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Or is it a 1991?

We could pore over the details of a Toyota pickup festooned with more weed than the University of Colorado Boulder campus, or we could just admire the grapes on “Mike” for selling his truck “not used for much than errands” with that kind of photo in Washington on Craigslist.

What would you say your business is, Mike?

Of course, the legal eagles among the B&B will note that marijuana is legal for recreational use in Washington, so Mike probably isn’t breaking any laws there. (Or is he “Breaking Bad”? See what I did there?)

However, being firmly versed in Colorado legal marijuana trade, I can say that the state imposes incredibly strict seed-to-sale restrictions on growers of dope, so pickup trucks full of ganja aren’t exactly a common sight around these parts.

The 4-on-the-floor Toyota can be yours if you’re willing to trade a 1997 or later Chevrolet/GMC/Ford/Dodge (he needs more hauling capability for “errands” apparently), and he’s willing to throw in some cash to make things squarsies as long as you’re not trying to harsh the deal.

It could always be hemp, I guess.

(It’s probably not hemp.)

(H/T to Jalopnik and Unimog enthusiast Collin Stark for the lovely assist.)

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13 Comments on “Cheech And Chong’s 1992 Toyota Low Boy Is For Sale In Spokane, Apparently...”

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    “Fill it with weed foliage, or fill it with armed terrorists. The Toyota Pickup is there for you when you need it*.”

    *Pickup model offered with zero maintenance required until 300,000 miles. May rust at will.

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      They’re just water drain holes. All garden planters have them.


      There was a couple who sold tomatoes at the local farmers market. They bought those “rear half of a pickup truck” trailers, and grew the tomatoes right in there. They would haul a trailer down to the farmers market, and you picked your own tomatoes. They only had to drive across town (Maybe 20 blocks), so it worked pretty well for them.

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        Very interesting.

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          It worked pretty well for them. I wouldn’t want to drive them very far for risk of breaking, but they were in town anyways.

          The cost to license one of those trailers (I have a 1979 GMC trailer) is about $20 annually. You can pick them up for $200, and they’re easy to get body parts for if ever needed.

          I think they had 4 or 5 of them. They’d take a different one each week. We bought some from them.

          It’s kind of a cool idea.

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    Those little Toyota trucks are incredibly long lasting, any movie tie in is nice but its a buy in avg condition.

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    I dont think Ive ever wanted a Toyota truck this bad lol

    Btw, dope is not greens. Usually, its something like meth, heroin, crack, etc. Old timers call weed “dope”, but in my opinion, that lumps it in with far more destructive and dangerous drugs* where it doesnt belong.

    *I dont consider it a drug, either. In the eternal wisdom of Katt Williams: “weed isnt a drug. It just grow like that! And if you so happens to set it on fire…there are some effects.” In other words, its totally natural in its most commonly used form, unlike the other “dope” I mentioned above.

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      Joey Keeton

      I would argue that marijuana can be referred to as “dope,” and that it’s definitely a drug.

      I’d also argue that calling it dope isn’t the best word to use, because the connotation of what “dope” means has changed quite a lot since the 70’s. It’s a quick indicator that you’re either being ironic, or don’t know much about drug culture.

      And, while marijuana is indeed a drug, that’s totally fine. Coffee beans can be considered drugs, psilocybin, poppy latex. It’s just a really safe and super beneficial one.

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    This listing has little to do with the truck and everything to do with advertising his actual business which is selling dope.

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    There is a limit on the amount that can be possessed or grown by an individual in Washington. If the picture is what it looks like, he’s flouting the limit pretty spectacularly.

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    “Well maintained ”

    Which is why theres a dent on the side, tape below one of the tailights, no front/back/interior pictures, and the one full shot is at night.

    The owners hiding something, and it isn’t drug related

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    cooles ad ever for a car!

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    Carlson Fan

    If you own one of these generation Toy trucks hope your never in the middle of nowhere with a flat because trust me you’ll never get the spare lowered. If you own one, best to get out the cutting torches out right now, remove the spare and throw it in the box.

    Don’t even ask me how much time I spent on my ’93 Toy screwing around fixing/dealing with that mess.

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    “Hey man. Am driving OK?”

    “I think we’re parked.”

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