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Peugeot’s geometrically marvelous and electrically powered Fractal concept car will make its way to Frankfurt this year.

The 201-horsepower coupe is powered by two electric motors for each axle and has a 280-mile range, according to the automaker. Probably a wholly separate electric sub-station exists for its “9.1.2” surround sound system that sports woofers in the seats to acoustically relay information about what’s ahead like we’re all bats or something.

A heads up driver information system relays information via hologram, according to the automaker, and the rest is just the best.

Perhaps the only thing usable in real life from the Fractal would be the car’s interior production process. According to Peugeot, 80 percent of the car’s interior was 3D printed, which could make its way into mass market production cars eventually as suppliers look to produce more and make less.

Either way, the rest of the automaking world could learn a thing or two from Peugeot: this is how you make a concept car. Stop it with the “crossover concepts” already.

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9 Comments on “Peugeot Has This Whole Concept Thing Figured Out...”

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    My first thought? Robocop has got himself a new LeCar.

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    Big Al from Oz

    I’m generally not a huge admirer of French designed vehicles.

    But this does look good, especially the front end.

    What does the rest of the vehicle look like? The back, interior, etc.

    It would of been a far better vehicle with an engine that burns fossil fuels as well.

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    Re: Title
    I don’t know about all that, the wrangler pickup Chrysler has dangled in front of us for over 10 years seems to be getting quite a bit more attention.

    Also I hope I’m just terribly out of date on the capabilities of current 3D printers, but in order to mass produce these parts the machines would have to be moving faster than the eye could discern. And the faster it goes, the worse the quality gets. But I guess shoddy interiors keep the people coming back to the dealer, or something like that.

    Edit: I don’t even know why I put thought into what I just wrote above, the idiots that would buy this aren’t concerned with the cost or quality or the goshdarned engineering so long as it makes them feel progressive and self righteous.

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    30-mile fetch

    Whatever they have “figured out” doesn’t include the styling. That front is uglier than anything currently on the road, spindle grills included.

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    It’s uglier than a Pontiac Aztek.

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    If Princess Leia drove a car, the Fractal is what she would drive.

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    After living through all the early 70’s PRV 6 touting over in Europe – I’m skeptical. For starters there’s suicidal doors and a square Leyland beauty steering wheel. Those of you who recall the first release of the Allegro dumpling.

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    Have fun cleaning all that white, crevice-intensive flooring.

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    Not as ugly as the Lexus/Camry family. Not so sure about the 3d printing, tho

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