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Scion C-HR Concept (54 of 74)

Scion is on a little bit of a hot streak with the addition of the iA (based on the Mazda2) and iM (based on the Toyota Auris). That formula is working so well that Scion is ready to badge engineer another vehicle as its own. Specially, they are going to badge engineer a crossover that the brand so desperately needs in order to be relevant long term.

While only showed as a concept in Los Angeles, the C-HR (which is also a Toyota concept) is definitely heading to production and definitely going to keep the brand rolling for the next 10 years.

Scion C-HR Concept (74 of 74)

The production version of the C-HR will be built on Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA) that also underpins the new Prius and Mirai, along with a future RAV4.

Expect the production model to debut in New York — like we told you it would.

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19 Comments on “LA 2015: The Scion C-HR Concept Is Badge-engineered Relevance...”

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    I assume that the production version will at least have the option of four doors, since the market for two-door CUVs is virtually nonexistent.

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      SCE to AUX

      Well, the 2-door Lamborghini Urus will be a big seller. Actually, it may outsell this Scion.

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      It is a 4 door… you can see them in the photos if you click on them. That said, you can’t really tell it is a 4 door because it is a concept. It is missing production ready things like door handles, visibility, wheels that aren’t 22″ in diameter.

      Styling exercise and nothing more. A production car will come of it… but it won’t look anything like it.

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    SCE to AUX


    “definitely going to keep the brand rolling for the next 10 years”… To paraphrase Lt. Steven Hauk from Good Morning Vietnam, “That’s sarcasm; I recognize that.”

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    Otterdon, Cenozoic mega-mammal, returns to terrorize modern vertebrates!

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    So, Scion is more and more like Toyota’s Saturn. Hope it end similarly, the sooner the better.

    Talk about a surplus car brand. If people dont want Alfa-Romeo coming to the US again due to too many brands, I for one would gladly give up Scion for Alfa. The GT86 can become a Toyota, the iMazda2 can be the Yaris replacement, and the rest may dissapear into nothingness (which is kinda where it is anyway).

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    It’s hard for me to tell whether this is better looking than the Mirai. I never was able to discern the difference between one type of dross and another.

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    This would make for a neat micro-RC, less so an actual car.

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    Yet another extreme example of “the designers didn’t know when to stop” from Toyota… This being based on the rav, i assume it’ll become a more conventional shape, just with the the massive iA grill and catfish whisker fog light ports from the Camry?

    Also, of all the ridiculous naming strategies out there, scion has to have the worst.

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      It is on the new TNGA platform. The only other vehicle on that platform is the just introduced Prius.

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        But it will also include the rav, per the article. Toyota is showing no fear in competing with Nissan for most over-contrived styling, but they still tend to keep the overall shapes of their vehicles in line with segment norms. If this chr and the rav are to share a platform, and probably a lot more, I’m guessing this will be a pretty regular shaped vehicle, just with crazy front and rear clips on it.

        Edit- pretty much what xernar said below this.

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          TNGA is supposedly a modular platform a lot like VW MQB. That would allow Toyota to build the next Rav on the same platform while keeping them separate sizes and segments. I figure this will carry the overall profile of the Lexus NX but with a shorter wheelbase. That will keep this from stepping on the toes of the next Rav.

          I imagine the styling will be significantly toned down, but maybe not to the point that it gets a traditional 2 box shape.

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    While it was a fun exercise in design, the actual C-HR is clearly going to look like a traditional CUV, high roofline, probably next to no slope in the tail (because people like using that space for tall objects…), and a shorter hood. If it’s essentially going to be a cheaper stablemate to the RAV-4 and retail in the same place as the old xB (18-20K) I really can’t imagine what the next RAV-4 is going to price at and be relevant unless they do a horrible chop job and keep the C-HR smaller or intentionally kooky to avoid draining off RAV-4 sales.

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    So this is what you get when a Juke nails a Beetle.

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    It’s almost as shocking as the adult man in camo cargo shorts photographing it.

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    Contrast to the Chrysler “Dart” concept a few posts above.

    I wanted to say “see what happens when you replace real adult artists with Gen-Y-manga-obsessed overgrown mom’s basement video-game players”…

    But then I realized the same cigarette-smoking, tie-wearing, scotch-drinking, newspaper-reading generation that produced the “Dart”, the second-generation Corvair, the E-Type Jaguar, the 55-57 TBirds and Chevies, the 53 Starliner Coupe, etc. – were the same generation that produced the 1958 Oldsmobile.

    So I can’t even explain the hideousness by reference to a generational issue.

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    It looks like a shortened and raised Peugeot RCZ.

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    Izuzu has already done this one. Wow, retro from Toy.

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