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Ford is out at Sebring testing their newest toy — the Ford GT LM GTE — in preparation for the 2016 FIA World Endurance Championship. Thankfully, someone was on location and captured a few laps on video.

I’d like to personally thank this intrepid track video reporter. The car sounds like a four-wheeled warzone, completely with six turbocharged AK-47-esque cylinders.

Ford’s third iteration of the GT will be more track ready than its immediate predecessor. The Blue Oval plans to bring the pain to Ferrari at LeMans next year — and every other possible competitor in the GTE category.

Sitting just ahead of the rear wheels is a 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 with the horsepower knob turned up to 600.

Those looking to buy a street-legal version of the Ford GT will have to go through an application process and be accepted by Ford before parting with an estimated $350,000 in exchange for the car.

Maybe Bernie Ecclestone should buy 24 of these engines for Formula 1 next year.

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17 Comments on “VIDEO: Ford GT LM GTE Sounds Like A Four-wheeled Warzone...”

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    Sounds like a 4 banger.

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    Silent Ricochet

    Hitting those rumble zones sounds like a minigun firing. Pretty wild. Disappointing engine sound, though. Sounds like a 4-cylinder.

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      I think that sound you hear is the exhaust being blown into the diffuser, just like F1 cars used to do until the practice was banned.

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      I think that sound starts when the driver gets back into the throttle after braking. There is another video I’ve seen of a red white blue liveried GT making similar noises when accelerating.

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    Sounds like Buick 3.8L with the mufflers cut off. Not a complimentary sound.

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    The author has obviously not been to a 2014+ F1 race… This engine sounds like a tuner special.

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    Hmmm… The optimal bank angle for a V6 is 120 degrees but that creates an engine too wide for most automotive use and I believe Ford’s EB V6 uses the more common 60 degree arrangement which requires a 6 pin crank to balance properly. Im guessing the GT’s odd sound is due to some crazy racing business with the crank to save weight and/or improve strengrh possibly requiring an irregular firing order.

    I wonder if an X-shaped union in the exhuast would solve the issue at least for the street car?

    As a power adder car and a turbocharged one at that the engine is more sensitive to the exhuast side so in the race car placing a cross-over to tune the sound of the engine may be more trouble than its worth.

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    I’m guessing part of the popping sound is the anti lag system helping keep the turbos spooled during part throttle driving

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    Eeee! It’s farty! Just like my great-uncle George!

    He’d just be talking baseball or something, totally oblivious…

    “Now some o’them *BRRRRRRRRRRTT* colored fellas like *BRRRRRRRRRRTT* Minnie Minoso and Billy *BRRRRRRRRRRTT* Williams are jus’ *BRRRRRRRRRRTT* fine… never make no *BRRRRRRRRRRTT* trouble.”

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    Sounds like a low revving (6.5k RPM maybe) force fed bent six. Factory ecoboost 3.5’s do not rev past 6k, just when that cyclone family of 6s starts to sound interesting NA.

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    Yep, still sounds terrible.

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    Its sounds unusual and interesting but I’m not sure it sounds all that great.

    Like a piece of industrial equipment. At least its not offensive like a four.

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    Sounds like a bunch of fat guys at a bean buffet to me.

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    Having seen one on Michigan Ave last week, it was heard before it was seen. A very guttural note made me turn to see what was coming. Very Nice in person.

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    It sounds cool, weird but cool, but it doesn’t sound like a Kalashnikov.


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