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Jeep will build a performance version of its Renegade for 2018, complete with boosted four-cylinder engine and all-wheel drive, MotorAuthority is reporting (via AutoGuide).

The busy 2.4-liter four could produce more than 300 horsepower, according to the report, but it’s not clear what transmission the Renegade Trackhawk could see. Jeep offers its Renegade with a six-speed manual for the smaller 1.4-liter turbocharged engine, but that mill only cranks half of the estimated final horsepower for the Trackhawk.

That leaves us with one question: why?

Even cloudier is the future for the Fiat 500X Abarth, which could share many parts with the Renegade Trackhawk. The Fiat family hauler was reportedly considered for performance improvements last year.

“The 500X is a good body for Abarth,” Roberto Giolito told CarAdvice Australia last year in Paris. “I can say today this is a good item. It’s absolutely perfect in terms of drivability, control. The driving seat is perfectly measured to control the car. So the Abarth would be perfect.”

Both the Renegade and 500X are built in Fiat’s plant in Melfi, Italy for North American sales.

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31 Comments on “Report: Jeep Renegade Trackhawk Confirmed for Production, Why? (Or, Why Not?)...”

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    I like the idea of the Abarth version better, but packaging on these is odd. One can apparently get (on paper) a 1.4 Turbo/manual AWD combo on the Jeep but NOT on the current Fiat 500X in the U.S. The manual Fiat is only available on base FWD models. Fiat shoppers would seem to me to be more likely to want a manual tranny, but what do I know. It did seem that Chrysler planners underestimated demand for manuals when the 500 first hit dealers a few years ago.

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      It is probably just marketing. Jeep can say how they have a (the only?) AWD manual car and the auto journalists will collectively freak out and sing praises. Even though FCA knows they will sell about 5 of them. Why do you think that Mazda mentioned bringing the diesel Mazada6 over- the one we are still waiting for and is always just around the corner?

      Fiat doesn’t have that off road AWD/4WD image, so not as critical to get the manual AND AWD marketing out there. FCA is good at marketing. I mean they don’t even put AC in the base Renegade (Something even the Mitsu Mirage has) just to get an advertised price several thousand dollars below $20,000. Good luck finding one with a MSRP less than ~$21-22k however.

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    That is so weird.

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    I think 300hp is a bit on the excessive side for the vehicle, but I like the idea. I mean, a hot hatch jeep is a bit of an odd choice, but jeep is hot right now and Chrysler’s strategy of add power is working well. I like the jeep styling better than just about any other hot hatch styling currently available, too.

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      I own(ed) a 2002 Ford Escape V6 AWD, which is the same size and shape as the Renegade and solved roughly the same problem in the real world.

      It had almost 200HP, and I though it was excessive. Also, the engine was unnecessarily noisy and the transmission unnecessarily rough — probably in service of making a jacked up Mazda 636 wagon feel lixe a badass monster truck for marketing reasons. The engine purred. The engine screamed. It never settled down to pull the load. The engine would make the thing go fast in a straight line with sound and fury, but the Prius was more fun to drive home from work.

      The Escape was a great solution to a problem I had, but the sound and fury grated on me day after day. If I had to do it over again, I’d go for a slower and more refined powertrain.

      The Renegade Trackhawk will probably have 150% of the same problems as the Escape. Been there, done that. No need to do it again.

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        I’d imagine fifteen years of progress will produce a far more refined experience than the 2002 escape v6…

        Also, having driven the v6 escape with that engine, it wasn’t overpowered…

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    So we can have something other than cheap gas to cause crashes?

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    “The driving seat is perfectly measured to control the car.” Can someone explain this quote to me? I’ve read it three times, and the meaning escapes me.

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      I, Grango, am here for explainings. Sometimes other who are a learn English as seconding item for languages are not as forthright with exploration as I myself.

      Mr. Gilleto is says that a driver can see all of side of car, because is car for so small of sport. You know, when you thusly have a all wheels drived vehicle, then is also small, then you steer with authenticity and heft.

      Hope to helped, best regard.

      -Grango Relago

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    Remember how awesome the Caliber SRT4 was?

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    SCE to AUX

    Make it RWD, with the Charger’s 8-speed transmission.

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    I do kinda get it, but face facts here, the Renegade is what, 500+ pounds heavier than the 500X? Not to mention significantly less aerodynamic? A Trackhawk model might make sense if we didn’t also have the 500X here, but we do, which means I’d rather have a 500X Abarth with scorpions plastered all over it. Let the Trailhawk model continue to be Jeep’s halo, that brand is all about off-roading, not track-work.

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      I would sure hope they put the Renegade Trackhawk on a diet. That thing is fat and slow.

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      heavy handle

      The Renegade and 500x are within 100 lbs of each other with similar equipment. They are built on the same platform. The aero must be slightly better on the 500x, it gets 1 mpg more on the highway.

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      Ok, the Renegade might make sense with the 300 HP engine. The Abarth apparently will get a 200 HP engine instead, and be more of a rally performance car, whereas it sounds like the Trackhawk will be more similar to an SRT.

      Personally I’d still rather have the 500X Abarth, I bet the Trackhawk sacrifices most of its off-pavement capabilities. Still, I think Jeep still covers their powertrains for 100k miles, this actually matters to me.

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    If I had sufficient paychecks coming in, i would love to have a GC SRT8. Unfortunately, they run in the $65K+ world which is way above where my wallet lives.

    A performance Renegade would be…..interesting. However, i would personally like to see a performance version of the Cherokee over this. As I age, i enjoy comfort and room more and more, and i think the cherokee has enough focus on those two areas that it would make a good “every man’s” SRT. IT would make for a good poor man’s Macan.Or it would be good just for people who cannot quite extend their budgets for the big daddy GCSRT8.

    I have my flame suit out and ready just in case.

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    Earlier this year I would have been excited about this.

    Now, considering I keep getting told an engine is on the way for my Dart, I want nothing to do with a Chrysler product ever again.

    I’m seriously wondering if I should roll the dice and try Subaru, VW/Audi, or BMW. In theory I should get better customer service from on the corporate level.

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    I guess we know now what engine will be in the mainline editions of the Giulia: a turbocharged version of the 2.4 Tigershark! How premium!

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    Forget the 300 hp; bring the diesel.

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    I would totally dig a Trackhawk Renegade. I would totally dig an Abarth-level 500X better, I think.

    Either way, we’re talking about the better part (if not above) $30K for one of these things…

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