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Volvo S60 and V60 Polestar, model year 2016

After the sale of Polestar to Volvo, the Swedish automaker is cranking up output and bringing more than double the number of high-performance sedans and wagons to the U.S. for 2016.

Also, there will be more wagons than sedans wearing Polestar badging this time around, as Volvo states 60 percent of the 265 total Polestar units will be V60 models.

It should come as no surprise that Volvo is looking to leverage its now-owned Polestar brand a little more than they have in the past. The automaker is also expanding the Polestar color palate with Icy White and Bright Silver in addition to the Black Sapphire and photo-friendly Rebel Blue shades available last year.

As in 2015, S60 and V60 Polestar models will be powered by a 345 horsepower, turbocharged,  six-cylinder engine.

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22 Comments on “Volvo More than Doubles US Polestar Allocation for 2016...”

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    I don’t care how much sq ft I loose, that’s one good looking wagon.

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    At first I thought, where you gonna find nice, snowy coniferous forests in China?

    So I wikkied it and, damn, they got ’em all over the place there!

    So Chinese Volvos will be A-OK after all!

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    Sedan has the S4 to contend with. Cadillac CTR wagon is rear drive only.

    And ya know VW could take a cue or two from Polestar paint scheme with Golf GTi.

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    Not bad, though the front grilles still make me think “2007 Nissan Maxima”.

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    I was a lifelong Volvo nut. I’m sad the Volvo won’t sell manual transmission cars in the US any more :(

    “265 total Polestar units”

    Now… if they sold a Volvo 265 with Polestar upgrades, they might have my attention!

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      I’m quite happy that manual transmissions are dying off, Volvos Toyota-sourced automatics were some of the finest around for day-to-day driving.

      Manuals are best in proper sports cars, not family Trucksters.

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      That sounds interesting. I’d like the low pressure turbo 6 of the S90/V90, please.

      Apart from that, you might want to have a look at the Toyota Probox or Ford Flex as alternative means of Volvo-izing.

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    Oooo! 265 Polestars. So that should be like, what, 20 percent of Volvo USA’s total sales next year? Way to think big!

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    The funniest part is Volvo Cars, who brought you legendary 200 and 700 series wagons, thinks the V60 is a wagon.

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    It’s still a tiny number, but will it undermine the exclusivity of the first batch? We all know that people have started selling them with a markup already. The good old Ferrari-principle of intentionally leaving the market hungry creates value.

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      Yep it will, as well as the color variance. They needed only those two exclusive colors to denote Polestar to the more casual viewer. Black and silver aren’t exclusive.

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    Must have a couple of bins full of the old 6 cylinder engines lying around in Ghent, Belgium where the 60 series models were all made until recently (now that Geely China is also cranking them out).

    I mean, why this thing with 65% of the weight on the front, when the new 325hp four would be so much better? It moves the XC90 along well and that is a mastodon compared to an S60.

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    Since we’re discussing Volvos, I might as well ask a Volvo related question…

    How much is there in common between a 1975 240 and a 1998 S90? I kinda feel like the RWD Volvo platform was like the 77-96 (because really, the 91-96 cars were basically the same underneath) GM B platform, but I’m willing to be proven wrong and receive a good education.

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      S90/Volvo 960 is the refined 700 platform. The 960s also used a 2.9L I6 whereas this motor did not exist for the 200s. From a drivetrain and platform standpoint, the 900 had little in common with a 1975 200 series, however it is possible some components are shared (or evolved from 200).

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