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Next year’s Formula 1 season may have 21 races, including the first in Azerbaijan and a race in Germany after this year’s planned event was cancelled.

The provisional calendar for F1 was released Friday with 21 races scheduled, the same number of races on last year’s provisional calendar. The race on the streets in Baku, Azerbaijan this year would be dubbed the European Grand Prix and could be held in July.

The 2016 season would begin in Australia in April and end in Abu Dhabi in November.

The German Grand Prix, which was slated for the Nurburgring this year before it was cancelled due to financial issues, may be held at Hockenheim next year, according to SkySports.

Other changes on the 2016 F1 calendar include moving the Russian Grand Prix from October to May, and moving the Malaysian Grand Prix from April to September.

Last year, the provisional calendar included 21 races, including a Korean Grand Prix that was eventually dropped from the calendar. Mexico was added to be the 20th race this year before the German GP was dropped. F1 has only held a 20-race season once, which was in 2012.

The provisional 2016 calendar effectively eliminates the summer break for F1 teams. The largest gap between two races next year is only two weeks, with three back-to-back races in Asia, North America and Indonesia-Malaysia.

The provisional calendar was part of a larger set of changes F1’s governing body made to the sport this week. The FIA released a new set of rules simplifying how teams serve penalties, according to the BBC. Teams will move to the back of the grid for power-unit penalties, rather than a complicated system of grid penalties and time penalties based on position.

McLaren-Honda will also be allowed to use an additional complete power unit this year after the FIA relaxed rules for first-year engine suppliers. The rule will retroactively apply to McLaren-Honda this season.

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14 Comments on “2016 F1 Calendar Brings Back Germany, Adds Azerbaijan...”

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    Steve Biro

    Azerbaijan? I guess they’re doing pretty well or they couldn’t afford Bernie’s multi-billion dollar flea circus. Of course, I mean the oligarchy of Azerbaijan is doing pretty well – not necessarily the citizenry.

    • 0 avatar

      I suppose the peasants should be happy it is a street race. At least they don’t have to build a circuit for Bernie’s jet-set.

      • 0 avatar

        They’re mostly thrilled about finally belonging to Europe. I mean “Europe.”

        • 0 avatar

          I remember they won Eurovision song contest few years ago and hosted Eurovision contest after that. So there is nothing new about Azerbaijan hosting European events. The question is – will they join NATO. They already have strained relationship with Russia. Armenia is Russia’s ally in the region. And Armenia is the worst enemy of Georgia and Azerbaijan so neither is especially friendly with Russia. The difference is that Azerbaijan is oil rich country and can afford to host any European event while Armenia and Georgia are dirt poor because they have no oil or other natural resources.

          • 0 avatar

            Oh man. It’s astonishing that people with such superficial understanding of international politics of South Caucasus as yours actually dare to post such opinionated comments, such as above.

            Lets see how many things you got wrong.

            1. “Armenia is the worst enemy of Georgia”. This is absurd. Armenia and Georgia have been friendly countries and nations for not just centuries, but millennia. The Kingdom of Armenia brought Christianity to Georgia, and as long as the Kingdom of Armenia existed, the houses of Armenian and Georgian kings intermarried quite a bit. Georgians were allies of Armenians in their fight against the Arab conquest in the middle-ages. Hundreds of thousands of Armenians have been living in Georgia for centuries. In fact, despite being a very pro-Russian country, Armenia displayed quite a bit of support for the Georgian President Saakashvili during and after the 2008 war in South Ossetia.

            2. Azerbaijan is pursuing a balanced foreign policy, trying to be friends with Russia, Turkey, and the West. In fact, in the last few years, the USA State Department has exerted quite a bit of diplomatic pressure on Azerbaijan by refusing to appoint a US ambassador for something like a year, because of Azerbajian’s horrendous human rights record in recent time. Azerbaijan currently has in prison as many political dissidents as all of Russia. Suffice to say that you probably won’t see Obama shaking hand with Aliev. As result, Azerbaijan is now a more Russia-oriented country. There is quite a bit of trade going on between them, and Azerbaijan is buying a crapload of Russian made weapons recently. Putin and Aliev gotta have quite a bit respect for each other, for being such successful dictators.

            3. Azerbaijan in NATO. Don’t make me laugh. NATO does not take in oppressive dictatorships. Besides, Azerbaijan and Georgia both have unsolved territorial conflicts. Russia has enough levers to prevent Azerbaijan from joining NATO, even if Azerbaijan was foolish enough to want it.

            4. Much of Azerbaijan is also dirt poor because its oil wealth is being siphoned off by Aliev clan, or is also spent on “while elephant projects” like extravagant military expenditures, international competitions, or F1 racing, instead of addressing the fact that millions of Azeris, just like millions Armenians and Georgians, have no jobs and have to look for work in Russia. I am pretty sure that some of that money could be spent on the thousands of internally displaced refugees fleeing from the zone of Karabakh conflict or on social programs.

            5. Georgians are fairly friendly with Russia. Thousands of Russian tourists visit Georgia and over one million ethnic Georgians live in Russia. The stereotype that Georgia is adversarial with Russia and wants to join NATO was created by Georgia’s previous USA-educated president, Mr Saakashvili, who also started the 2008 war in South Osetia (that’s right, look it up, who was the first to launch an invasion of South Ossetia in August of 2008). Today, the political pendulum of Georgia has tilted in the opposite direction, and Mr. Saakashvili is actually wanted by Georgian prosecutors in relation with several criminal charges.

          • 0 avatar


            You Jacob, you lecture Russian man with pansy undergrad learnings!

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    So, who cares about F1 anymore?
    They’d have to make a lot of changes to get me to watch this farce* again….

    * Or, as Steve Biro (above) said, “Flea Circus”.


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    Azerbaijan? Really? Another dictatorship with money. But i´m not surprised. Money talks.
    F1 is probably as corrupt as FIFA.
    The other dictatorships in F1 are China, Bahrain, Russia and Abu Dhabi.

  • avatar

    We don’t know a whole lot about Abu Dhabi stateside, but there is the old joke:
    Michael McDonald and the Doobie Brothers have announced that they have purchased the Mountain Dew soft drink company. In an effort to reduce labor costs and reach new markets, they are planning a move to Abu Dhabi, and will rename the company’s principal product.

    It will now be called…

    “Abu Dhabi Doobie Dew”.

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    Ah, finally the European GP is back, and is held in the heart of Europe!

  • avatar

    And the parade continues as Bernie leads F1 Properties on another jaunt to vacuum up the loose shekels of the Dick Tater set and deposit it in Luxembourg banks for nominal safe-keeping. Next year’s project? Azerbaijan. The Grand Poobah there wishes to cast cake crumbs over his adoring flock by way of tribute to their unflagging belief in him.

    For Bernie, that’s not a European Grand Prix, it’s a European Grand Coup.

    Meanwhile, wait a minute, yes, puffing up the backstretch with a crutch, a limp and penny-rattling tin cup, here comes Max Mosley eager to not miss any opportunity to sell training in UNECE standards to Azerbaijan’s fledgling auto industry. And they didn’t even know they needed it.

    Two more wretchedly offensive people are hard to imagine. But then there is Sepp Blagger, and he’s up to the challenge. It’s a toss-up for the win.

    Geriatric rip-off artists – they say they get better with age.

    • 0 avatar

      wmba – – –

      Beautiful soliloquy. Maybe it can even be put to music and played at the beginning of all F1 races in 2016…


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