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Leaked photos of the Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe from a presentation have found their way onto the Web, from Zero2Turbo (via Carscoops).

The photos are in line with the official photos of the coupe we saw this weekend, and earlier “leaks” from Mercedes-AMG’s official Facebook page.

The coupe will likely follow the sedan and offer 470- and 503-horsepower versions of their 4-liter turbocharged V-8 shifted through a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. The car will be shown to the public at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September and unveiled online August 19.

The leaked photos show slight variations from the C-Class coupe, including a black rear diffuser and spoiler, and beefier, quad-tipped exhausts.


2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

Mercedes-AMG will unveil its C63 online ahead of the Frankfurt Auto Show.

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17 Comments on “First Photos of Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe Leak...”

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    Cool. I love how we can’t build a trunk wide enough to comfortably load a golf bag these days (although maybe my eyes are deceiving me). Somehow my J-body Cavalier and N-body Grand Am accomplished this impossible feat.

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    I may be in the minority on this one, but i actually prefer the exterior styling of the the previous gen C class in both normal and AMG versions.

    The interior is a hands down victory for the new gen.

    With that said, i feel like the previous exterior was sharper and more buttoned down. The new gen’s exterior styling just seems way to safe and round, doesn’t seem to make much of a statement.

    To each his own.

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      It’s rather early to say. Best designs take a little bit of time to get used to. I remember hating the E90 for many months on end when it first came out. I quite like it now, especially post refresh (that would be 2009-2012 3 series).

      Oh, I mean I agree with you, but cautiously, and only for now.

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        I feel as though the previous gen C class and BMW 3 Series were the best overall exterior design. They just seemed more cohesive to the eyes. They just seemed to have classy lines that fit the proportions of the cars perfectly. The new gens just look a tad awkward to me, like they tried to fit 10% too much car on a too small of platform.

        i dunno, maybe i am just doing the old man “back in the day, when cars were real cars” rant again.

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          Well, what’s interesting is that the new 3 series is nowhere near as radical a departure as the new C class. I have never liked bulbous, which is how I see the new 5 series and C class. I like the current 3 series.

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            I agree with you, the 3 series is the lesser of the two offenders. I still think the previous 3 series looks better than the current.

            But i guess it doesn’t really matter much what i think as i am not in the prospective owner pool with these cars, merely an observer.

            Both BMW and Benz will feature a $299/month lease on these cars and they will be everywhere.

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    Wow, based on the interior shots in the previous post, M-B finally dropped the 0-9 dialpad that all their interiors have been including. Finally realized nobody knows anyone’s phone number anymore.

    I liked their angular look in the outgoing generation, but this one’s well-implemented. It’ll be a hit.

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      You could type more than just phone numbers with the number pad. You could use it to enter a radio station for example. Now that it has the touchpad instead. You just write your number.

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    How are they getting 355hp out of a 2.0L turbo 4 yet only 470-503 out of a 4.0L turbo V8?

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      It mostly has to do with where each engine is its lifecycle as well as targets to beat, both competitors and previous generations of the models the engine is in. They need to leave themselves room to further develop the engine over its life for the next decade or so, and 500+ already beats the M3, ATS-V, etc. in HP. When that engine makes its way into cars like the E63 and S63 you’ll see higher output versions. because they need to compete with higher HP and replace higher HP previous generation engines.

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      At least partly because they’re not ready to have really big turbo lag in the “civilized” AMG V8 cars the way they do in the CLA/GLA45, which everyone knows are just modernized WRX STIs.

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    I love how simple and balanced (feminine and masculine) the car is style. A sleeper or modest look.

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    I love how simple and balanced (feminine and masculine) way car is style. A sleeper or modest look.

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    That extreme roofline is blurring the distinction between two-door coupe and pure sports car. Really like it — if buyers are going to put up with the impracticality of a coupe, there should be a big styling payoff. I think these will sell like crazy (which is to say, for a coupe, in slightly less tiny numbers than before).

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    Holy shut lines, Batman! And the black matte chunky window trim on white car is horrid.

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    Two observations
    The AMG car is wider in the rear
    The hood shut line on the AMG lines up with the headlights, on the regular C (sedan and coupe), it does not. Nice that they “fixed” this on the AMG.

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