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Classic Porsche Center

Porsche announced Friday that it opened its first classic Porsche center in the Netherlands, the first among nearly 100 centers that will sell, service and make money on maintain old sports cars.

The network will eventually include a center (or centers) within North America, according to the automaker.

Porsche says that nearly 70 percent of all the cars that it has made are still on the road, and that its centers would be staffed with specially trained technicians that can identify and work on any problem. (Plus, Singer can’t make all the money on old Porsches.)

According to the automaker, the centers will offer partial and complete overhauls of Porsches and make available 52,000 different spare parts for their cars.

Porsche said all of its Porsche Classic Centre locations — including those in North America — will be open by 2018.

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22 Comments on “Porsche Wants To Get in On Some of That Classic Porsche Action...”

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    I can just imagine the number of basket cases sent in.

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    Seems like a great idea.

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    It already does, sort of. I am actually getting tired hearing and reading about James Dean’s spyder Porsche when some car journalist is testing the new Boxster spyder. Like it is supposed to heighten the sensation of piloting an ‘automobile fatale’. If you want to feel like Dean, ask Porsche to leave out the airbag and don’t buckle op.

    • 0 avatar

      Agree. Dean’s Porsche weighed about 12 or 13 hundred pounds, and wasn’t much more than a kit car, aluminum body on spindly space frame.

      As for Porsches in general, I personally am just getting bored hearing about the things, but each to their own.

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    Finally the Beverly Hills Car Club gets some competition?

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    I keep pondering about these cycles. I can, sorta, understand the pricing of 1963 Ferrari GTOs, there are more billionaires than GTOs, but how many people are there for $150k 1971 Porsche 911Ts? If you watch the auction markets you know there are always flavors of the week, and, quite frankly, there are lot of “collector” cars that have flatlined in price for a solid decade. Is this is a case of jumping in with both feet at the moment they decide to drain the pool? I am not smart enough to know the answer, but I do enjoy asking the question.

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    Porsche could make money on replicas, too.

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    Porsche is reportedly well aware that factories have no experience in running used car operations, so they are bringing in Roy L. Fuchs and Rudy Russo as consultants to create a successful business model.

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    “Vintage Porsche shops now have some new competition, and had better NUT UP.”


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    87 Morgan

    Are these going to be factory owned stores? I am sure the local Porsche dealer will be delighted to know the factory store is locating nearby to drain his service department.

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      Richard Chen

      The press release says classic cars and employees, so I wouldn’t be surprised if these are factory owned. Per the site there are also franchised Classic Partners.

      The most recent vintages listed are the 986 and 996.

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      My local Porsche dealer won’t do much more than an oil change on any Porsche older than a 996/Boxster. So I don’t think this will ruffle the dealers any. They make all their money on big-dollar warranty repairs of newer machinery.

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        Dealers do as little warranty work as they can possibly get away with. The real money is raping the out-of-warranty victims, besides used car sales, their body shop and parts dept.

        They’re not really in business to sell new cars or warranty repairs.

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      Sgt Beavis

      The website Richard Chen linked to shows these as being Porsche Classic PARTNERS. I’m thinking these centers are likely to be franchise owned in the US. I’m only speculating here, but it could also be possible that any factory owned centers can run afoul of the franchise laws in some states.

      I really applaud this. Frankly I’m surprised it has taken so long for something like this to get going. IMO this could lead to other products and services. I could see this leading to rebuilt air cooled 911’s with a factory warranty, similar to the way Nissan rebuilt and sold some old Z cars back in the ’90s. There are just so many possibilities.

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    70% of all Porsches made are still on the road . Yah , and the other 30% actually managed to make it home !

    • 0 avatar

      When your year over year sales grow exponentially, that 70% figure is less impressive that it first appear to be.

      I have heard Toyota quote similar numbers for the Land Cruiser. If true, that is mucho more impressive.

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    Anyone care to guess what the hourly labor rate will be ????

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    Classic Porsche = Anything rear engine (911). Others need not apply.

    The values of late air-cooled 911s have skyrocketed in the past few years, to the point that the people buying them are willing to spend the money on having the cars serviced by factory trained technicians with OEM parts. Some guy with an old 928 is still going to be going to his local independent shop.

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    As the modern Porsche becomes less and less discernible from other coupes, Porsche has a lot to benefit from by making maintenance of their brand-defining classics easier.

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    This is a good idea. If you take your older Porsche to the dealer and it’s too old for them to bother with, they can direct you to the nearest PCC location rather than saying “We can’t help you.”

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