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Lexus GS-F

Lexus announced Friday that it would show a concept for “progressive luxury” at its Tokyo Motor Show stand when the show starts later this month.

The car, which Automotive News reported could be a concept for its flagship LS sedan, may be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, hybrid or Bernie Sanders.

Lexus may also need to update its CT 200h, which is based on the Prius. Toyota is rolling out its new 2016 Prius, which will be the first car based on Toyota’s new global architecture. The CT 200h went on sale in 2011 and hasn’t changed much since.

Lexus will also show off its GS F performance sedan for the first time in Japan.

But let’s get back to talking about “progressive luxury,” which may be an oxymoron like “inconspicuous consumption,” “cold sweat” or “sport Prius.”

According to Automotive News, Lexus may be preparing a fuel-cell version of its LS sedan for 2018. That car would likely be available first in Japan and select markets in the U.S. Retail hydrogen stations recently opened in California.

Toyota will be showing a fuel-cell concept, dubbed FCV Plus, at its stand during the Tokyo Motor Show. The exhibition begins Oct. 28.

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20 Comments on “Lexus ‘Progressive Luxury’ Concept, GS F on Display in Tokyo...”

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    At this point is seems almost inevitable that Toyota will beat the new LS’s face bloody with the ugly stick.

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    Why do they still need CT when they already have hybrid ES?

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      Because it’s ‘cheap.’

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      To appeal to younger hatchback buyers?

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      Because one is a small sporty-ish hatchback and the other is a Barcalounger of a large sedan?

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        This is not a real Lexus, unless Lexus is he!! bent on destroying those virtues that made it wildly successful, in the same way that a Cadillac ATS (or ELR) is not a real Cadillac, given that it destroyed those virtues that made Cadillac mildly successful (at least a long, long time ago).

        Lexus keeps ebbing closer to the bizarre with hideous designs, tepid powertrains, the absence of the deep-seeded quality that once set them apart from German competition, and engaging in other strategic miscues.

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    Wasn’t it the Hs 250 that was based on the Prius? If I remember correctly the Ct200h was based on the Corolla/Matrix.

    But yes, Lexus is due for a new Ct.

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      It’s the other way around. HS 250h was an Avensis, which was a Corolla derivative, with a Camry Hybrid powertrain. CT 200h is a close relative of the third-gen Prius.

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    I’ve always thought the CT would have been a big hit if they’d have sold it as the Toyota Celica. Really like the GS and GS-F, doesn’t really matter it’s down 45HP on the M5, these cars are plenty fast. Wish there was a non GS-F V8 option, my GS400 reminds me how great a V8 is every time I drive it. Fuel-cells? get used to it, they’re coming.

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      I drove the CT when it came out. It’s cramped, slow, and boring. I wouldn’t have bought it if it was half the price. I think the only reason it sells at all is because it’s the least expensive Lexus.

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      Also drove the ct at the time. Was uber slow and stiff as heck, which made no sense to me for such a slow car. Ended up with a mazda3 which drove better, was more comfortable, 10k cheaper (canada pricing) and just as practical.

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      I’d buy a CT250 or CT350 in a heartbeat. Adapt the FWD platform to the RWD IS250/350 drivetrain. How hard can it be?!?

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        Would have been even easier than that to fix it. Just shove in the Camry Hybrid powertrain. Problem solved — a CT250h with that powertrain would do 0-60 in the low sixes.

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          Or the 2.0T from the NX. Heck, there was a Corolla variant in Japan that had the 2GR-FE V6 (270hp) from the Camry. There is no reason they couldn’t have made a CT350. It would have been nose heavy, but it would have been a rocket in a straight line and probably still get low 30s on the highway. I didn’t hate the CT200h when I test drove it, but the back seats and cargo area were so small that it didn’t make sense for our family hauler. We ended up with a Prius v which was even slower, but it at least was cavernous inside.

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      I have a CT200h (on an employee lease which is the only reason for me having one) and yes it is ultra slow. The stiff ride doesn’t bother me at all.

      I would love to see them make a CT250 but I doubt they ever will. I’m not sure if it’s as easy as just taking the hybrid battery system out of the cargo area where it is now. I don’t know if it would have to be it’s own body style.

      I have a feeling that they are content to just let the CT ride along as is just to help with the CAFE rating.

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      If Lexus makes the current GS w/ the V8 without the F bodywork, I might buy it. Probably. Honestly, I didn’t realize they were putting a V8 in the GS again, I am very interested in driving a GS F – maybe I can get a muffler shop to put some standard looking exhaust tips on it. I am all about finding a good M5 replacement, it is more important to me that it handle and stop well than 0-60 in less than 4 second. I would prefer it be less garish than the M5.

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    This concept is going to be a thinly disguised 2017 LS500 or LS500h.

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    Progressive luxury will never be happy with what it has. Future LS generations will require multi-car garages only, so they can choose where they wish to park that day. All interior materials must be re/upcycled annually, and replaced as slightly less comfortable than they were before.

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    I’m curious how much longer Lexus will keep digging in its heels before it finally relents and dumps the stupid Remote Touch system.

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    I am not offended by the GSF’s looks. I AM offended by the Lexus almost a joystick infotainment interface. So annoying.

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