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Jaguar’s coming crossover, dubbed F-Pace, was sent all over the world to test in various climates, and the automaker is sharing its photo album from the trip.

The F-Pace pictured here is only slightly camouflaged ahead of its official unveiling in Frankfurt later this year. The pictures show a crossover that’s expected to take on the likes of the BMW X4 and Porsche Macan when it goes on sale next year — if the automaker is to be taken seriously.

The body in the photos closely resembles the C-X17 concept that Jaguar showed off a couple years ago, and spy shots that have been circulating for a while.

While it appears that the rear tail lamps will likely be different on the production version, the concept’s aggressive hood lines and sloping roof line have remained the same. Even from the front, the Jaguar looks, well, almost Jaguar-ish.

The statement from the automaker didn’t reveal any details about what could be stuffed under the hood. Everything from a six- to eight-cylinder engine could make its way in there, forced induction or not. We’ll learn more when the crossover concept becomes a reality in Frankfurt.

The Frankfurt Motor Show begins Sept. 15.

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24 Comments on “Oh, Hello There Previously Unseen Jaguar F-Pace...”

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    Oh, we’ve seen it before. It looks pretty much like every other premium/luxury small CUV already on the market (e.g. Audi Q5), and not dramatically different in proportions from a ten-year-old Infiniti FX.

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    Mistake, JLR, mistake.

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      The Macan will end up being cheaper or the same price, and stomp it in every metric including prestige and quality.

      I say to you, Tata with your F-ed up Pace.

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        Yes, obviously this is not the right product for Jaguar. A midsize four door sedan with perhaps a convertible option (remember those) would be a better fit.

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          They make a midsize four door sedan. It’s called the XF. They even have a brand new one coming out next year! (Although it looks way too similar to the old one, even more so than the new Camaro, somehow).

          No convertible version though. I don’t think there’s really a market for 4 door convertibles anymore.

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    It’s good to see that Land Rover has more competition.

    Oh, wait a minute…

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      Is there such a thing as a Jaguar dealer who is not also a Land Rover dealer? Can’t say I have ever seen such. I don’t get the point of this.

      But I don’t really care either.

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        Ford sold both Jaguar and Land Rover together to Tata. I think previously both were in P.A.G with Volvo which is why you don’t see any standalone LR or Jaguar dealers.

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          Can we forget that PAG ever happened? NASSER!!!

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          That’s my point. A Jaguar SUV is a Land Rover already. So what is the point of this? A slighty *sportier* SUV? last I checked Land Rover has that covered too. I’m generally pro-choice when it comes to vehicles, but this is just borderline stupid.

          It’s like making Buick pickup trucks when virtually every Buick dealer already sells GMC trucks.

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        Is there such a thing as a Jaguar dealer who is not also a Land Rover dealer?

        The Land Rover dealer in Cary NC is stand-alone, and I have no idea off the top of my head where a single Jaguar dealer is, not even one in another state. Obviously they’re coming from somewhere, but unlike a RollsRoyce dealer I have no idea where I would point someone for a Jag.

        Oh I lied, apparently that very Land Rover dealer also sells Jags, can’t believe I never noticed that based on the number of times I’ve been past it.

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          In Oklahoma City, the Land Rover store is a standalone in one of those Auto Malls with several dealerships in a cluster; Jaguars are sold by the Mercedes-Benz guys downtown.

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        In Dayton OH they are separate dealerships owned by different entities. Might be more…

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      This is the kind of thing that happens when someone worries about saving a brand for the sake of it instead of making money for the company.

      If it was me, I would turn Jaguar into a limited-edition maker of high-end/exotic coupes and convertibles ala Ferrari and Lamborghini, and plow most of my resources into Land Rover.

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    When does Jaguar come out with the X1 competitor.

    /sad face

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    Aaron can you use a little less snark in your headlines? It’s going to make things more confusing and harder to find/search down the road when things aren’t titled logically.

    Typically they use a bit more sensible titles on the strictly news items here.

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    THATS not a Buick!

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    How did P-Face get past the obscenity censor?

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    Here’s their first campaign: Close-up shot of a stereotypical trophy wife, saying, “If you want to see my O-Face, you need to get me an F-Pace.”

    They’ll sell a gazillion of them.

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