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Ford Cargo Rolling Out Of Container Port

Remember when we said all was well for Ford Otosan regarding recent industrial actions? It’s no longer the case, as one plant ceases production once more.

Ford Otosan said it ceased production at its İnönü facility “until further notice” — where the Ford Cargo commercial truck is assembled — as a precaution after some of the strikers did not leave the plant, Reuters reports.

The industrial action over working conditions and pay — also affecting Ford Otosan’s plant in Gölcük, as well as operations belonging to Fiat (Tofaş) and Renault-Nissan (Oyak-Renault) — began last month when union Turk Metal negotiated a 60 percent wage hike for workers at a Bosch Fren factory, but failed to do the same with the rest of Turkey’s auto workers.

Renault-Nissan offered to pay striking workers ₺1,000 ($370 USD) to resume production by midnight May 25, only for workers to reject the deal when the automaker’s employer union made revisions said not to benefit employees.

[Source: Ford Trucks/Facebook]

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9 Comments on “Ford Otosan Ceases Production In İnönü Amid Ongoing Industrial Action...”

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    “Industrial Action?” Can’t we just call a strike a strike?

    When writers use Orwellian language I assume that they are trying to hide or shade the truth.

    BTW, it would have been useful to mention in what country these events are taking place.

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      Turkey. The latinized alphabet is a big clue, but you’d have to be familiar with it to follow the clue I suppose.

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        Thanks, I also had no clue where any of those places were.

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          Kudos to Cameron for using the actual Turkish characters. The modern Turkish alphabet is incredibly rational compared to English. The Turkish alphabet was reformed shortly after WWI, is comprised of 29 characters, each of which represents a specific sound in the Turkish language. There is no such thing as a spelling bee in Turkey because the language is a phonetic representation of the word, i.e. – each character is spoken. Therefore, if you can say a word, you can spell it and if you can read it, you can pronounce it.

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      Ford Otosan as well as the Brazilian Ford make the only HDT truck in the Ford lineup. They are both based the old English Ford Cargo’s

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      An “industrial action” doesn’t necessarily require a strike, it’s a lot wider than that. You’d be surprised how bad a work-to-rule or go-slow can be, and a mass refusal of overtime can be quite obnoxious. “Industrial action” is just a blanket term so you don’t have to get into precise specifics (and risk getting them wrong)

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        anomaly149 – I’ve seen a few “work to rule” job actions in health care. Following documented essential service staffing levels during job action always showed they needed higher staffing numbers than pre-job action. The same thing was found to be true when health care workers (especially nurses) strictly adhered to their job descriptions. All sorts of extra crap work had to get covered by administrative staff. That sort of thing proves the union’s point rather handily.

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    Toad – you can’t assume that every country and culture uses the same definitions and slang.

    $370 USD………. is that a bonus?, the actual wage increase? and if so over what time frame? I’m assuming that is the monthly wage.

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