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2015 Mitsubishi Mirage ES

Mitsubishi announced Thursday that it would make available Rockford Fosgate Special Edition badges attached to a Mirage.

The badges, which cost $14,495 to start, include a car that still has four speakers (five if you count a 6.5-inch subwoofer) and four wheels.

The Rockford Fosgate Special Edition costs $200 more than the Mirage ES, from which it is based. The Mirage ES still features 14-inch alloy wheels, leather-wrapped steering wheel, steering wheel-mounted audio and Bluetooth phone controls.

The subwoofer is powered by a 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder engine and 300 watts and goes on sale soon.

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79 Comments on “Mitsubishi Fixed The Mirage, You Guys: Here’s The Rockford Fosgate Edition...”

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    That’s only $4.05/mo more for the eight months the average Mitsubishi owner spends backed up against a wall to obscure the tag and purposely avoiding visiting friends listed on their credit reference sheet.

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      I haven’t checked recently but I thought I saw these things doing like 6-8K under 10K otc. Get some export connections and send them to the Caribbean or South America where Mitsu is less of a joke for fun and profit.

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        Good market for them. They already match the color of the slums.

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          Precisely. Look up the Mitsu Outlander in MMR and see how well it does in the CARIB sales and how terrible it does on the mainland… my fee for pointing this out can be discussed later ;)

          MY14 Mitsu Outlander FWD I4 SE

          10/21/15 CEN FLA Factory $11,800 23,008 Below GRAY 4G A Yes
          10/13/15 GEORGIA Lease $14,300 44,644 Avg WHITE 4G A Yes
          10/20/15 HOUSTON Lease $13,200 40,790 Avg BLACK 4G A Yes
          10/21/15 MILWAUKE Lease $13,100 39,061 Avg BLUE 4G A Yes
          10/22/15 MISS Lease $13,800 15,861 Avg ORG/BRN 4G A Yes
          10/21/15 NJ Lease $13,400 20,749 Avg WHITE 4G A Yes
          10/20/15 ORLANDO Lease $15,600 22,908 Avg WHITE 4G A Yes
          10/20/15 ORLANDO Lease $14,500 19,509 Avg BLACK 4G A Yes
          10/22/15 CARIB Lease $18,500 6,675 Above WHITE 4G A Yes
          10/08/15 CARIB Lease $15,600 34,780 Avg BLACK 4G A Yes
          10/01/15 CARIB Lease $17,700 32,221 Above BLUE 4G A No

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    Good grief, just call it an RF trim level. Special Edition badging for something that minor?

    Frank Sinatra would be disappointed in an Imperial sense.

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      bumpy ii

      “Good grief, just call it an RF trim level.”

      That is how it’s listed in the dealer data. The cars don’t get it as a badge, though.

      Rumor mill sez the Mirage refresh gets most of the upgrades from the Attrage sedan (an actual grille, more sound deadening, etc.), and a 2-liter GT trim.

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        “Rumor mill sez the Mirage refresh gets most of the upgrades from the Attrage sedan (an actual grille, more sound deadening, etc.), and a 2-liter GT trim.”

        So….the resurgance of the non-lamented Ford Escort GT. Fabulous.

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      You obviously underestimate the marketing power of the name Rockford Fosgate. It can turn a pig in a poke into a desirable conveyance. If only this was known when the Yugo was still being made.

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    Volt 230

    This might actually hurt the Rockford Fosgate brand by associating it with this turdmoblie.

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    Volt 230

    I want a Lexus LS McIntosh edition

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    I saw a new Mirage today. What would possibly compel a person to spend any money on this POS? This may be the only genuinely ‘bad’ car on the market today.

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      Volt 230

      Those who must have a new car, no matter what, and a used car is a 4 letter word

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      Funny, I saw one today too! I was with my cousin and he said “what was that?!” I told him. “That thing is ugly!” Lol

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      A friend who has one lives in downtown Baltimore, where parking is at a premium, and nothing nice stays that way for very long.

      All he cares about is the cost to run the thing. MPGs were a top priority, as well as price. He’s not a car guy, and happily drove an old Excel for a decade. He will keep the Mirage until it’s ready for the scrap yard. The long warranty was a factor in delaying that inevitability.

      He has money, but prefers to spend it elsewhere.

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        So he’s one of those typical “has money” types? If everybody did that, the economy would collapse. Fortunately the rest of us pick up the slack and keep the economy humming with our profligate, penny-wise/dollar-foolish spending patterns. Your friend sounds faintly un-American to me.

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          “He has money, but prefers to spend it elsewhere.”

          ” Your friend sounds faintly un-American to me.”

          Maybe he is just maximizing the value of his money.

          Lotsa people do that these days, i.e, tax-inversions, Apple keeping money off-shore, Americans living outside of the US for a better quality of life, etc etc etc.

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            @hdc: I’ve noticed a lot of politics, and a faint grasp of history, from a lot of the newer commenters here, and since I started commenting in the Farago era, I’ve decided to comment with humor mixed with sarcasm, and sometimes a little dollop of cynicism.

            It doesn’t advance the conversation much, but neither does replying to people posting “citation needed” or “your opinion is short on facts”, because they don’t know how to look things up. I like to think the people who realize what I’m doing are amused and think of the comments as a bit of a break from long comment threads.

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            I have noticed the same as you have. I think it is part of the changing landscape at ttac.

            Personally, I am very sad to see a once-excellent informative automotive site like ttac used to be under Farago, deteriorate to the decrepit state where the old MSN autoboard and Yahoo autoboard of yore ended up before their demise.

            And I remember your handle from the days of Farago because of your solid, objective commentary. You and several others.

            Things change.

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            I remember way back in ’08 with the heat of election and worse, the demise and bailout of GM and Chrysler, when TTAC was a hotbed of political nonsensery and imaginary historical referencing that took ages to get through.

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            Yeah, I remember that too.

            This too, shall pass.

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      What you saw was a mirage. Never seen one. But I live in Silicon Valley – Tesla country.

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    Slow day in auto-world news. Just saying…

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    Gee, what a manly car.

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    Dang guys! I’m tired of the Mirage bashing! How many of you have actually driven this car?

    I’ve had three Mirage rentals in the past 1 1/2 years and one of them was as recent as last week on a drive from Las Vegas to LA. This is NOT a bad car.

    Is it perfect? Absolutely not. But I really enjoyed my time with them and was even a little sad to return them.

    Is it fast? No Is it up to date with the latest technology? No. It’s an honest to goodness, durable small car that brings us to the back to basics. It’s much faster than the Geo Metros and Ford Aspires of yore, much better equipped, and is even a little fun to zip around in. The engine feels peppy enough, has a rugged little growl to it, and it’s a practical, if not cute, small car. It had absolutely no problem staying at 70mph, even on the long desert grades, and I still averaged 50mpg. The front seats were more than roomy enough for my 6’5” frame and equally tall husband, and I didn’t feel sore after driving the Mirage for five continuous hours.

    I even prefer it over my Honda Fit. Honestly, the Fit doesn’t drive much differently, it isn’t any faster, and I’d claim to say the Mirage is better built (given the repairs and recalls I’ve dealt with in the past year on the Honda). The Mirage is also roomier and more comfortable up front. I’m even considering trading the Fit in for a Mirage among other cars. I have a well paying, professional job, am financially sound, and just appreciate the simple nature of this car.

    There’s a beauty to this car in that it’s not trying to be something that it’s not (ahem Scion) or is overloaded with ridiculous technology that will eventually give out

    All of you can try to take my car guy badge away or say I’m ridiculous for loving such a hideous creature. But don’t just read that this car doesn’t have much power or is small, and automatically judge that it’s the worst car on the market when you haven’t even sat in or driven one. There’s more to life in the car world than just horsepower ratings and status

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      Congrats on having a pair, festiboi, and welcome to the Outlier League.

      But since you’ve demonstrated a lack of gender security issues your path through Car-Guyana will not be a smooth one.

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      I couldn’t agree more. If they take your car enthusiast badge for your appreciation of the Mirage, then I will forfeit mine too. I think today’s cars have way too much power for today’s driving and it shows in the way people drive them. There is a certain appeal in driving a simple machine, rowing your own gears, and being familiar with everything under the hood. Rear drum brakes are not evil, and they last forever. There’s a certain feeling of satisfaction in calculating great fuel mileage on the previous tank at the gas station. Changing brakes or lifting small wheels and tires for rotation is so easy it feels like cheating. I’ve been working on cars (professionally and on the side) for 29 years and although I love my mechanic buddies, I don’t share their tastes. Just never I understood the allure of $800/each off-road tires, or 450 HP engines that rattle your fillings loose while you sit in traffic.

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      Yeah, reminds me of the old Prius bashing where it’s referred to as a POS. Of course, it’s a bit of a stretch to compare a mid-level Toyota with a bottom-feeder Mitsubishi.

      Still, for the category of car that includes stuff like the Versa and Spark, for the price, the Mirage isn’t that bad. And adding a factory-installed subwoofer for the low price of $200 seems like a no-brainer to me. Not to mention the fun of watching a Mirage RF’s lights dim and slow down to a crawl as the driver turns up the jams.

      I’m still waiting for a Mirage EVO. Now ‘that’ would be entertaining to see (but maybe not so much to drive or ride in).

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      Volt 230

      how do you know that it’s a “durable” car?

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    Well Mitsubishi and Rockford Fosgate share in common that most people thought they went belly up 10 years ago.

    So I guess it’s a fitting partnership.

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    I thought new Mirage coming soon. Debut LA show next couple weeks. Along with new Sentra. Tough choice there…eh?

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    I really don’t get the hate in theory it checks a lot of car guys check boxes of late.
    Cars are to heavy – Weighs less then 2k lbs lightest car for sale in the USA.
    Cars are too expensive – Starts at 13k (and it’s a mitsu you can get it a lot cheaper true car says $11,500 here)
    Options are to expensive – Every option still under 15k retail.
    There are no manuals any more – Manual offered in every trim (ok there are only 2 trims)
    No more naturally aspirated cars- No huffer and 50 MPG
    Wheels are to big not enough sidewall – P165/65R14
    New cars only come in sliver and black – Kermit green and psychedelic purple
    All cars should be as reliable as a 1991 Land Cruiser – Not known yet but based on Lancer and Outlander on True Delta and CR it might just be.

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      Ironically, there were a couple articles on this phenomena published at this very TTAC. I forgot the autojourno slang for it, but they select a certain car for bashing, and the rest is groupthink. Back in the day it was Dodge Avenger.

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    Lot of jokers posting made me wonder what’s wrong with the car. Turns out, not a thing.

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      I kinda want to drive it now. I mean I don’t want to buy it, have to look at it, or even been seen in it… but drive a little yeah.

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        I will admit to liking the drive in my MY93 Festiva with it’s cartoon 12″ tires and broomstick-in-a-box-of-dry-spaghetti 5 speed. So much fun to drive it like you stole it. Cheap and uber easy to feed, maintain, and ensure. And got mileage in the 40s.

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    Jeff S

    This car is an inexpensive econobox not meant to win any prizes but meant to be inexpensive, simple, and reliable. Drive the car and use it up. My only problem with Mitsubishi vehicles is the availability of parts and service. Having owned a Mitsubishi Mighty Max getting parts for it even when it was 2 years old was not easy. As for the Mighty Max it was a good reliable truck but it was not at the top of its class, but then I bought it for a lot less. My only problem would be that there are very few Mitsubishi dealerships near me and they are far from where I live. My Max was a European silver with a mid gray interior which was easy to take care of and looked good. I would be more inclined to buy a silver or grey one of these and pay the extra $200 for this package.

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      Even if the Mirage were a stellar product at a bargain price, Mitsubishi’s rather precarious position in the NA market has almost certainly given any interested consumers pause about buying one. If you can find one, a Mitsubishi dealer is inevitably a ghost town. It’s not far removed from buying a new Studebaker Lark in 1962.

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        There are three Mitsubishi dealerships within reasonable driving distance from my neighborhood (less than about 20 miles). This morning I saw four of these Mirages (a purple one, a bright green one, and a couple blue-ish ones). One was being driven by a high school student (parked next to me when I dropped off my kids at a school activity). One was in the school parking lot (I have seen it more than once in the “staff” area of the lot…I assume it belongs to a school teacher). And, I saw the other two on the road, driving through the shopping plaza parking area, while I was running errands. In general, I see these vehicles frequently.

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          It would have helped a great deal if your post had included the area in which your neighborhood is located. Just offhand, I’m guessing in a more (probably much more) than moderately populated place.

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    The Mirage is basic transportation done right.

    Here in Germany, they call it the Space Star (I’m not kidding), and about 1 1/2 years ago, German news magazine Der Spiegel tested one of them and thought it was more than okay:

    (Google-mangled translation which sounds a bit like Yoda, but still comprehensible)

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      The problem as I see it is that the penalties for owning a Mirage doesnt make sense if you can get a subcompact for just a little more.

      eg. you cant stretch to a C-segment like a Focus Forte Civic Cruze whatever so you go one size under like the Rio Fiesta Sonic etc. (My mind goes a blank trying to find other examples).

      Where I am the Mirage battles it out with the Suzuki Alto and other Chinese slash Indian makes.

      The Rio is within $500 with the sub sub compacts like the Mirage. The Rio has a 1.4 n/a motor. Even that is considered low power so I dont know why I need to go down to a 1.0 or even lesser motor.

      The look at the interior and fittings. The Rio is easily a different century to the Mirage.

      With the 7yr warranty on the Korean vs. 3yrs on the Mitsubishi… your choice is made.

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    Mitsubishi is smart having the Mirage in the spotlight. Any press, is good press. Now they need something great, then greater, then brilliant…and they will be back on the market fully again in the U.S.

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      Through what dealer network? The ‘face’ of the corporation is the dealership and Mitsubishi is sorely lacking in this regard.

      Has anyone been to a Mitsubishi store lately? Its like coming to MY car lot expect there are a few more cars and the salesguys wear much, much more cologne.

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        I would imagine at the same dealers all these Mirages keep popping up from. I used to live in Myrtle Beach, SC. The Mitsubishi dealership was closed in 2007 and reopened in 2013. (Bizarre I know)
        Anyway, the place was revamped and filled with inventory. Not to mention, it was a free standing facility. Every hillbilly from Wilmington to Charleston was there buying Mirages for their teenage driver kids, to Outlander and Outlander Sports for themselves. If the big Montero was around, all the wealthy people with multimillion dollar homes, would be buying them too.
        Trust me…the Mirage is perfect for teens and people on a budget. The rest of the product lineup is coming… Including a NEW Mirage and Mirage sedan…along with the Montero.
        Build them, and they will come. As long as the price and warranty are right.

        P.S. I moved to the Phoenix area this year. I just wasn’t the Southeast demographic type. I didn’t own a 4×4 pickup truck…or a rifle.

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          You probably had too much sleeve and not enough hat.

          • 0 avatar

            Ummm whatever! Why are you digging at me? Dude, if you can’t handle the facts…that’s YOUR problem.
            As far as you assessing me…well, from what I gather, you sell cars? Therefore you’re not exactly overly educated, being that a HS diploma is all that is required for your line of work. In fact, the only car salesman I know personally, is a complete idiot. Not to mention a snake in the grass. Hell…he would sell his own mother if he knew he could make a buck off her. Let’s not forget he’s also a hillbilly. So…with that being said, I really don’t care what you think of me…or that you are capable of a complete thought at all.
            Again…simply the facts. Funny how the Mirage is bringing all this attention…isn’t it?

            BTW. Volvo and Mercedes are my drivers choice. I have owned Mitsubishi cars in the past. The old Mirage being one…and I never had a problem.

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        Please, your lot has more inventory than the local Mitsu dealer has (of Mitsu product).

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    I think some of us are forgetting the cars of the past that were of the same class as the current Mirage. It can’t possibly be as bad as some of those. Remember the Chevy Sprint? How about the infamous Metro, with it’s toy appeal enhanced by the fact that recycled plastic played a part in its contruction? It’s certainly better than a Yugo. If new cars are your thing, it looks better than a Fiat. It costs less. Do I think it’s the best thing ever? God, no. But it’ll get you to work, it has a warranty, and you won’t pull a five year old, half eaten Jolly Rancher from under the seat.

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    I test drove one because it checked our boxes as a city car. It had a surprising amount of room on the inside and was superbly packaged, unlike, say, the Ford Fiesta I had a rental. The ride was smooth and it cruised nicely on my brief time on the highway. But I passed on it because a) the tiny engine ran out of breath on hills (understandable) and b) I didn’t like the stickshift feel. Both issues would have annoyed me in the long-term.

    It is far from a bad car. It fulfills its mission.

    • 0 avatar

      For the most recent, truly horrid, crap-box, the award would have to go to the old Chevy Aveo, which was replaced in 2011 by the much better Sonic. The Aveo was bad in every way, and was a hard sell even when heavily discounted. Even now, it’s not particularly difficult to see a not-so-old Aveo belching out blue smoke from its tailpipe. The Aveo was cheap, but it was also bad.

      The Mirage, while certainly not the best in class, just isn’t in the same league as the Aveo. In a field were the primary contenders are the Mirage, Spark, Versa, and Accent, the Mirage is okay, particularly when one considers that the equivalently-priced versions of the Versa and Accent are sedans, while the Spark and Mirage are more desirable hatchbacks.

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    CR Ratings – “Subcompact Cars; Automatic Transmission”

    Model/CR Rating/Sticker Price as equipped

    Honda Fit EX: 67 (19,025)
    Chevrolet Sonic LT 1.8: 66 (17,290)
    Hyundai Accent SE: 65 (16,050)
    Kia Rio EX Sedan: 64 (17,275)
    Ford Fiesta Sedan (4cyl): 64 (16,595)
    Kia Rio EX Hatch: 62 (17,475)
    Nissan Versa Note SV: 61 (17,495)
    Nissan Versa Sedan SV: 56 (15,490)
    Toyota Yaris: 47 (17,705)
    Chevrolet Spark: 42 (15,820)
    Scion iQ: 36 (16,205)
    Mitsubishi Mirage: 29 (16,050)
    Smart For Two: 25 (15,355)

    The Mitsu doesn’t have a lot going for it if you can’t get it heavily discounted, (or they’ll write you a low/no credit loan).

    If you compare this to a 10-year old subcompact, then yes, it’s not a bad car.

    • 0 avatar

      That seems like a flawed rating system, because I don’t accept the Versas are twice as good as the Mirage – they’re also kind of cheap and nasty, but have a decent range of features. The Nissans are a little roomier and more powerful, the Mirage is a little better on gas, but the gulf shouldn’t be that big.

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        Pros: (read ’em and weep)
        Mitsubishi dealers typically provide financing for those with credit problems
        Excellent fuel economy
        The $16,000 you’ll pay for a Mirage ES could buy a good used car or a decent new one
        It’s perhaps the worst-handling new car on sale
        Very loud inside
        Unrefined and underpowered three-cylinder engine
        Uncomfortable, stretched-out driving position

        Realize that there’s no “fully objective” test, but comparing to others in the same price/class is about the least subjective method that there is.
        Versa Note

        Lots of cargo space and rear-seat room for the size and price
        Super-easy access
        Excellent fuel economy
        Generous selection of available features
        Provides a decent ride and good isolation from road noise for a small car

        Slow acceleration
        Unsupportive front seats
        Awkward driving position
        Less agile, reliable, and flexible than a Honda Fit
        Feels less substantial than a Hyundai Accent or Kia Rio

        • 0 avatar

          I mean solely by virtue of whatever numerics they come up with that the Mirage is only 29 good while the Versas are around 60 good. The ratings I’ve seen on the Mirage have varied between that it’s a horrid little penalty box that makes no sense against a used car, and that it’s an honest small car that feels like a relic from a different age (having only driven them at parking lot speeds, I want to believe the second). The Versas seem to be for people who want a big car, but can’t afford it (and frankly, given how common Altimas are in the mid to high teens in the slightly used market, the justification to buy a Versa seems slim as well).

          I agree that, at $16k, the Mirage is sort of stretching beyond its strengths, and that the entire line should all shave about $2k off the price to really start making sense, and even then, if your driving is more urban.

        • 0 avatar

          Here is another one, the Versa Note has better resale than the Mirage, which is saying something. The mean of avg condition Notes is 9,6 and above avg is 10,9 while the Mirage is 8,7 avg and 9,5 above/extra clean. So you’re talking a grand a better for two vehicles at +/- $50 in msrp and the Nissan gives you an I4. I mean they are both 10-12K cars in real worth new but asking 16K with dest on either is criminal. If you must buy new stick to the Note.

          Mirage ES is $15,395/auto plus dest
          Versa Note S “Plus” is 15,430/auto plus dest

          MY15 Nissan Versa Note S Plus

          10/15/15 TX HOBBY Regular $10,500 1,340 Above WHITE 4G A Yes
          10/28/15 CEN FLA Lease $11,000 3,546 Above WHITE 4G A Yes
          10/28/15 NASHVILL Factory $10,600 5,217 Above AQUA 4G A Yes
          10/14/15 DALLAS Factory $10,200 5,239 Avg BLUE 4G O Yes
          10/15/15 NASHVILL Factory $9,200 7,057 Avg GRAY 4G A Yes
          10/27/15 RIVRSIDE Lease $11,250 8,255 Above MAGNETIC 4G O Yes
          10/15/15 PHOENIX Lease $10,100 9,821 Avg WHITE 4G A Yes
          10/27/15 RIVRSIDE Factory $9,750 10,376 Avg GRAY 4G A Yes
          10/20/15 BALTWASH Lease $9,400 12,448 Avg WHITE 4G A Yes
          10/14/15 DALLAS Factory $10,000 12,481 Avg CARMINE 4G A Yes
          10/15/15 CHICAGO Factory $9,600 12,620 Avg BLACK 4G A Yes
          10/15/15 CHICAGO Factory $9,500 13,250 Avg WHITE 4G O Yes
          10/20/15 NASHVILL Factory $9,600 14,928 Avg ASH 4G A Yes
          10/20/15 RIVRSIDE Factory $9,000 17,467 Avg GRAY 4G A Yes
          10/15/15 CHICAGO Factory $7,900 19,165 Below GREEN 4G O Yes
          10/29/15 CHICAGO Factory $9,800 20,988 Avg RED 4G A Yes
          10/28/15 NASHVILL Factory $9,200 21,513 Avg LIQ PLAT 4G A Yes

          MY15 Mitusbishi Mirage ES

          10/21/15 KC Lease $8,600 27 Avg BLACK 3G A No
          10/21/15 KC Lease $8,500 1,680 Avg BLACK 3G A Yes
          10/14/15 KC Lease $7,600 3,909 Below BLACK 3G 5 Yes
          10/15/15 SO CAL Lease $8,000 7,148 Below WHITE 3G A Yes
          10/07/15 CEN FLA Lease $9,300 7,693 Above WHITE 3G A Yes
          10/21/15 KC Lease $8,500 9,936 Avg WHITE 3G A Yes
          10/14/15 CEN FLA Lease $9,000 11,636 Avg GREEN 3G A Yes
          10/09/15 PA Factory $9,300 11,727 Above GREEN 3G A Yes
          10/28/15 MINNEAP Factory $9,100 11,789 Avg BLUE 3G A Yes
          10/16/15 NEVADA Factory $9,100 11,819 Avg REEF BLU 3G A Yes
          10/14/15 MILWAUKE Lease $8,400 18,937 Avg BLACK 3G A Yes
          10/28/15 KC Lease $8,900 24,871 Avg GREEN 3G A Yes

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    The Nissan Micra is actually the car to compare with Mirage…but Nissan thinks it’s only for Canada or Mexico. From what I understand, Nissan still sells the Tsuru in Mexico…which is an older model Sentra.
    Another good comparison, would be the Accent/Rio.
    The Fit compares in size….but is in a higher class. IMO

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    I like the Micra. I think it would make a nice city commuter. The Mirage is in the same class, the only thing is that the Micra actually looks neat…the Mirage is ugly.

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    Leave it to key board warriors to knock a car they know nothing about. Leave it to keyboard warriors who most likely know nothing about cars, but sit behind there computers to knock a vehicle. The mirage is an inexpensive car, which gets great MPG’s while delivering a good ride and a 10 year warranty.

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