By on August 19, 2015

Police in North Carolina are looking for Ronnie Pollard, who appeared in the Discovery Channel’s series “Street Outlaws,” in connection with an engine theft, WGHP is reporting.

According to investigators, Pollard may have been involved with a June robbery in King, North Carolina where thieves made off with nearly $450,000 in engines and caused $14,000 in damage to Buck Racing Engine’s shop.

“The Discovery Channel should have done a little better job checking people out,” shop owner Charlie Buck told the news station. “It’s just hard to believe that somebody like that’s been on TV, and then they break in and steal stuff from you.”

According to the shop, donations for reward money have flooded the shop, and investigators and the shop are offering more than $22,000 for information about the missing engines.

Pollard doesn’t appear on the show’s cast list on Discovery’s website.

“Street Outlaws” isn’t a stranger to trouble with law enforcement. In March, a driver who appeared on the show was arrested and charged with murder for his part in a crash that killed two people in California.

The show, which depicts street racing, is apparently still a thing and probably wishes it hadn’t filmed this scene.

Reps from the Discovery Channel weren’t immediately reached.

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20 Comments on “Police Looking For ‘Street Outlaw’ Ronnie Pollard on Engine Theft...”

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    Firestorm 500

    Well, Discovery Channel didn’t give him the keys to that shop. I understand why the shop owner is perturbed.

    Maybe the general public should do a better job checking out political candidates. How many times have we caught them doing something bad after they were elected?

    Servergate is right around the corner. Just the latest in a long series.

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    The Smithsonian Channel is what Discovery channel was.

    TLC has become the Human Train Wreck Channel and Discovery isn’t that far behind.

    It’s called a background check people, and mortality clause in the contract.

    • 0 avatar

      I used to like Discovery, back when it showed nothing but documentaries. Even if they had a left-wing bias, they were still really entertaining.

      This “reality” TV business, though… the closest they come to reality is that they don’t use professional actors.

      There is something infuriating about the theft of cars and car parts, like the thieves don’t see or care about the time and effort the builder put into the machinery – they just see a dollar sign.

      • 0 avatar

        Close… many actors on Reality TV (especially the ones that are not competitions) generally DO get paid, they just don’t have scripted dialog. (The general plot itself, however, is usually QUITE scripted, or edited so heavily that it might as well be.)

      • 0 avatar

        Science has a left-wing bias?

        • 0 avatar

          Science, no. The Discovery Channel, yes.

          • 0 avatar

            How can science, or any show that provides scientific evidence for anything have a bias? Not saying that TLS or Discovery does much science anymore.

          • 0 avatar

            He who pays the piper calls the tune.

          • 0 avatar

            It depends, I guess, on what you’re looking for.

            One could say that the Discovery Channel is fairly right wing, aggrandizing gun ownership and usage over many of its popular shows (Mythbusters, etcetera) and carrying many, many, many military-based or military-themed features over the years (hell, Discovery Channel could stand in for US Army Propaganda Network). And then there’s the focus on corporate/industrial technology and those favorite whipping boys of the ultra-green crowd… sports cars and super cars.

            The fact that Discovery sometimes carries programs with an environmental bent can’t be helped. If you have a channel that covers science, environmental programming is still science.

            Thankfully, with Discovery branched out into Discovery Turbo, Discovery Health and etcetera, there’s now a Discovery for everyone… whatever your taste.

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      Jack Baruth

      There’s a mortality clause in every contract. Even Faust’s.

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    Gee… a show about nothing but people engaged in a dangerous and illegal activity! Who could have guessed that some unsavory characters might be attracted to starring in it?

    Next Up on Discovery: “Gangland Crack Dealers”, “3rd-World Gun Runners”, and “419 Fraud Masters”


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    Chris Tonn

    “Authorities are also looking for an associate, Johnny Tran, who was last seen with a hose full of 10w-40.”

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    Jack Baruth

    :“The Discovery Channel should have done a little better job checking people out,” shop owner Charlie Buck told the news station.”

    Hey, dumbass, it’s called


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    George B

    Strange theft. How did they expect to sell the nitrous drag racing engines they stole and why drive all the way from Eastern Oklahoma to North Carolina?

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    Add Pollard to the long list of Discovery Channel actors/celebrities/production members either in jail or headed there. Will Hayden, Kris Ford, Stephanie Hayden Ford, John Schmucker, Alan Beiler, Izzy Valenzuela, Billy Lane, Robbie Keszey, Robroy MacInnes, Billy Brown, Robert Johnston, Matt Shotwell, Matthew Schneider, Joshua Tel Warner… I’m tired of looking them up.

    Discovery wouldn’t broadcast a lot of shows if background checks were the norm.

    Checking all the broadcast and cable channels for bad guys would make an interesting (and lengthy) spreadsheet.

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    from what I’ve read elsewhere, he was “on the show”… once. He’s not one of the “street outlaws” contenders or repeat personalities.

    It makes for a better click bait headline though.

    Though I haven’t watched the show, someone feel free to correct me.

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