just aren’t trying.

    This industry has decided to stop making long cars and make crossovers. Trading length for height.

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      SCE to AUX

      Audi will soon have what you want, since you don’t like Tesla’s interiors.

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        Will these be impacted by an emissions scandal? ;)

        If charging wasn’t an issue and the price wasn’t any worse than a “normal” car, why not? The lack of charging options here in Wyoming pretty much leaves the market DOA for now.

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    SCE to AUX

    I won’t hold my breath for Faraday Future’s future.

    And they should choose a better name. One electricity icon (Tesla) is sufficient for a car company name in the industry. Next we’ll have Watt, Ohm, Oersted, Maxwell, Ampere, and Henry. And “Future” will bite them in every car review of their products.

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      Maxwell is a good name for a car! The model names can be like last names or something.

      Presenting the new Maxwell Darlington Limited EV. The sedan companion to the Smithfield Coupe.

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    So we have the Tesla and now the Faraday. When will the Edison come out? or the Maxwell, The Bell? The Hertz? The Franklin? The Watt? Kelvin? Seebeck? Hahn?

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    Boring, hmu when a new Automaker solely focused on large ICE vehicles is up and coming. Seems there’s a new kid on the corner every quarter telling the media about the latest power wheels.

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    I wonder how many electric car enthusiasts would have to show up at CES before fistfights broke out over charging stations.

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    No mention of NEVS (SAAB), they are making evs too. Already had sold some EV concepts cars to the Chinese gov and then Sold the EV work on the old 9-3 platform to Turkey.

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