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As Richard Hammond and James May wrap up the “lost episodes” of Top Gear sans Jeremy Clarkson, the three are rumored to be heading to Netflix with the unsuspended pair turning down deals worth 4 million GBP.

Here’s what caught our eyes over the weekend.

gl_brown_ff-582x588I Don’t Need A Monster Truck (WIRED)
Small trucks were virtually the only good thing about the ’90s. Oh, and music. The music was good.

chris-evans-car-fe_2455765bTop Gear doesn’t need Chris Evans. It needs a woman (The Telegraph)
“Personally, I didn’t really care. Clarkson was finally off our TV screens. After 13 years of racist comments, general rudeness and physical violence (Piers Morgan also fell prey to his wayward fist), the BBC got some balls and sacked the man.”

Top-Gear-Live-Richard-Hammond-and-James-MayTop Gear’s Richard Hammond and James May to refuse £4MILLION return for show with Jeremy Clarkson (Mirror)
This time it won’t be “back to the studio” for the three Top Gear hosts. Instead, they’re off to Netflix.

604771ea1d4348e79a4cf5c178243e55F1 teams reject mid-race refueling plan (AutoBlog)
Risks outweigh benefits in F1’s latest idea to spice up the show.

Mazda BT50Facelifted Mazda BT-50 Pickup Gets The Kodo Look (CarScoops)
Mazda’s Hilux competitor is getting a facelift in the style of many of the brand’s other offerings.

15FordF150_16Ford running short of F-150 frames (AutoBlog)
Due to an issue with Ford’s frame supplier Metalsa, production has lagged and demand isn’t being met.

toyota-discontinues-trd-superchargerToyota Discontinues TRD Supercharger Program (AutoGuide)
Goodbye, TRD superchargers. Though, we can’t say you’ll be missed.

Benz to power houses too (
Tesla isn’t the only automaker looking to bring electrons to your household outlets.

Finnjet_1800-700x454Finnjet, the only car with a chrome bill bigger than its gas bill, comes up for sale (Hemmings Daily)
Mother of Chrome God.

1966-Toyota-Crown-Deluxe-FrontEscalade V8: 400 HP 1966 Toyota Crown Deluxe (Bring A Trailer)
While I usually dump a bit on Japanese restomods, this one deserves your attention.

subaru-reveals-hyper-blue-color-01Subaru Reveals New Hyper Blue Exterior Color (AutoGuide)
New blue shade tries to out-Polestar Polestar.

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11 Comments on “Weekend Roundup: Top Gear Show, F1 Show and New Subaru Blue is All Show...”

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    Leave it to the Telegraph to take Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson seriously, as if this show about three blokes cocking about with cars is supposed to be culturally relevant. The whole appeal of the show has been that they deliberately do things because they’re wrong. I can live without Top Gear, but I have to laugh at all the media nannies who haven’t been bright enough to figure out how their finger wagging and feigned mores create a foil for Clarkson’s shtick. Someone took a swing at Piers Morgan? Oh my now that’s an unforgivable sin! Equally laughable is saying the BBC had the ‘balls’ to sack Clarkson, when anyone with a lick of sense knows they’re desperate to get him back under some guise of contrition for his surly behavior.

    As for F-1, they’ve got quite a mess right now, and adding yet another change to an already astronomical cost for operation is folly. They’ve lost all but one of the teams that started up under Max Moseley, Red Bull is lost and is threating to leave, the Renault power units are under powered and they have to contend with this silly token system for upgrades. McLaren/Honda are having a disastrous season with just a handful of points scored by Jensen Button, and Alonso having DNFs all over the place. Ferrari has righted their listing ship and seems to be on a good course, but must run to perfection to get within sight of Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton is on course for another WDC, and about all Rosberg can do is hope he slips up somewhere as they both blaze off and leave the rest to contend for the remaining points. Ho hum, no wonder the viewership is going down, I’d rather watch Indy cars right now than this.

    • 0 avatar

      Agreed on both fronts. F1 especially needs some big changes. The engine freeze concept has proven to be a failure with the last set of engines. Instead of learning their lesson, they decided to do it again in some attempt to cut spending. All it does is move the spending to aero upgrades that just ruin the sport. They need to unfreeze engines so that other teams can catch up. Limit the aero so that cars can run behind each other without the front wing washing out and loosing grip. Then increase mechanical grip with wider tires. All the stupid DRS needs to go. Synthetic passing doesn’t make it more attractive. The fuel restriction doesn’t help either. These engines being chocked off sound like tractors. If 1.6L turbo V6s would use too much fuel, lower the displacement. I’d rather see 1L turbos running at full tilt, than the current engines running at 50%. The return of multiple tire vendors also needs to happen. As it stands, there is nothing for a tire manufacturer to gain from being the only tire supplier. Michelin has said this many times. Finally, refueling was the right idea. When it was announced that refueling would return, the reception was very positive. Of course since people overall really liked the idea, they had to quickly ax it shortly afterwards.

  • avatar

    “Subaru Reveals New Hyper Exterior Color” Looks remarkably similar to BMW’s Yas Marina Blue.

    “Toyota Discontinues TRD Supercharger Program” Too bad, short of a custom turbo setup, the only way to get somewhat respectable power from my 3rd Gen 4Runner was the TRD S/C. The issue with the TRD S/Cs was common fuel problems with the injectors/pump not being able to keep up.

    I don’t like that Wired article, I’m in the market for a early 90s Toyota pickup. I don’t need the prices to get pushed higher than the crazy prices they already are.

    • 0 avatar

      True about pickup prices. I’ve had enough of pickups you need a ladder to get into, and a forklift to load it would be good to have a new one that’s has more to do with utility than ego.

  • avatar

    Geeze, if youre going to do a V-8 1966 Toyota, why not use an LS400 (or SC400) engine? Keep it all Toyota in a Toyota. Or hell, a 5.7L from a Tundra wouldve done if the 4.0L wasnt powerful enough.

    I hate it when people use other manufacturer’s engines when doing a resto-mod. Watching Barret-Jackson, I mute it and go back to playing on my phone when I here “next we have a stunning 1956 F-100 with a 350 under…”

    I mean, why? Ford makes (and has made) plenty of excellent V-8 engines, from the Flathead to the Modular. Sure, Chevy 350s are cheaper, but why cheap out when building a show truck? If you do, go all cheap, put a junkyard set of wheels, mismatched seats, and leave it 5 different colors. No? So why cheap out on the powertrain? You mean a decent 302 with GT40 heads is just too difficult to find? No 351s in the same junkyard you found the 350 in? Its somehow harder to rebuild than the 350? Even if it were, its worth the effort IMO.

    It just shows (at least to me) that the builder of the vehicle doesnt care about what hes building, he just wants attention for it. I believe that if I were doing it, Id make sure everything was right, even the bits you cant see when its driving down the road. A Ford (or MOPAR) V-8 sounds just as gnarly as a 350 with exhaust. If you want to use a Chevy engine that bad, FIND A CHEVY TO PUT IT IN.

    Ive been looking at Toyota Stouts lately. I have found a couple with transplanted GM powertrains and I hate it. Sure, I plan to (one day) replace the stock 62 hp 1.9L rubberband engine with something better, but you can bet your life that whatever finds its way under the hood will be from another Toyota, and I dont even *like* Toyota. What Id love is a 3L (not 3.0L, the name is three-el) TurboDiesel from an older Hilux. Based on what research I have done, I believe it would suit the trucks purpose very well (pretty much a “shop truck”, something to run to get parts in or whatever). No, it wont be a 22RE as I am not a fan of that engine.

    • 0 avatar

      This, can’t stand when I find a good looking IH, then notice they put a Chevy engine into it. Guess what, it’s still gonna be there in 2 years probably at half the price, no one wants that POS Frankenstein you made out of your laziness to properly clean up a vehicle.

    • 0 avatar

      The worst recent example was the Pantera that the Ring brothers did, claiming that they went with a 600 hp LS3 instead of a Ford motor because of budgetary reasons. My guess is that you can build a pretty decent version of the Ford Windsor V8 for what a 600 hp Chevy motor costs to build.

      One of my favorite cars at this year’s Detroit Autorama was a ’32 Ford with a flathead V12 Lincoln engine, but there’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching as long as it isn’t a cliched small block Chevy. I liked last year’s ’29 Rolls Royce with a custom Art Morrison chassis and a Viper V10. Other than the exposed headers and the fact that there were disk brakes behind the wire wheels, at first glance you wouldn’t know it was not a restored classic.

      My attitude is that if you’re going to do it wrong, do it wrong. Put a Buick Nailhead in your Ford hot rod instead of a Chevy LSx.

      • 0 avatar

        Heh, I actually have seen a 401 Nailhead powered Model A! The Nailhead sure is an odd looking motor.

        Also an Oldsmobile 374 and a Dodge 270 Hemi.

        As for the previous mention of IH…well, there really isn’t an aftermarket for the 304/345/392 is there? I dunno what would fit as a replacement.

    • 0 avatar

      JohnTaurus_3.0_AX4N – I do agree with you. if one is restoring or even doing a resto-mod then stay true to the brand. I see a model T roaming around in my town with a flathead Ford V8 in it. It is a resto-mod to what one would see in the ’50’s. It is way cool because of that fact. I’m sure that attention to detail is lost upon most who see it.

  • avatar

    They ruined a classic formal Japanese sedan with chintz and a stupid engine and paint from the Katy Perry collection.


  • avatar

    Top Gear needs a woman? That would fly in the face of what makes the show interesting i.e. rampant political incorrectness. Would she just become: eye candy?

    Chris Evans? Not familiar enough with his work to say yeah or nay. They could do a season with “guest” presenters. Car guys like Jay Leno could rotate through. It would give them a chance to see who was a good fit. Even give Clarkson a turn as a guest presenter.

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