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Cadillac ATS-V

The ATS-V+ rumored by Motor Trend is definitely not happening according to Cadillac spokesperson David Caldwell. The proposed new model would encroach too much into CTS-V territory for comfort.

Here’s what happened overnight.

Cadillac ATS-VNo V-8-Powered ATS-V Plus In The Pipeline, Says Cadillac (Motor Authority)
A big, emphatic “no” was uttered by Cadillac spokesperson David Caldwell when speaking to Motor Authority about the possibility of a V8-powered ATS-V+.

Johnnie Walker sponsor wallTodt says F1 will not ban alcohol sponsorship (
Despite a report from the European Alcohol Policy Alliance suggesting F1 fans were exposed to alcohol brands to an excessive degree, FIA head honcho Jean Todt has said the sponsorships will continue unabated.

BSK Elise K20An Unquestionably-Japanese Lotus (Speedhunters)
Fluffy leopard upholstery, RAYS’ Volk Racing TE27 wheels, and a Honda K20 to give it motivation, this Elise is as Japanese as it gets.

145640_cars_KJH_10 dealership terms you may not know (Detroit News)
“Be back”, “mini deal”, “pack” and “skate”. These are 10 dealership terms all customers should know.

Ford Focus Electric. Photo courtesy Wikipedia.orgFord to make EV technology patents available to rivals (Automotive News)
Ford is following Tesla’s lead and opening up its portfolio of patents for competing products.

GM First Day as a Public Company CelebrationJudge puts GM suits on hold pending appeal (Detroit News)
The question of bankruptcy immunity will be the deciding factor in a number of ignition switch lawsuits filed against General Motors. A federal judge has put the suits on hold as they await a ruling from another court.

Volkswagen FontVW Changes Their Corporate Font To Something Less Interesting (Jalopnik)
Even Volkswagen’s marketing is becoming more beige as the German automaker adopts a new font for sales materials.

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11 Comments on “While You Were Sleeping: Cadillac Minuses V8 ATS-V+, Volkswagen Picks Boring Font and Ford Releases Patents into the Wild...”

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    No V8 powered ATS-V?! But we argued so virulently for and against this beast! How dare they!?

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    Rod Panhard

    The font choice is a challenge. They’re trying to use one font across all media and product lines. Consider that there will be customer-facing onboard graphics, and this font will work just fine for that. So the perspective that it’s “boring” shows lack of understand about what fonts are, and what functions these tools perform all across a brand.

    • 0 avatar

      I like how Torchinsky complained that “dynamic contrast” was bull****, and then turned around and admitted that it does have better readability.

      I can see that it’s a bit less distinct, but they did try to keep the character of the old typeface, and mostly succeeded.

      I agree the old one was pretty iconic… but c’est la vie.

    • 0 avatar

      If you have an interest in automotive fonts, in my embroidery business I work for a lot of car and motorcycle clubs and enthusiasts so I started collecting automotive fonts and lookalikes. When I had trouble finding what I was looking for, I set up a page on my webspace on with images and the ttf files if possible, just so I had them all in one place. Enough people asked me about this or that font so I put them someplace where the public could access them.

      You can access the Automotive Font Archive here:

      The old VW font was so integral to their brand image, used in everything but the badging, that I’m not so sure it’s a great idea to change. Or, perhaps they thought it was too simple, too functional, too associated with those DD&B Beetle ads from the 1960s.

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    According to DW they should put they money towards the interiors.

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    Yeah kill the ATS-V no one asked for and just have a normal V8 option. Like a 5.3, normal output that doesn’t exactly set the Nurburgerkingring on fire. Maybe a manual trans is asking too much, but why not?

    Why try to be BMW? That’ll never happen. Instead give Germany car fan boys a better option.

    • 0 avatar

      The cheaper Camaro has a 6.2L now, Caddy needs something more fitting as a premium car.

      I dont think they are “trying to be BMW”. I think theyre trying to be a better, premium (with sport) American alternative to all sporty luxury cars around its size. Mercedes, Audi, Lexus and Infiniti all have entries with very sporty pretensions in this arena, not just BMW. BMW does regularly set the bar of the small premium sporty RWD luxury car, but that doesnt mean every one else’s entry is not worth having around just because it does not beat it.

      Theyre all pretty good and though they excell here and there, theyre not perfect. None Im aware of have kidney grilles and other blatent rip offs, most seem to be an honest effort to be nothing but their designer’s car, not a BMW designer’s car after it was photochopped a little. The same is true of this Cadillac. Its not that they dont have similar attributes to BMW, but thats just basics, what makes the formula for this type of car work. A Hyundai’s engine/doors/drive wheels/seats are all in the same place a Corolla’s is, doesnt make it a copy.

      This is (if youll forgive me) “the Cadillac of small RWD sport sedan/coupes”. If you look at it more in that light, its pretty good and Im happy they built it.

      • 0 avatar

        If a 5.3 V8 seems cheesy, what about the plain V6 and turbo 4? OK use the 6.2 if it makes anybody feel better.

        A_V8_engine_choice. That’s all I’m saying. Not the premium model necessarily. Why does a V8 ATS have to the top/premium model?

        Cadillacs just need the feel of a quality, healthy engine. If German autos want to go the route of cheesy, let them. I was extremely underwhelmed by the 3.6 CTS. Yuck!

        But why is it all or nothing? Ballz to the wall or not at all? Just a normal V8, around 5 to 6 liters. No supercharger, no raspy/throbbing exhaust. Is that asking too much???

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    I’m not all that broken up by the lack of a V8 ATS-V.

    Then again, I’m sort of weird in that I prefer a turbo-6 to a V8.

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