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While General Motors dealt with trademarking issues over the Chevrolet Bolt, the automaker filed a new application last month for the GMC Granite nameplate.

The application is the third to secure the Granite name for a product which may see the light of day, AutoGuide reports. The name was originally used for a concept compact crossover, which made its debut at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show.

GM filed its first application for the nameplate a couple of months prior in early November 2009, abandoning it the following September. Nearly two years later, the automaker filed for a new application with the intent to use the name on “motor land vehicles, namely on-road passenger automobiles.” The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office required the company to provide proof the name would be used in commerce within six months.

Since then, GM filed all five of its six-month extensions, the last in November. With no product bearing the Granite nameplate in sight, however, the automaker had to start the process once more with its third application filed May 26 of this year. Time will tell if anything comes out of this ongoing effort to hold onto the name.

[Photo credit: GMC]

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21 Comments on “General Motors Files Third Application For GMC Granite Nameplate...”

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    The tougher it sounds, the tougher it is right?

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    This would be a good name for a GMC Wrangler wannabe.

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      Or GMC is getting its own encore/ trax clone. If they can keep the styling, it’d be a vehicle on my consideration list.

      I’m not sure how a GM wrangler fighter would do. When’s the last time they had something legitimately in that market? Hummer? Those saw even less dirt than the average jeep does now, and I think ann of them were too big outside and small inside to work well when they did see the dirt.

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        Size made it better, the wrangler is great, but too small to live with in daily life for us over 6′, and not heavy enough to dig down to the hard stuff. Of course those are minor problems in the big picture. Anyhow, at the end of the day the Wrangler is the only off-road able Jeep, and it’s needed to keep Jeep as a legitimate offroad brand. Fortunately (for enthusiasts) no brand can get into the offroad category without something that is actually capable, so GMC is surely not going to be making any attempt.

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          How can anyone call the Wrangler “too small for those of us over six feet”? I could easily sit in a JK with a 10-gallon hat on my head and not even touch the headliner.

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            Do the seats adjust up and down?

            I have a friend with an AMC era Jeep and I fit fine, but the new ones at our autoshow basically put me eye level with the top of the windshield. Leaning my seat back is an unacceptable compromise, but perhaps the seat could adjust up and down and it was all the way up?

            I’ll take another look, I would like another convertible to keep miles off the scout.

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            In a word, Hummer, Yes. At least the driver’s seat does. Now, I’ll admit Mine’s an ’08, but it does have that capability with about 3″ or so of total rise IIRC. But then, I’ve also found this true for the little Fiat 500, making it possible for my wife and I both to drive it with a comfortable seat height.

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      Be better for a compact truck. It already has the right nose, just give it an ‘extended’ cab (not four full doors) and stretch the tail a little. A five-foot bed with a decent cab size would be perfect for true ‘light duty’ work.

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    Believe Mack trucks is currently using the granite name. I cant think of any other overlaps off the top of my head, but if they got the name approved before I’m sure it wont be an issue

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    This needs to be the new face for all of their offerings.

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      It already is, for the most part. The acadia just face lifted to it, the new Yukon has it, and the 16 terrain is pretty close. The Sierra is close, too.

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    I’ve always thought the Granite was a cool concept with a cool name. I hope GMC put it to good use.

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    Kia called, they want their Soul back.

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    TM and/or patent applications do not mean that anything will ever see the light of day. With that said GMC Granite is a pretty cool name.

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    It has the face of Stitch from Lilo & Stitch. Just picture it aqua blue.

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    Name it the gullible. That fits better.

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    I sort of took it for granite that it was the gen3 Scion XB.

    I’ll show myself out now.

    And yes, I know that’s incorrect.

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