Ford Fiesta, Escape First With Sync 3 System Starting This Summer

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon
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ford fiesta escape first with sync 3 system starting this summer

Coming to the Ford Fiesta and Escape this summer is the automaker’s Sync 3 connected-vehicle system, where it will be listed as an option on the order form.

The Sync 3 system is based upon BlackBerry’s QNX operating system, Detroit Free Press reports, and replaces the MyFord Touch/MyLincoln Touch technology supplied by partner Microsoft. The Redmond, Wash. tech giant will supply over-the-air updates to Ford’s new system via its Azure cloud-based global network, allowing the vehicle to update its system once parked at home.

New Fiesta and Escape owners who opt for Sync 3 will be able to connect their smartphones via AppLink, allowing for control of compatible apps from the system’s touchscreen. Apple iPhone users, meanwhile, will have an additional function available in the form Siri Eyes-Free, giving drivers the ability to call up Siri for information by holding down the push-to-talk button on their steering wheel.

The touchscreen uses a new capacitive-touch technology capable of delivering an experience similar to a given smartphone or tablet, including the ability to swipe and pinch-to-zoom. Voice and touch actions are claimed to be quicker, as well, while the overall system is optimized for hands-free use with reduced complexity on-screen.

Sync 3 is expected to be on over half of all Ford and Lincoln models by the end of 2015, with all U.S. models onboard by the end of 2016, and in all models sold globally by 2018.

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Cameron Aubernon
Cameron Aubernon

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  • Mikedt Mikedt on Jun 02, 2015

    I'm not a Luddite in that I like tech, i.e. fancy phones, high end audio, gps etc. But I do not like technology that changes at the drop of a hat baked in to an item I'm going to keep for years and years. All these fully integrated whiz-bang setups are great for people who lease. But 3 years down the road when something goes wrong in the head unit you'll be looking at a replacement cost that will make a new engine seem inexpensive. Much further down the road, you'll be lucky if you can get it fixed at all. Unfortunately many companies are making it hard to avoid this crap. Don't want our $2000 fully integrated driver input device? Then you must want our base level punishment trim car.

    • RideHeight RideHeight on Jun 02, 2015

      "Then you must want our base level punishment trim car." Just be over 55 and you'd never call any current trim level "punishment". It's a wonderful immunity come purchase time. You'll be the same way... "Well, I like the price on this one and I don't *need* a food synthesizer."

  • Johnny_5.0 Johnny_5.0 on Jun 02, 2015

    I'll just repost my comment from last February. And AppLink isn't new, it's even been on the basic SYNC versions of some models for years. The big news that isn't even mentioned is that SYNC 3 brings Android Auto/Apple CarPlay integration. Both of them will likely take a collective dump on the poor software/UX that manufacturers have been foisting upon the buying public for years. === Rabble rabble boo hiss Microsoft!!! I expected slightly better investigative work from TTAC. While the internet at large loves to dump on Microsoft, they _did not_ develop MyFordTouch. Microsoft developed Sync, and MFT is built on top of the Windows Embedded Automotive core, but the actual MFT layer was outsourced to a company called BSQUARE Corp with disastrous results. Other manufacturers successfully used all of the Microsoft bits to build non-buggy infotainment systems. You can do better TTAC. ===

    • Derekson Derekson on Jun 02, 2015

      Sync 3 does *not* currently include support for AA/CarPlay. Supposedly Ford is hoping to launch an update before the end of the year to add it.

  • Conslaw Conslaw on Jun 03, 2015

    I have a C-Max with second generation MyFordTouch. It was never too bad, but after the 2013 software update, problems with MFT have been infrequent and easily solved. I appreciate the functionality and am glad I have it, but I don't think my 78 year-old mother would get along with it too well. What bothers me about infotainment systems in general, and not just MyFordTouch, is that when the rest of the car is going strong 10+ years from now, what will be the status of the computer system? If anyone out there is a would-be entrepreneur, I urge you to start a comprehensive aftermarket infotainment systems company, so I can replace my 2013 system in 2023 with something whiz-bang.

  • MisterScott MisterScott on Jun 04, 2015

    As a Ford fan with two of their most expensive trucks in my driveway it is a good thing they rolling this out on the Fiesta. Cue eye roll.