Nissan, Hyundai Execs Play Musical Chairs

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole

Hyundai’s U.S. sales chief Bob Pradzinski left abruptly Tuesday and was promptly replaced by Nissan’s U.S. sales chief — and former Hyundai exec — Derrick Hatami, Automotive News is reporting.

Separately, Nissan announced that Chief Marketing Officer Dan Mohnke would assume lead sales responsibilities after Hatami’s departure.

Pradzinski’s sudden departure may have triggered the moves, but it’s not unusual for Hyundai, according to the report. Pradzinski assumed his No. 2 role after former CEO John Krafcik abruptly left Hyundai and became president of TrueCar.

According to Automotive News, Hyundai didn’t report why Pradzinski left other than that he “elected to step down.” Pradzinski worked for Hyundai for 26 years, appointed to head sales in January 2014.

(Sometimes it’s par for the course to be shown the door immediately in the car business if you leave to a competitor. I’m not speculating on the specific circumstances, just for context. — Aaron)

Hatami was recently Western region sales chief for Hyundai, where he helped the automaker gain a larger market foothold.

Aaron Cole
Aaron Cole

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