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Passat Alltrack

I love you, unicorn.

A TTAC reader spotted this 2016 Volkswagen Passat Alltrack roaming the streets of Phoenix the other day and dutifully reported “What the hell is that?”

This Passat wagon, which is sold overseas, may be the only one in the States. It’s wearing manufacturer tags and likely just had its way with VW’s massive testing circuit in Phoenix.

The Passat Alltrack isn’t really related to our model, instead built on the European MQB platform that ours still isn’t. And the Alltrack has a trio of diesel mills that’ll never make their way to the States anyway. They can even be had with a manual transmission on the German Volkswagen configurator site that I didn’t just spend way too much time on.

The all-wheel drive wagon is, at best, never going to come here. It starts at around $30,000 in Germany.

Nonetheless, the near-unicorn (diesel, brown, wagon) was spotted on the streets in Phoenix — sunroof open and all.

Bless you, Don.

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39 Comments on “Spotted: 2016 Passat Alltrack Roaming Streets of Phoenix...”

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    Get some tint on that wagon VW. You want your employees to burn their taints? The Germans may like that though.

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    The sweet euro LED turn signals. The lack of ridiculous US reflectors. The side turn signal repeaters that ought to be required worldwide.

    My heart almost melted. Then I remembered how much trouble VW is in.

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    Sits kind of lummoxy on its suspension, no?

    What’s oink in German?

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    Thank you for submitting this, Don. This made my day. What a beautiful car that we’ll never see since the Americanized Passat sedan is all we need according to VW.

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    Shut up and take my money!

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    Probably also going up to Flagstaff as well to run high altitude/canyon carving tests. When I lived up there I could have probably given TTAC the scoop on atleast a half-dozen different new models (including the Corvette redesign) if I was quick enough with my smartphone.

    I see a surprisingly large number of test vehicles here in NOLA as well though it may just be road tripping or high humidity testing…

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      So you’re in NOLA for Halloween?

      The taxi driver recommended doing that to me when I was down there, maybe next year.

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        It’s pretty crazy here year round, if you can imagine a ‘party city’ this is it. There are free roaming parades and any random holiday is reason enough to go wild. I did drag this year as Elvira for the halloween party with friends and then saw Rocky Horror. I have so many pictures floating around now I’m going to have to tip off my students to get out in front of this. :P

        It’s a great town to visit. If you ever get down here I would gladly give you the 10 cent tour. Bourbon is fun but there is so much more to experience.

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          I was there in August but like so many other of our trips, we didn’t venture outside of the French Quarter very much. I was not impressed with the strip clubs at all, the best I saw was probably the Hustler Barely 18 review.

          I recommend the Marginy Brasserie on Frenchman St for excellent food and live music.

          There is also a coffeehouse on Decatur street which in addition to great coffee sells the cheapest local tap beer I saw down there (like 3.50 or thereabouts). We found it on the way to Frenchman one evening.

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            Your comment brought back my impression of NOLA when we were there a few years back.

            It’s not at all like it was pre-Katrina, and we went a lot of places while there.

            Things change. Katrina took the life out of NOLA.

            Mardi Gras pre-Katrina was really great. Remember it well.

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            The locals told us the culture of Bourbon was lost during Katrina and had emerged on a smaller scale on Frenchman Street. Bourbon from what I saw is one big expensive drunk-fest with a little food and strip clubs tossed in. Fun for a night or two but gets old. There is also a heavy police presence in the French Quarter which may or may not have been there previously.

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            28-Cars-Later, I was stationed at Keesler AFB, MS (Biloxi) for Tech School off and on during the late 60s and very early 70s.

            Compared to NOLA, there wasn’t much to do on the weekends for spirited young airmen in Biloxi and Gulfport. So, weekend destination, NOLA!

            In case you’re wondering, my wife accompanied me during those periods and she loved the atmosphere of NOLA as much as I and my buddies and their wives/girlfriends did.

            We didn’t have a lot of money, but we sure managed to have truly memorable times there.

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            More or less, now the best attributes of NOLA are the locals who have mixed with the hipsters who came down after Katrina to rebuild the city. It’s definitely different as I talk to my colleagues and locals who were here prior to it. I can’t really say what it was like before but it’s rebounded as best as it could since the state refuses to invest in NOLA. It is likely to change substantially if John Bel Edwards wins and we’ll stop seeing so many dramatic cuts in the budget.

            Bourbon is a tourist trap, no ifs, ands, or buts. But the rest of the town is a beauty to eat, drink, and enjoy shows in. They’re bringing back cabaret and burlesque shows more and more. I have some friends who pretty much go out every night to catch live shows of pretty serious touring acts.

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      That bloaty boat carving canyons is a fun thought.

      Likely more carved than carving.

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    G0d, m*thf#cking damn it! It’s not that pretty, but if it’s got the 2.0T Quattro drivetrain it’s a sale. Love the fact that there are two CUV, an SUV and a minivan in the backdrop that I wouldn’t be caught dead in.

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    It needs another inch or two of ground clearance and the 2.0 out of the GTI.

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    I saw two of these a few weeks ago in Tempe, I tried to snap a pic, but they were going too fast

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    I will keep my eye out. I’m in Mesa on the border of Gilbert. That is one nice wagon. I also agree with Chan…signal repeaters should be on all vehicles. I have a Volvo XC 70 that has them. Very essential here in Phoenix…the people all drive 80 and change lanes radically. Accidents occur regularly on the freeway, with people constantly changing lanes unaware another driver is also changing lanes. Repeaters would certainly help resolve some of the problem.

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    So like many VW’s these days, this is just another SMOKE and mirrors VW, as far as we in the US are concerned!

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    Nick Engineer

    How is this not a rebadged A4?

    Anyway, I would buy it NOW, even if it only came with the Noxwagen powertrain.

    Damn you, Aaron Cole. Rubbing salt and all that …

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    i am such a wagon and vw fanboi i hate myself…… sigh.

    thanks for the porn.

    i would have gladly purchased this in a 2wd, americanized, gas version, manual if it had been available in 2013 when i needed a vehicle. instead? a nms tdi. still waiting on the recall to be neutered.

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    That isn’t an Alltrack. It’s just a normal Passat wagon. It doesn’t have the cladding or ground clearance of an Alltrack.

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    As mentioned by “derekson”, that’s not the Alltrack version.

    Also, in regards to unicorn status, and commenters lamenting that, “we’ll never see this in the U.S.”, unless dieselgate has changed VW’s plans, the U.S. is at least getting the Golf Sportwagen version of the Alltrack.

    It will of course be 4Motion. However will have the TSI engine vs. the TDI, which was the plan even before the current TDI mess. It remains to be seen if it will be available in brown.

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    Places you definitely need AWD: The dry creek bed which is Phoenix.

    Actually though the 2.5 days I was there, it rained three times, ha.

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