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2016 Nissan Maxima (18 of 23)

Nissan has told its dealers to stop selling specific models of the Maxima due to unspecified quality issue, Automotive News is reporting.

The issue involves Maximas with a specific VIN, not a model type. It’s unclear if those cars have been delivered to dealers or customers. According to Automotive News, Nissan hasn’t identified how many models would be affected by the stop-sale, nor how many of the models may have already been sold.

Nissan hasn’t made available details about the VIN number or how to identify the held cars.

A Denver-area Nissan dealer said he wasn’t aware of the stop-sale at all.

A Nissan spokesman told Automotive News that the company would investigate the issue further before making any public statements.

“Nissan is committed to a high level of customer service and satisfaction,” the company said in a statement to Automotive News. “This commitment requires Nissan to periodically place certain specific vehicles on a temporary Quality Assurance Hold to assure that these vehicles, as delivered to our customers, meet our exacting standards and our customers’ expectations.”

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41 Comments on “Nissan Halts Sales on Some Maximas for Quality Issues...”

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    Called it a month ago. It’s probably that craptastic CVT.

    I made a video review in a “Premium” entitled “completely unprofessional 2016 Nissan Maxima review.

    While the interior was “nicer” and the car a definite upgrade from the outgoing model…it would be far better with a standard tranny.

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      I test-drove one. I agree; the new Maxima would probably be better with a regular transmission (I’ll assume by “standard” you don’t mean a manual, since I know you are very opposed to manual transmissions…haha). At least that way, its promise of a “4-Door Sports Car) would be far more credible. I do think the overall design and feature set were well-executed, though.

      My mother had a 2005 Nissan Murano, prior to her 2012 Hyundai Sonata. She is tired of the sedan and wants to get back into a crossover…and really likes the new Murano. While I think it looks quite cool and is plenty well-equippeed, I’m trying to steer her into something else, chiefly because of the CVT. She seems to like mid-sized FWD, semi-luxury or luxury crossover. I like the new Ford Edge. Or we could spend a little more money and get a Lexus RX, Cadillac SRX or that new Lincoln MKX.

      Me, I’d go slightly smaller and get an XC60 R-Design, but I don’t know if I’d trust one long-term.

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    Are they stopping sales because it is so hideous? Blind Laura Dern from Mask couldn’t even love that thing.

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      You beat me to it. Maybe a Le Bra, but with camo inserts to defuse the ugly.

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      I give Nissan 10 points for creativity and a 11 point demerit for being creatively ugly.

      I will say, though, that C-pillar treatment looks nice on the new Murano. Not so nice on this car, though.

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        By ’87 the Maxima was the best looking sedan out there, if not the best looking ‘anything’. It’s like running into the your high school’s prom queen/head cheerleader at a bar twenty years after, smoking, drinking and looking over-baked by life.

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          “By ’87 the Maxima was the best looking sedan out there”

          If “boxy and big-lipped” is your thing sure, you might find old fax machines attractive too.

          Even then it still looks better than the most recent Maxima, ones a coffee maker, the other ones melted lipstick.

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        When I sat in Maxima SR in the showroom last weekend I got the impression Nissan wasn’t sure what to do with the name or the six… I’m 5 11″ and the back of my head was touching the roof in the backseat. No moonroof. I found it hard to swing my feet in through the back doors. I believe the front seats were all the way back. Large screen monitor, decent size. Then l sat in the Rogue next door and instantly understood how Nissan sells more.

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      Same thing went through my mind, the aesthetics will halt would-be buyers.

      They’ve sold crappy cars with crappy CVT’s mated to crappy VQ’s in the past, I’d say this isn’t the problem. It is probably safety related, they explode on impact!

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      Yes, the stop sale is due to styling quality issues.

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      I agree. Maybe it’s the picture, but if it approaches reality, that Maxima is a monument to automotive ugliness.

      Nissan, you produced another hot mess.

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    Point Given

    This notice came out July 16 and does only affect certain VIN’s. Memo makes no mention of what the issue is though.

    These stop sales happen on a semi-regular basis with vehicles of all brands and makes (at least in my 8 year experience in this industry). Something is wrong…either process, parts or software…a fix is issued and away we go.

    Usually don’t see it on TTAC though.


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      That’s true. And a lot of people make fun of manufacturers when they have to do stop sales (alright, the one where GM may have forgotten to install brake pads on a certain batch of Chevy Sonics was just silly). But I applaud them for getting on it early. It may be for selfish reasons, like not wanting to lower initial quality scores, but I’m sure any customer could appreciate being sold a product with as few defects as possible…

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      Usually when a stop sale is ordered, we ask the manufacturer the reason and they offer it up without any issue. This seems suspect.

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        Point Given

        Usually the stop sale memo says something like “due to truck latch issue” or some such explanation. So yes a bit odd. We have had non-described stop sale notices before though and it was nothing to get overly bent out of shape about.

        We actually have one of the affected maximas in inventory. I drove it before the stop sale and quite enjoyed it.

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    I’ve seen one in the wild so far, its still ugly but somehow almost acceptable as it drives by. I don’t expect to see many more and the nameplate will probably be retired in a few years of low sales.

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    Specific brands, of course, still suffer from _specified_ quality issues. Nissans, for example, suffer from cheap plastic, thrashy CVTs, buzzy engines, and a pervading sense that someone was talked into buying it before they reached the nearest Honda dealer.

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    The maxima is now every bit as ugly as a deep sea fish that uses a bioluminescent lure to draw prey closer.

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    National Rent-A-Car is very disappointed.

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    Ah…. If your daughter was so ugly, you’d invent stories as to why she wasn’t asked to the prom too.

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    I saw one of these, the front end is as tall as it looks (basically the height of a 2wd 1st gen S10). But it is super narrow looking and has no precense width wise.

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    Dan R

    Nissan, save yourselves the bother. Just stop selling the Maxima already.

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    I always wondered what happened to the designer of the Pontiac Aztec.

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    Maybe Nissan will sell some more Maximas next year, because Honda just ruined the Accord by Acura-tizing its looks.

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      Acura-zation did work for them back in 1991, when they released one of their best selling Accords ever.

      But then again this is back when mis-sized sedans didn’t have grossly over-styled grilles on them.

      Good grief that whole car looks cheap.

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        The current one looks much more expensive and tasteful, IMO. The only thing I’d add from this 2016 to the current model is the little lines design from the tail lamps. I like that part.

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          I won’t argue that, the newer Accords better in every way imo.

          But the most recent ones just…awful. Clearly Honda needs more female engineers to remedy this!

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    I have a feeling I might be murdered for this, but..

    I bought one :-D

    Apparently I’m the only TTAC reader that would do something so outrageous … please don’t revoke my membership!

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