By on May 5, 2015

Project CARS

Almost everything interesting from overnight happened in Australia. So lets talk about video games instead.

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10 Comments on “While You Were Sleeping: Project CARS Tomorrow, Off-Road Lowrider and the Last Commodore is Almost Here...”

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    Athos Nobile

    I see that Sierra and think dat a$$. Having seen them in action locally I can say they’re quick.

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    Nice E30 cockpit.

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    Last year I started playing racing games after years and years of video game ignorance. Holy crap guys, the future is here. I ended up with a new PC and a stupid-looking chair with a car’s control set sprouting from it. Dorky as; but this all costs far less than two fly-in Chump or Lemons races, and you can use it whenever you damn well please.

    For someone who can rarely afford an actual race weekend or trackday, sitting in your living room in race driving position, with convincing controls, looking at the inside of a photorealistic car, driving around a photorealistic circuit or rally stage is remarkably addictive. There are games which have become good enough to actually help refine an understanding of driving quickly, without any danger; whether that’s ideal is a worthwhile discussion but I’m having too much fun with this stuff to think about that.

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      “here are games which have become good enough to actually help refine an understanding of driving quickly, without any danger; whether that’s ideal is a worthwhile discussion”

      My company (Force Dynamics) builds motion platforms that take advantage of the quality of those games, and many of our customers – from independent pro rally drivers to university research departments to top-rung racing teams – believe that it’s at the very least useful, if not yet quite ideal.

      The jury is out on whether pCARS is one of those games (which is suitable for serious training); early returns would suggest the answer is probably ‘no’. But that’s not necessarily its intent, anyway. We’re going to be paying attention either way.

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      Athos Nobile

      Wait until you see what a little tinkering will do to your chair ;)

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        I’ve seen what it’ll do… :) It can be a bit tricky to accessorize, though, as you have to worry about things breaking / falling off if they’re not mounted securely. This isn’t like one of those d-box things where you have to set a glass of water on it to tell whether it’s doing anything… ;)

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    300 SRT – to steal some phrases that were applied to Buick back in the 50s and 60s.

    “Banker’s Hot Rod”

    “Go Fast With Class.”

    (Since those were never official slogans I encourage Chrysler to appropriate them.)

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    They could slap the Amarok name on all kinds of stuff for the sake of preserving the trademark. It doesn’t need to be a vehicle.

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    Big Al from Oz

    @Mark Stevenson,
    Playing the populist I see.

    Next you will be a politician.

    This does wonders for the truth.

    What this site about, again?

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