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2016 GMC Sierra 1500

General Motors is revealing its updates to the 2016 GMC Sierra lineup days after Chevrolet revealed its new face for the 2016 Silverado.

In a video posted to its YouTube channel (via Automotive News), GMC trotted out the new front fascias, bumpers and C-shaped LED daytime running lamps for the full-size pickup.

The video shows three trims of the GMC Sierra 1500, including Denali (pictured below), SLT and All-Terrain, all with unique front ends and in varying levels of chrome-iness.

In addition to the bumpers, daytime lights and front fascia, the new Sierra will have C-shaped LED taillights.

2016 GMC Sierra Denali

GMC said more details about the truck would be released in “coming months.”

On Monday, Chevrolet announced the Silverado would be sporting a body-colored grille and two strips of LED lights on higher trim levels.

Here’s the video:

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24 Comments on “General Motors Reveals Updates to 2016 GMC Sierra [Video]...”

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    I think the 2016 Silverado is a clear improvement but the Sierra was already a handsome truck. This new version is just really overdone and looks like something off of a Transformers set. I guess GM really wanted to push more buyers to Chevy over GMC?

    • 0 avatar

      Yep, so far I prefer GMC Bling over Chevy Bing, which seems to much busier, design wise.

      • 0 avatar

        The look of this truck has actually grown on me a bit since I first saw it. I think it’s probably a slight improvement over the 2015 Sierra, though the Silverado is a HUGE improvement. I think the monochrome version looks much better than the chromed up ones though.

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    I hate non-centered badges.

    • 0 avatar

      It’s centered on the horizontal axis, isn’t it?

      It appears at a glance to be reasonably centered on the overall vertical axis.

      (But should it be centered on the body, or body-and-wheels, or body-not-including-greenhouse, or…?)

      • 0 avatar

        Look at the white truck, there are 3 slots, the badge is on the top slot vs the center. Not really sure what I think about it myself but I can see why it may be annoying.

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    Eh, it doesn’t look that much different. Why spend the money on this?

    It won’t matter much if the rumblings about the blower motor resistor pack fires from the H3 end up extending to all the trucks. Some of the chevy forums are bringing up similar issues in the Silverado/Sierra trucks from 2000 vintage as well as Colorado/Canyons with melted resistor pack connections. It’s enough to make you wonder if the same designs were carried into the current generations as well. Right now it’s not on anyone’s radar as Hummer is extinct, but if GMC and Chevy get dragged into it… and with GM being forced into a recall on the H3, how likely are they to voluntarily recall a good part of their trucks sold in the past 15 years just as sales are picking up. That would be a complete catastrophe when you combine it with the ignition switch fiasco.

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    Tacky, cheesy, gaudy.

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    I hope they choose a different supplier for those L.E.D.’s than they did for the Acadia/Enclave/Traverse. It seems every other one I see has one side inoperative. Maybe it’s just a tradition they want to carry forward from the one always out daytime running lights from previous generation pickups.

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    someone got wacked hard with the ugly stick.

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    I guess I’ll be the dissenter: I rather like it.

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    According to some in the B&B cheap gas sells trucks, either they’re wrong, or GM is doing “it” wrong. I’m leaning on GMs doing it wrong on account of having a refresh ready only 2 years after redesign. They’re all too damn expensive and I don’t see spending money on a redesign as a way to lower those prices. The front end looks terrible on the redesign, the current front end of a bucket of “ok” but that’s better than this.

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    Hard to believe RAM will be the most subtle styled full size…Remember when the BIG RIG styling caused such a stir? Now everyone else is all bling and LEDs…I thought my 2014 RAM Big Horn had a lot of chrome and shiny bits…Guess not…

    • 0 avatar
      Dave M.

      You might be right…Ram might end up being the most subtle. Personally I like the current GMC the best by far currently. Oh well….bigger is bolder I guess.

      BTW, keep your eye on the Ram’s frame….my brother’s otherwise showroom 2004 2500’s frame rusted from the inside out, rendering it essentially parting-out material. Sniffing around the internet shows it’s not an uncommon problem on Dodges… Sadly there were no signs of the rust until it was too late.

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    That front end… has Honda called yet?

  • avatar

    Looks great! Seems to be retractable side steps on the Denali.

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    I’m not liking this upgrade. The Chevy on the other hand looks good. GM looks like they have gone the path Ford did with the last gen F150 which is to come out with a new grill every year or so.

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    Between the Chevy and GMC, the new 2016 GM full-sizes make my 2005 Dakota look like an exercise in restrained, attractive, and tasteful styling…

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    That is so sweet. The two hookers took their ugly sister for a walk. Those are some butt-ugly vehicles.

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    It is just_so_overworked. Quit adding bits! If I’m choosing a grille though, gotta go with SLT this time. The Denali is just entirely offensive. The Offroad grille looks cheap and sort of like a W/T trim.

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    Big Al from Oz

    I agree with Lou_BC regarding the 2014 steel F-150 Ford’ish looks to the front end.

    This might work in GMC’s favour as Ford loses 1/2 ton pickup sales.

    I saw on Bloomberg yesterday Ford is fighting back with $10 000 worth of incentives on the new aluminium F-150 wonder truck…..what a fantastically successful move on Ford’s part this pickup is.

    If this mindset continues with the aluminium pickups, the next Ford aluminium HD wonder trucks might sell at the same rate the new aluminium F-150 has……..near on Ram numbers.

    Ford wake up to yourself. The transit was a success, find other global platforms like the Transit to transplant into the US market place, ie, the global Ranger.

    • 0 avatar

      There is up to $5000 on the hood of an F150 (XLT Supercrew 2.7TT only). Everything else is discounting packages. Some of the packages are priced too high, so I’m not surprised. Dealers are advertising up to $10,000 off in order to compete with RAM and GM dealers.

      This ended up being the worst time to launch a truck. Gas prices dropped and GM and RAM were waiting with good, discounted trucks while Ford had supply issues. The only good news is that transaction prices are way up.

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      Also, I’m in Florida this week. The newspaper ads have dealers advertising Silverados and RAMs at 20%-30% off MSRP.

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    I am curious as to what the height of these trucks are. From the top of the hood to the edge of the air dam looks as though the front end alone is more than 6′ high! It can’t be easy parking these rigs in tight spaces! My ’83 Silverado & ’93 S-10 Xcab just keeps looking better and better (compared to these overstyled monstrosities)!:-)

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