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General Motors announced last week that it would develop a fleet of autonomous Volts for its Warren, Michigan campus by 2017, despite announcing earlier in the year that its struggling Oshawa, Ontario facility would be a hub for connected vehicles in April.

GM spokesman Dan Flores said the Warren campus was the best fit for the self-driving Volts that will shuttle GM employees.

“We have several global engineering centers in the world and they all play a role in development,” he said. “There shouldn’t be anything read into the autonomous center being based in Warren. It’s the company’s main technical center.”

In April, GM announced it would hire 100 engineers to focus on connected vehicle development at Oshawa, which GM Canada President said would tap potential from engineers there.

“We are making this investment because we see an opportunity to take advantage of a wealth of talent in mobile technologies, software and advanced automotive engineering available in Canada’s leading universities and other partner organizations,” GM Canada President Steve Carlisle said in April, according to the automaker. “Canada has the bench strength and, to borrow a famous hockey analogy, this is where the puck is going.”

“Our team in Canada shouldn’t read into this. The engineering work that we’re doing in Oshawa is important,” Flores said. “Warren is the core global hub of our development; we have a center in Germany and China. We are and will continue to share technologies.”

GM in Oshawa has had a difficult year.

A former mayor of Oshawa called for a boycott if GM ended production of its Camaro without announcing a replacement. A small investment in the aging consolidated line has been one of the few bright spots for the bleak future of the plant.

In its announcement last week, GM said that Oshawa produced an “eBike Concept.”

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4 Comments on “General Motors: Don’t Read into Autonomous Vehicle Announcement...”

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    Autonomous vehicles aren’t going to happen in my lifetime. Insurance companies won’t let them.

    Autonomous vehicles CAN’T break the law. At the worst, they can malfunction, but the human isn’t liable for it.

    The police will never be able to justify pulling over autonomous vehicles. That means they won’t meet quotas.

    Autonomous vehicles WON’T allow themselves to get tickets.

    Autonomous vehicles WON’T allow themselves to be driven illegally.

    Autonomous vehicles would essentially mean the end of traffic court. No laws broken means no need for defense.

    I could get in the car stone drunk and let it drive me home while passed out in the backseat. The police would NEVER go for that. RIDING WHILE INTOXICATED??? NOPE!

    The sad thing is, THERE IS MORE MONEY IN FAILURE.

    Autonomous vehicles would solve most of our problems with vehicle safety. In fact, the computers could probably be designed to exceed 90 mph in traffic if they all communicated with each other and get us from place to place extremely quickly.

    BUT THE LAW ITSELF WON’T ALLOW IT because they’d lose their revenue.

    If I could implant microchips in people’s brains – or come up with a drug that suppresses violent behavior and forces compliance – the law itself would collapse from bankruptcy.

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    Before GM makes cars that can drive without drivers, they need to figure out how to make cars that always work when there is a driver.

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    I had the opportunity to fly on a helicopter over the Van Dyke (aka M53) corridor very near the Warren Tech Center (almost over it) and there are visible signs from the air that the 1 billion dollars in improvements GM is investing in their Tech Center have begun.

    Also, there is major work going on at the DoD TACOM center near Van Dyke and 12 mile, at BAE systems 80 acre campus at 15 1/2 (north of Fiat Chrysler’s massive Sterling assembly plant) and we were informed that a 400 million dollar development will begin soon at 17 and Van Dyke on nearly 100 acres there (south of Ford’s large trim plant).

    That corridor is hopping like crazy.

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    go back on a promise, undertaking, or contract.

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