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Germany’s Nurburgring Nordschleife will be reopened next year for manufacturers’ bragging rights after officials announced Tuesday that the track’s speed limits — added after a crash during a race killed a spectator in March — will be lifted, PistonHeads is reporting.

Track officials also announced they would be smoothing some parts of the track to keep cars from launching into the air, including the section that launched a Nissan GT-R GT3 into a crowd in March, and keeping spectators from certain areas of the track.

The track may be open for full-speed testing in 2016.

The Porsche 918 is the current record holder for a production car around the track. Koenigsegg said they were planning a record run with their newest supercar before the speed limits were enforced at the track.

“Together with the participants, we analyzed as a consequence of the accident, the situation in detail and targeted measures developed in order to increase the active and passive safety, especially the safety of spectators along the Nordschleife,” Carsten Schumacher, who is managing director of the track, said in a statement.

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4 Comments on “Nurburgring Drops Speed Limits for 2016, Game On...”

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    Talk about an ambiguous headline!

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    The conversation I just had with a German friend of mine on IRC is too good not to repost here:

    [PeriSoft] apparently the Nurburgring people will be smoothing sections of the Nordschleife
    [PeriSoft] Flugplatz will now be known as langweiligerplatz
    [PeriSoft] ;P
    [—t] great idea… just bulldoze it like james may suggested
    [PeriSoft] I don’t know that they’re actually doing anything to flugplatz
    [PeriSoft] but if you say you’re going to change the nordschleife to prevent cars from becoming airborne…
    [—t] honestly anything that stops people from talking about this stupid track all day every day is a good thing
    [PeriSoft] hahahah
    [PeriSoft] the guys here were talking about it earlier…
    [—t] see?
    [—t] and now you are
    [PeriSoft] yes
    [PeriSoft] you have a point
    [—t] so turn the f**kign thing into a waterslide park
    [—t] why did you allied f**ker have to bomb dresden? why not bomb the nordschleife?
    [PeriSoft] it’s a bit late in the game, but I’ll have a chat with the allied leadership

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      Silent Ricochet

      Lmao. I genuinely laughed at that conversation. Just goes to show you that even residents in Deutschland hate that rabble that is generated by that track. I’d love to drive on it someday, its a lot of fun in Need for Speed Shift, but as far as lap times I think I speak for the majority when I say no one gives a s**t.

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    The headline should read: “…removes speed limits”.

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