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Yesterday, we reported that in a sales call, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk announced a referral program that could, possibly, maybe net one free Model X for someone who referred 10 new buyers.

The qualifications for getting the free car: Refer 10 buyers by Oct. 31 and be the first in your “region” to do so.

Turns out “region” doesn’t mean what we think it does.

According to a Tesla spokesman, “region” in this case means “country.” As in, apparently, one (1) Model X will be awarded to a single (1) person in the U.S. for referring 10 new Model S buyers.

In case you’re wondering, the U.S. is a larger market for Tesla than the next nine countries combined.

So if you live in Switzerland, it may be a good deal to get your friends to buy a Tesla and score your own for free. If you live in Dallas, however, you should probably line up your friends at the “dealership” today.

Lesson: Elon Musk is really, really good at marketing.

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10 Comments on “Whoa, Don’t Get Amped About Your Free Model X Just Yet...”

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    OK…ANOTHER feature on Tesla. And just a continuance of the first.



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    SCE to AUX

    Well, he keeps it more interesting than yet another cash-on-the-hood deal that everybody else does.

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    Don’t they first have to build 10 of the things? And actually deliver them? Or do i just have a hopelessly outdated view, of what being an automaker means in the Hope and Change era?

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    Does TESLA have ANY marketing that isn’t shady smoke & mirrors?

    I have to argue with plenty of idiots online about the dishonesty behind the “$10,000 fuel savings” and “$7500 rebate” that not everyone gets (if they pay AMT)

    My plan was to call up Wall Street CEO’s pretending to be Musk, get my 10 buyers , get my free Model X and then trade it for a Hellcat…

    …now I’ve gotta start from square 1…

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    The “company meeting” scene from Despicable Me comes to mind.


    From Vegas…


    Also…from Vegas…

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    Since Musk runs SpaceX too and is planning to go to Mars, perhaps we should be happy our region is not just the whole Planet Earth. That would be only one free Model X for all humankind. Good thing he isn’t planning to go to another star system, or we’d be in competition with the Venusians.

    The ultimate tout and carnival huckster, Mr Elon Musk!

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    are we surprised?

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    Maybe it’s because my social circle is relatively small and downscale, but I’d think it would be a great challenge to get 10 friends/acquaintances to buy a certain brand of toothpaste at Target, let alone an expensive e-car that isn’t even available to drive yet.

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