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The 2016 Lincoln MKS will be the last of its kind, as the brand will cease production when the calendar rolls over.

Parent company Ford gave a statement on the matter, USA Today reports, which reads as follows:

Chicago Assembly Plant is vital to our global manufacturing footprint and will continue to manufacture the Ford Taurus, Ford Explorer and Police Interceptor vehicles even after we phase out production of the MKS in 2016. We will continue to match production to demand.

Meanwhile, the MKS’ replacement, the Continental, will not take its place on the assembly line in Chicago. Automotive News says the Explorer will fill the void left behind thanks to overwhelming demand for the crossover.

Where the Ford Fusion-based Conti will be assembled isn’t yet confirmed, though insiders say it could be built alongside the Fusion and Mustang in Flat Rock, Mich.

Until the end comes for the MKS, however, consumers could find huge deals on the luxury sedan, whose price of admission already starts at under $40,000. Whether they decide to pull the trigger is another story: 3,304 units left the showroom over the first five months of 2015, down 19.1 percent over the same period in 2014. In contrast, Explorer sales are up 15 percent through May.

[Photo credit: Lincoln]

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79 Comments on “Lincoln MKS Axed, Continental To Be Assembled Elsewhere...”

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    America has gone full retard for SUVs & CUVs.

    Never go full retard.

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      I think the whole world has gone full retard for SUVs & CUVs.

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        The number of massive extended length Tahoes , Escalades, Suburbanites, etc., that I see being driven by people with 0 to 1 passengers on a daily basis is mind boggling.

        I’m not making a moral observation (I’m at least not stating my opinion), but a factual one.

        I genuinely wonder what will happen when gas prices spike to $3.50 to $5.00 again, which they inevitably will.

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          Keep in mind that the MKS isn’t exactly small or especially fuel efficient. Seeing one person in an MKS isn’t much better than seeing one person in a Tahoe.

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            But for some reason, my brain twitches when I see a miniscule, 110 pound woman piloting a 28 foot long Escalade XXL all be her lonesome.

            Maybe I’m a sexist or judgmental (maybe I shouldn’t judge anything; not even violent criminals).

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            How does stuff like this get stated?
            There is no comparison between A Tahoe and an MKS.
            Not in MPG or in use or in drive.

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            You see MUCH LESS of the person driving the MKS, on account of the tank-like proportions. Lolz.

            I felt judgmental today when on the highway, I saw a woman driving a Range Rover (alone) with a “WOMEN FOR OBAMA” sticker on her back window.

            I thought to myself, “Shouldn’t you be a republican if you’re in a Range Rover?”

            But then I realized it was an 04-05ish one, and the wheels were black with brake dust – so she was probably poor.

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            I parked the MkT next to an MKS in a parking lot over the weekend (yes, I know, this could only happen in the Detroit area). You can tell that the MKS is basically a CUV turned into a sedan. In profile, the MkT looks WAAAAAAY better and has better proportions. The five extra inches in the MkT’s wheelbase helps too.

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            Yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen two Lincolns of current manufacture together in quite some time. Sometimes a Five Hundred and a Sable will be near one another, though. I always notice me a nice dark color Sable.

            The MKS was just a bad idea, poorly executed. A rebadge at the exact wrong time for the brand. Town Car 2.0 should have existed, with a GrandMq brand mate for the volume and police sales.

            But maybe Conti production at the Fusion Mustang factory will be a good thing, because they’ll see the Conti next to a pearl white Mustang… and get ideas…

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          “I genuinely wonder what will happen when gas prices spike to $3.50 to $5.00 again, which they inevitably will.”

          I’ll be getting a good deal on a Navigator. That’s what’ll happen.

          There aren’t as many of those vehicle as there was in 2007-09, so the effect should be smaller. There are a bunch more full size crossovers now though.

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          Ive never seen an “extended length Tahoe” before. I almost thought you were talking about Suburban, except its, ya know, a Suburban.

          Tell us more about how the Kia Rio is a better car than the ATS.

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            Yukon, whatever. Same sausage, different length.

            Speaking of Cadillac & Korean vehicles, here’s what I wrote about the CTS SALES DEATH SPIRAL (and Cadillac, in general) yesterday:

            These cars SUCK & Cadillac is now desperate to move both the CTS with $17,500.00 off MSRP, and the equally, if not more sh!tty ATS with $14,000.00 off MSRP!


            This vindicates my position all along that:

            1) All three motors in these SUCK

            2) These ride like sh!t (there’s a non-refined, harsh, non-premium ride with no reward – very un-Cadillac and far less comfortable than 3 Series BMW, Mercedes C Class or Audi A4)

            3) Back seat room and trunk space blows

            4) Gauge cluster sucks

            5) Build quality & reliability sucks

            6) Overpriced

            7) Hideous exterior

            It’s just like Jack said: GM never should’ve played the Germans on their own terms.

            Cadillac, as a matter of heritage & an iconic brand (maybe now permanently tainted) should’ve played to its core strength of masculine, bold, powerful, comfortable, commanding vehicles with a snorting, torque rich V8 under every hood.

            New CTS for 30k and new CTS V-Sport for 50k – even GM fanboys are ripping Johan:


            They’d be way further ahead slashing MSRPs by a hefty amount rather than keep piling inevitably larger stacks of cash on the hood (is $20k on the ELR the most so far; I see $15k to $18k on the CTS V-Sport?).

            But they won’t. It’s GM. They’ll do the least logical route.

            The real trouble will come when the CT-6 debuts, which will give even more sticker shock to any dwindling remaining potential Cadillac buyers, and it will just get worse from there.

            If the CT-6 isn’t a BETTER vehicle than the MB E-Class AT A LOWER PRICE, it’s doomed (it’s going to be doomed).

            When Escalade sales slow, and they inevitably will, Cadillac Dealerships are essentially going to turn into financial black holes (many are now, since Escalade procurement is constrained, and nothing else is moving, let alone moving at a profit).

            Cadillac’s failing in a boom time (though the boom is closer to bust now, at which time Cadillac will have no paddle, not even the Escalade, to steer itself up sh!t creek).

            25k (real world pricing) leather trimmed 2015 Hyundai Sonata has more interior room, rides as well, has better fit and finish (and gauges), is as quiet, and more reliable than a 55k Cadillac CTS.

            Hyundai finally got serious about suspension tuning.

            A 2015 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 at 34k real world pricing blows the ATS, CTS and XTS into the weeds.

            Cadillac needs to first catch Hyundai before it can claim with a straight face that its a competitor to the Germans.

            Both the Chrysler 300 and Hyundai Genesis (2015) are roomier, more luxurious (by far), and have better ride quality and power, at 30k to 35k new, than the CTS at 50k to 60k.

            Cadillac is a sad joke being run further into the ground by the month.

            I can hardly wait for the CT6 reviews to come in, so even many loyal GM fanboys to finally concede reality (Cadillac Total Failure), and can quit deluding themselves by way of Johan de Nysschen the shyster.

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            Misstatements such as “extended length Tahoe” are what happen when the Submit Comment button is punched without a little pause to conduct some quality control. A disabled internal editor is a common problem among the dead-weights on the internet.

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            Waaaah! Waaaaaaaah!

            Shhhhh. It’s okay. Your delicate sensibilities will recover in due time.

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            You need a column, Deadweight.

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            “Cadillac, as a matter of heritage & an iconic brand (maybe now permanently tainted) should’ve played to its core strength of masculine, bold, powerful, comfortable, commanding vehicles with a snorting, torque rich V8 under every hood.”

            Which would relegate Cadillac to niche status and necessitate a much higher pricing structure somewhere between what Mercedes-Benz requires of its S-Class and what the boys at Bentley fetch. For GM, who’s still very much interested in volume for their flagship luxury marque, this just won’t do.

            My idea for solving the Cadillac conundrum means doing precisely what you’re asking, DW – playing up to its own strengths. In this case, that means playing up the Escalade for all it’s worth. You do that by expanding the Escalade line in a way that mimics Land Rover’s Range Rover lineup:

            Escalade and Escalade EXT – The Original
            Escalade Sport – Range Rover Sport analogue
            Escalade Evoc – Range Rover Evoque analogue

            Caddy could also use the following:

            1) A stylish and credible Tesla Model S competitor NOT named “ELR”
            2) Two and four-door versions of the Elmiraj
            3) World-class cost-no-object interiors for all of its cars

            Sure, Caddy won’t have anything to run with ze Germans, but those days are over anyways. So are the days of profit through volume. GM’s just gonna have to live with less volume and gas-guzzler taxes – although that won’t matter once Caddy starts raking in cash from people who’ll finally be able to buy cars that are unashamed to be Proud Americans, goddamnit.

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            Nice post and I agree with you, yet as you point out GM is more interested in volume models and offering a full Cadillac lineup as it has been doing since the 1960s. The surplus 933 dealers may have something to do with it.

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            BTW – I saw a new livery XTS yesterday with it’s left DRL inoperative. What’s with GM and DRLs? I figured LEDS would cure that problem, but apparently not.

            Chevrolet is now running ads promoting the luxuriousness of their interiors. They compare to 5 Series and Lexus in the ads, but .. it’s kind of a hit at Cadillac as well.

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            Again, the biggest problem with the ATS and CTS are that they offer the tightest interior room (or among the tightest) for their respective segments – which is a major no-no for the typical American buyer (both have been highly praised for their handling capabilities but those things are down the list for most luxury buyers).

            A Genesis sedan does not “blow away” the CTS in any way aside from interior room (hence, the importance of that).

            The CT6 will be better than the E-Class (at least the current one), but won’t be priced lower since it’s a SWB flagship competitor (which is getting smaller as BMW is going with just the LWB 7 Series for the US market).

            Even despite being a SWB model, the CT6 will be competitive with regard to interior space and will also get new powertrains.

            The CTS and ATS replacements will also get increased interior room while cutting weight.

            The SRX replacement, the CT5 should do really well for Cadillac (the CT5 should handily outsell the insipid new MKX or whatever Lincoln decides to call it, but they needed a compact and full-size 3-row CUV yesterday).

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            bd2, I know you’ve admitted that your some form of car salesman, but even with that massive qualifier, you should really try to find a scrap of honesty within yourself and concede that the new for 2015 Hyundai Genesis is a far better vehicle, at a dramatically lower price, than a Cadillac CTS.

            Let’s count the objective ways:

            1) More interior room

            2) Far better reliability

            3) Far better assembly quality & fit and finish

            4) Way better gauges

            5) Way better interactive response to HVAC, Audio System, etc., controls

            6) Far more refined powertrain

            7) Better paint quality

            8) Standard 6 cylinder (smoother than CTS’s optional 6 cylinder)

            9) More standard features (at 20k lower price)

            10) Better warranty by far

            Genesis base (with leather, 6 cylinder, and many standard features optional on Crap-i-lac) can be had for 34k real world pricing plus TTL. Crap-i-lac CTS is at least 18k more.

            It’s just like Jack Baruth stated in his Hyundai Sonata review: “Hyundai hasn’t had to worry about, let alone consider anything from GM competitive, in a long time.”

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            DW can replace DD’s columns here, since they’re utter garbage.

          • 0 avatar

            DW – you must have me mistaken for dwford or someone else, b/c I have never stated such a thing.

            Look, Hyundai has done well with the 2G Genesis sedan (which is the 3rd best selling in the mid-size segment after the 5 Series and E Class) due to largely (1) offering greater interior room and (2) lower price (by eschewing the separate luxury brand route).

            And yes, the Genesis does certain things better than the CTS, but the CTS does other things better (mainly being more sport/enthusiast oriented).

            But that’s the problem – Cadillac (Jaguar has the same problem) has been so overly focused on beating BMW that they sacrificed things such as interior room which was a huge blunder (reason why XTS sales have recovered a bit).

            Nonetheless, with the CTS and XTS sedans, Cadillac commands a larger piece of the mid-price sedan segment than all but BMW and MB (and that’s a good bit more than Audi, Lexus, Infiniti and Hyundai with the Genesis).

            While the XTS will not be replaced, Cadillac is working to address the deficiencies on the CTS with its replacement (another problem was naming its midsizer the CTS, instead of giving it a new nomenclature) – which will increase passenger space but decrease weight (the increased interior room will have made the XTS redundant; and besides, an XTS type model is better served as a Buick).

            The CTS replacement will also get the new powerplants that will 1st see service in the CT6 and hopefully by then, they will have made the CUE system more intuitive (remember that BMW’s iDrive system was roundly criticized at 1st, but now after years of fine-tuning, the iDrive system is regarded as one of the better telematics systems).

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          Our Liz went and spoke to the Saudis about North Sea Oil royalties and Scottish independence. You government didn’t care because cheap oil helps the US economy.

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      Walk into a Ford / Lincoln showroom.

      Look at Taurus.

      Look at MKS.

      You have to be “full retard” to buy the MKS. Fine, it isn’t a Lincoln Cimmaron, but you have to be in full on denial not to see you’re buying up a tarted up Taurus, that not even police departments want in serious numbers.

      A Taurus SHO with Driver Assist Package, sunroof, navigation, and 401A Equipment Group will set you back $40,830 according to Ford’s site (based on Puget Sound zip code, YMMV).

      A similarly equipped Lincoln has a $7K premium, and I haven’t fully ticked the option for option sheet (also based on Lincoln’s site, Puget Sound zip code, YMMV). To add adaptive cruise control and automatic braking (and then get self park with it) you jump to a $9K premium.

      Why on earth would you do that with the Taurus parked right next to it on the lot?

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        Because sometimes the lease is cheaper or very close. They aren’t right now though.

        In Detroit, the Taurus SHO is a super good lease deal. $219/month with $1000 down for me since I own a Ford product. They have $9000 on the hood for a lease. After looking at it, I’m really tempted to do a two year SHO lease.

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        The Interceptor Sedan (Taurus) is the second best selling police car, out selling the Tahoe, Caprice and Charger, only second to the Explorer.

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        obviously this is a horrible buy new. But used is a different story. $23k for an awd 355 hp v6 2011 model year “luxury car” omg talk about deal? I bet it’s faster than the ecoboost mustang just reviewed on this website for $38k, more features too! page

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          So…exactly what luxury car isn’t a horrible buy new?
          The BMW? Think again about the price of one after the owner gets 50K on it.
          So…I would like to know which luxury car you think would hold its value?
          Then again show me how it would compare initial cost wise to a fully loaded MKS to it.
          This car fully loaded is 55. Just trying to thing of the competition….

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        You do not know what you are talking about.
        I am guessing you never set down i an MKS.
        They don’t even offer the same options or equipment.

        This is some very strange, uninformed hate on this site today. The headline I guess could only bring out the TaurusMKS seek.

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          I actually want to like the MKS as I saw it as a successor to the last Conti. Had it been styled similar to the S80 on which its platform was derived I would be genuinely interested but the visibility hate offered on Ford D3/4 puts me off.

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            MKS has warts, but is a better Cadillac than the CTS or XTS, with a roomy back seat, better fit/finish, a more “American” representation towards/of luxury,’and can be had at 35% to 40% of MSRP within 3 years of original sale and 30,000 miles on the odometer.

            Cadillac is an absolute disaster when the MKS is a better American luxury vehicle than the CTS (now 55k new with a 4 banger motor – sick joke that consumers aren’t falling for thankfully), with the CTS representing Cadillac’s new Philip

          • 0 avatar

            MKS has warts, but is a better Cadillac than the CTS or XTS, with a roomy back seat, better fit/finish, a more “American” representation towards/of luxury,’and can be had at 35% to 40% of MSRP within 3 years of original sale and 30,000 miles on the odometer.

            Cadillac is an absolute disaster when the MKS is a better American luxury vehicle than the CTS (now 55k new with a 4 banger motor – sick joke that consumers aren’t falling for thankfully), with the CTS representing Cadillac’s new philosophy.

          • 0 avatar

            Whoops. DW hit the button too soon, again. A correction is in order.

          • 0 avatar

            And yet, the XTS handily outsells the MKS despite it having another models, the CTS, in the same price range.

            Sales YTD:

            XTS – 10,134
            CTS – 8,154

            MKS – 3,304

            Say what you want, but Cadillac simply destroys Lincoln in the mid-price lux sedan segment.

            And in fact, despite troubles with the CTS, outsells Lexus, Infiniti and Jaguar.

            Aside from MB and BMW, what over lux brand has sold around 20k sedans YTD in the mid-price segment?

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      In 10 years, junkyards will be littered with these things, the next car fad will be well on its way, and no one will admit to owning one, much like no one would admit to owning a large gas guzzler in the late 70s.

      • 0 avatar

        I hate to say it, but I agree.

        • 0 avatar

          Yet another article with someone bitching about how people not utilizing 100% of their SUV/Truck’s capabilities.

          It seriously seems this happens to 2/3 of articles.

          We live in a country where you can buy/drive whatever you want, whether it be a 911 that NEVER sees the track/autobahn or a Tahoe that only carries one person to the mall and back. Some of these “Enthusiasts” are just drama queens.

          There is no difference between a soccer mom alone in a Suburban and some fat bald middle-aged man alone in a 911.

          • 0 avatar


          • 0 avatar
            Firestorm 500

            Soccer mom is likely better-looking.

          • 0 avatar

            IMO…the worst decisions made by Mulaly was his making the Taurus similar to the MKS and NOT making the Fusion SHO…using the 3.5 ecoboost.
            I would have rather the Fivehundred stay as I loved the solid look and views all around. And the old 63 Fivehundred holds a warm spot in my heart.

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    A good car that just hasn’t been good enough to complete. Standalone brandless styling and a nondescript dash design ensured it wasn’t first on very many shopping lists.

    • 0 avatar

      A week or two ago, I saw one in Ruby Red rather than the ubiquitous Tuxedo Black. For whatever reason, the cheerful color really worked with the car’s understated shape. It looked quite nice, IMO. But the buying public is fascinated with overwrought designs right now.

    • 0 avatar

      And yet we get reviews about the beautifully simple designs of the German and Swedish dash.
      Lincoln does it and it is nondescript.

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    SCE to AUX

    Editorial nit:

    “the brand will cease production” should read “the model will cease production”. Lincoln’s not out of business yet.

    • 0 avatar

      > Lincoln’s not out of business yet.

      Not yet. But soon. Ford = global brand. Lincoln = USA old people.

      One would have to believe they’ve been spending more on developing Titanium and King Ranch versions of Fords than they have on Lincolns the last few years.

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    All I have to say is that Lincoln better have a serious premium sedan ready when the MKS is killed off.

  • avatar

    MKS? Which one was that again? The Edge? Fusion? The one with the funny Hearse hatch?

    Quality/style/value notwithstanding I’ll be happier when the names come back (leaving the ‘crappy xyz’ fun for everyone else).

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    Secret Hi5

    What fire sale price will be acceptable for an MKS next year? Low $30s?

    • 0 avatar

      I’m spitballing but in two model years these typically do 23-25 at the auction, dealers around here mark them up around 2 grand and attempt to sell because they aren’t a big draw. If Ford puts 10K in rebates on them, this may lower the quoted resale figure or it may not depending on aftermarket demand.

      EDIT: Yup, but extra clean it does more.

      MY14 Lincoln MKS FWD – Avg to Below

      05/18/15 DETROIT Factory $25,600 10,332 Avg BLUE 6G A Yes
      06/09/15 GEORGIA Factory $23,100 10,746 Avg SILVER 6G O No
      06/04/15 TAMPA Factory $21,900 11,006 Below RED-RR 6G A No
      05/28/15 PITTSBGH Factory $25,400 11,301 Avg MDGREY 6G A Yes
      05/13/15 TAMPA Factory $25,200 12,069 Avg SILVR-UX 6G A Yes
      05/13/15 SO CAL Factory $24,100 12,911 Avg SILVER 6G A Yes
      05/28/15 NASHVILL Factory $24,500 12,943 Avg DRK SIDE 6G A Yes

      06/01/15 GEORGIA Factory $25,400 19,344 Avg BLACK 6G A Yes
      06/10/15 TAMPA Factory $25,200 19,981 Avg GREEN-BT 6G A Yes
      06/01/15 GEORGIA Factory $26,000 20,578 Avg WHITE 6G A Yes
      05/22/15 TAMPA Lease $28,400 21,093 Above RED-RR 6G A No
      06/09/15 KC Factory $27,100 21,600 Above RED 6G A Yes
      05/27/15 TAMPA Factory $23,500 21,684 Avg BLUE-TQ 6G A Yes

      Extra clean

      05/13/15 TAMPA Lease $29,300 3,267 Above BEIGE-BK 6G A Yes
      05/13/15 TAMPA Factory $27,800 4,521 Above CHAR-UH 6G A Yes
      05/13/15 TAMPA Lease $28,300 5,094 Above WHITE-UG 6G A Yes
      06/04/15 TAMPA Lease $30,500 5,233 Above CREAM-BK 6G A No
      06/10/15 TAMPA Factory $26,900 5,635 Above RED-RR 6G A Yes
      05/28/15 NASHVILL Factory $26,500 6,673 Above SILVER 6G A Yes
      06/10/15 TAMPA Factory $27,500 7,984 Above SILVR-UX 6G A Yes
      05/13/15 TAMPA Lease $29,300 9,168 Above WHITE-UG 6G A No
      05/26/15 DFW Factory $28,300 9,492 Above UH-BLACK 6G A Yes

    • 0 avatar

      They’re having a FIRE! sale.

  • avatar
    Volt 230

    The MKS is Fusion based so will the new Conti, so all we really have is a name change and some exterior/interior changes as well? Basically it’s the same car. Ford needs a RWD platform badly.

    • 0 avatar

      The MKS is D-Platform based, not CD4 or CD3 (Fusion) based. It has roots going back to the 1998 S80.

      Ford won’t have a RWD platform for another few years.

    • 0 avatar

      You’re mixing it up with the MKZ, which shares a platform with the Fusion.

      And it’s not the same car. The MKZ is quite a bit different than the Fusion. The MKS on the other hand is just a nicer Taurus, which is pretty nice to begin with.

  • avatar

    “The 2016 Lincoln MKS will be the last of its kind, as the brand will cease production when the calendar rolls over.”

    You may have buried the lede here. THE BRAND WILL CEASE PRODUCTION!

    No more Lincolns! Which brand will TTAC set its sights on next?

  • avatar

    Can’t say I haven’t wondered how long the MKS would be around. Not an ugly car, and possibly a great used car bargain at nearly the same price used as a used SHO, but even buying used you have considerable depreciation to take on. Same with Cadillacs.

  • avatar

    So the MKS is dead. This is a funeral that will have no none in attendance.

  • avatar

    The pictures I’ve seen of the new Continental show that it has a fairly long front overhang, a narrow fender between the wheel well and door cut line, and a wide front console–a lot like the current MKS and Taurus. Why do I suspect that the new Continental is just a renamed front-wheel-drive MKS with a better back seat for two?

  • avatar

    I was one of the early MKS buyers.
    And to once again remind folks here…there wasn NO Taurus at the time.
    OK? Please try to remember the MKS was out first and was supposed to stand alone.
    Only after Mr Mulaly decided the Fivehundred was a mistake did he promise to bring out the Taurus that should have been.
    I have tried to get posters here to back up their statements.
    I do not know, still today, which car would have offered me the same luxury and options as the MKS ecoboost.
    Nobody had near the same offers.
    Not AWD.
    Not 355 HP and twin turbo.
    Not the best at the time Bridge of Weir leather.
    Not heated and cooled seats.
    Not panoramic roof.
    Not adaptive cruise.
    Not turning headlights.
    Not 19 CuFt trunk.
    Not THX sound system.
    Not Self parking.
    I remember Baruth even praising this car.

    I test drove em all. Many times.
    I walked away in Nov 09 with a fully loaded MKS ecoboost for 51K.

    Still would do again.

    • 0 avatar

      The current body style of the Taurus came out in 2010—the same year auto park and EcoBoost came to the MKS.

      And no the MKS was not to “stand alone”. The Taurus “re-do” was done in the studio by 2008.

      Hell no one even noticed that they spent money on re-doing the decklid and badging—-as if that’s gonna generate sales.

      And no loss for Chicago, rumor that the Lincoln Explorer is going to fill its place.

      • 0 avatar

        I purchased my 10 in Nov 09. This was actually my second as I had a 09 MKS with 31K on it. I wanted the ecoboost and the additional changes to it required for the turbo power. There were many changes.

        However, I think you made my point…the MKS had been out over a year. So…it was on the design table long before the Taurus.
        I clearly remember these days and even Mulaly’s remarks. Until he said thos…there was no Taurus.
        Initially…the MKS was supposed to be stand alone. The fact thst a year later after Mulalay spoke it came out proves my point.
        These were, IMO, his worst decisions as the head of Ford. He diluted the MKS and instead came out with the wrong SHO.

        I wish the Fivehundred stayed AND I wish the SHO was a high performance Fusion (or Fivehundred). I would LOVE this 3.5 ecoboost in an AWD Fusion SHO.

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    Lincoln’s sales are so bad that none of this matters.

  • avatar

    The problem with MKS is not only out of date platform and dated and plain interior but also it is tall, narrow and short.

    • 0 avatar

      Lincoln brought those issues on itself. The car could have been styled similar to the then outgoing S80 and all would have been well. It may not have helped sales but it would not have hurt them either.

      • 0 avatar

        It supposed to be be like SUV. The idea (stupid one) was that people preferred SUV because of high seating position (and not because of utility which is obvious). It is ridiculous how American design went from low, wide, long, gorgeous to tall,short, narrow,downmarket in just couple of decades. I remember the huge impression American cars made in my childhood compared with what I could see around (European penalty boxes). American meant big and luxurious back then, even brands like Chevy and Ford.

      • 0 avatar

        My Uncle leased a 2009 MKS Ecoboost loaded and then re-leased a 2013.

        It feels like a big car on a smaller car’s platform. Same goes for the Lacrosse. The interior space doesn’t “make sense” and as a big guy I feel everything wrong with it.

        Then you get to the lack of a proper V8…

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