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Audi R8 V10

You’d be forgiven if you thought Audi’s performance division was called “RS”. After all, the Germans have a history of using letters to describe their more powerful offerings, such as BMW M and Mercedes-AMG.

In Audi’s case, it’s a bit more complex. While the cars themselves wear S and RS badging, the performance division is actually called quattro GmbH (without the capital Q, because Audi), which is the name of the all-wheel drive system that made the brand so popular with Group B rally fans. It’s compounded by the fact normal Audi’s wear the quattro nameplate when they sport all-wheel drive, so it’s not that exclusive of a name.

In Australia, Audi is looking to fix this organizational and marketing nightmare. Enter Audi Sport.

The performance division itself, quattro, will not change its name, but the products developed by Quattro (screw it, I am using capitals) will now be marketed under the customer-friendly Audi Sport umbrella. CarAdvice reports 15 dealers will have Audi Sport-specific showroom areas by the end of the year for selling RS models and Audi’s halo car, the R8. S models will still be sold under the more plebeian Audi banner.

The additional moniker is a pilot project by Audi that could be found in other regions in the future. Considering the sub-branding success of BMW and Mercedes — the latter has completely re-engineered how it’ll name all vehicles in the future — it’s probably about time Audi did the same.

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18 Comments on “Quattro Receives Re-brand in Australia, Now Called Audi Sport...”

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    I thought the whole point of “Quattro” was to signify AWD or 4WD?

    I thought they were ALL supposed to be “sporty”?


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    Simply adding a “sport” to the company name really is lazy marketing at its worst.

    If Kia were to sell tacky body kits and rear wing options for their economy cars then calling it “Kia sport” would have been fine. But for the company that sells $200K mid engine sports cars it really is a lame marketing move.

    Even “quattro sport” would have been a better name and that would have only taken an additional 5 seconds of thinking.

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    I guess that’s like Mazda vs Mazdaspeed. I still think it’s stupid.

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    In related news, 1970’s singer Suzi Quattro shall now be known as “Suzi Sport.”

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    I’m aussie (without the caps, because lazy) and found this was the best article explaining the change!

    Couldn’t be bothered reading Australian car sites lazily rehashing and regurgitating Audi’s press release, so i’m glad i found your low-down of the situation.

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    Must be an Australia only thing because Quattro is what Audi calls its AWD system everywhere else. Any Audi with AWD is a Quattro.

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      Same in Australia.
      But they’re different ‘quattros’.
      All RS models have 4WD, but only RS models are tuned by the ‘quattro’ group.

      As Mark said, Audi Sport will remove this ambiguity, albeit by implementation of an even lamer nomenclature.

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    FFS. How hard would it to go “Here’s a platform. Here’s the body styles. Here’s the powertrain options. Here’s the wheel/tire options,here’s the exterior trim options and here’s the interior trim options. Go to town.” You could still offer packages like base,most popular,luxury and performance for the lazy. I hate the way they build cars now, because what I want (and will always want) is a stripper with the big motor,manual and good suspension. Can I buy that from most manufacturers? Nope. And I’m pretty sure I never will in the future either.

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      Franchisee dealerships are why we can’t get the cars we want. We get the cars they want. We are the dealers customer, not the OEM’s.

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      You won’t get the big motor without everything else because of CAFE. Any option that reduces fuel economy will be priced at a level high enough to ensure that the take rate doesn’t exceed the amount that allows the maker to meet its CAFE averages. And if you’re charging $5000+ for an engine option, you’ll need to include other goodies as standard with it.

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    Nice little word play on the title there for clicks.

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    I think the perfect solution to Audi’s problems is to hire a former Fiatsler chap who is immediately available & unemployed, would like a tremendously large expense account, and needs multiple vehicles to lend out to prominent Australians.

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