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United Auto Workers in Wayne, Michigan initially approved their four-year contract with Ford last week, signaling the first major victory for the the tentative deal, Automotive News reported.

Bill Johnson, who is UAW Local 900 president for the facility, told Automotive News that 81 percent of production workers and 83 percent of skilled trades workers approved the contract. Under terms of the contract, Wayne would likely see production of a new pickup for Ford — likely the Ranger — and new SUV, which could be called a Bronco, in exchange for production of two cars going to Mexico.

Under the deal, Ford workers would also see pay raises, a $10,000 signing bonus, annual bonuses and $700 million in plant improvements under terms of the deal.

According to the Detroit News, other Ford plants are approving the deal with Ford, although the margins weren’t as overwhelming as Michigan Assembly in Wayne. Roughly 60 percent of workers at Chicago Stamping approved the deal, according to reports, and 57 percent of workers approved the deal in Woodhaven.

Workers at Sterling Hills Axle Assembly have been the only group to turn down the deal so far, according to the News.

Workers at other plants, including Ford’s truck assembly in Kansas City, are expected to continue voting up until Wednesday.

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10 Comments on “Ford Deal With UAW Gets First Big Boost...”

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    Best car company on the planet right now.

    • 0 avatar

      Ecoboost motors are garbage.

      Ford’s Powershift transmissions are garbage.

      Many of the components in the Focus, Fiesta, Escape/MKC, Fusion/MKZ, F150, etc. are garbage.

      Ford’s interior plastics are pretty bad.

      Consumer Reports long-term reliability index has Ford scraping the bottom of the barrel in its rankings, with some models having horrific showings.

      But this is TTAC, with a slate of editors, writers, etc., who are total Ford fanboys, died in the wool, true blue oval loyal with blinders on, so don’t expect to read The Truth About Ford here (to Derek Kreindler’s massive credit, he called out Ford/Lincoln many times on their p!ss poor build quality/quality control, but alas, he’s no longer here).

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        Um, Garbage is f***ing awesome, don’t impugn them with allusions to Ford Motor Company’s lackluster products.

        Wait did he just an obsolete word from the 14th Century?

        He did.

        No my mind is not in the slightest jargogle. Wait. Maybe. Having quite a kench here! Can you imagine LOK instead of LOL? Just the thing to drive the cell phone zombies nuts! LOK LOK LOK.

        I declare LOK to be a thing as of 02:45 16.Nov.2015. Deal with it.

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        Big Al From 'Murica

        I beat epa mileage with mine. But don’t let my real world results interfere with some stuff you read on the internet.

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          I think it’s more that we shouldn’t allow anecdotal evidence to trump data gathered from the majority of users in at least some consistent, scientific manner.

          I don’t disbelieve you, because I know the EcoBoosts can meet EPA mileage, but the average driver (who treats the gas and brake pedals like “go” and “stop,” respectively) won’t. “Eco” or “Boost.”

          And anyway, isn’t your testimony “stuff we read on the Internet” too? :P

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            One thing that took me decades to learn is there’s a bit of truth on both sides, and also a bit of both in “anecdotes”, now used in internet discussion as a term of dismissal.

            Another thing I’ve learned is that Consumers Reports’ judgements of cars isn’t as comprehensive a review as they’d like you to believe, and are colored by the generation and preferences of the testers. In the early ’70s, the mature CR testers highly rated soft riding American V8 full sized cars and sniffed at the tinny Japanese imports.

            The advantage of the internet is that you can collect many opinions on all sides and make your own judgements. If you can’t/won’t do that, just pick your own guru and let him/her/it do the thinking for you, but please don’t try to convince others that your guru’s opinions are the best.

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    Sterling HEIGHTS
    Right there on Van Dick road.

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    Ford has definitely been on a roll. I can’t wait to see the new Lincoln Continental. This is going to be the true test of Mark Field’s leadership at Ford. He was the one who wanted to save Lincoln.

    I’m still trying to figure out why the UAW workers need to be bribed to come to work, though. Their wage scale is still so far outside the norm now, even after the givebacks of the last contract.

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    I’m curious about any provisions that differ from the GM contract that the skilled trades rejected. Did the UAW make last minute changes to avoid any problems with Ford?

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    It’s amazing that almost one in five workers weren’t ecstatically happy with the deal. Ford gave away the store.

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