Weekend Roundup: Top Gear Show, F1 Show and New Subaru Blue is All Show

Mark Stevenson
by Mark Stevenson
weekend roundup top gear show f1 show and new subaru blue is all show

As Richard Hammond and James May wrap up the “lost episodes” of Top Gear sans Jeremy Clarkson, the three are rumored to be heading to Netflix with the unsuspended pair turning down deals worth 4 million GBP.

Here’s what caught our eyes over the weekend.

I Don’t Need A Monster Truck (WIRED)

Small trucks were virtually the only good thing about the ’90s. Oh, and music. The music was good.

Top Gear doesn’t need Chris Evans. It needs a woman (The Telegraph)

“Personally, I didn’t really care. Clarkson was finally off our TV screens. After 13 years of racist comments, general rudeness and physical violence (Piers Morgan also fell prey to his wayward fist), the BBC got some balls and sacked the man.”

Top Gear’s Richard Hammond and James May to refuse £4MILLION return for show with Jeremy Clarkson (Mirror)

This time it won’t be “back to the studio” for the three Top Gear hosts. Instead, they’re off to Netflix.

F1 teams reject mid-race refueling plan (AutoBlog)

Risks outweigh benefits in F1’s latest idea to spice up the show.

Facelifted Mazda BT-50 Pickup Gets The Kodo Look (CarScoops)

Mazda’s Hilux competitor is getting a facelift in the style of many of the brand’s other offerings.

Ford running short of F-150 frames (AutoBlog)

Due to an issue with Ford’s frame supplier Metalsa, production has lagged and demand isn’t being met.

Toyota Discontinues TRD Supercharger Program (AutoGuide)

Goodbye, TRD superchargers. Though, we can’t say you’ll be missed.

Benz to power houses too (Motoring.com.au)

Tesla isn’t the only automaker looking to bring electrons to your household outlets.

Finnjet, the only car with a chrome bill bigger than its gas bill, comes up for sale (Hemmings Daily)

Mother of Chrome God.

Escalade V8: 400 HP 1966 Toyota Crown Deluxe (Bring A Trailer)

While I usually dump a bit on Japanese restomods, this one deserves your attention.

Subaru Reveals New Hyper Blue Exterior Color (AutoGuide)

New blue shade tries to out-Polestar Polestar.

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  • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Jun 08, 2015

    They ruined a classic formal Japanese sedan with chintz and a stupid engine and paint from the Katy Perry collection. CP!

  • Lou_BC Lou_BC on Jun 09, 2015

    Top Gear needs a woman? That would fly in the face of what makes the show interesting i.e. rampant political incorrectness. Would she just become: eye candy? Chris Evans? Not familiar enough with his work to say yeah or nay. They could do a season with "guest" presenters. Car guys like Jay Leno could rotate through. It would give them a chance to see who was a good fit. Even give Clarkson a turn as a guest presenter.

  • Lou_BC Tassos and EB can each buy one and go in the backcountry to play with their Willys.
  • SCE to AUX Physically removing it from the cars they service tells me the company sees radar as some sort of hazard, despite their ability to disable it across the fleet via OTA updates. Creepy.
  • Art Vandelay So if it now actually costs less than the competition, where will the usual haters move the goalposts too now?
  • SCE to AUX Change "dog" to "child", and then tell me what mfr's lawyers will permit deployment of an autonomous vehicle.
  • Ravenuer I'd go with the Camry.