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2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited

A year ago, Google introduced Android Auto to the world. Now, the 2015 Hyundai Sonata is the first to offer the system directly from the showroom floor.

Those seeking to connect their Android smartphones to their Sonata must check-off the technology package available — featuring the 8-inch nav screen required for Android Auto — for most trims, Automotive News reports. Consumers who already have a 2015 Sonata with the 8-inch screen can visit their nearest dealership for a free software update to bring Google’s connected-vehicle system into the fold; an over-the-air update direct from Hyundai is also a possibility.

While the Sonata is first off the line with Android Auto already onboard, Pioneer has offered the system on the aftermarket since March. Quality control and difficulties in making the change on the assembly line midyear were among the reasons cited for the delay, according to Hyundai Motor America senior manager Carson Grover, who adds those who use Android Auto for the first time won’t ever want to stop:

Within not too many years, this could become almost a ubiquitous technology in the industry. We have a great opportunity by being early because it’ll be a differentiator for us for hopefully quite some time. I think customers will very quickly start to see the benefit and see the reason to seek out a vehicle with this technology.

The introduction will prove to be a boon for Google, as well, as Android Auto’s showroom introduction gives the tech giant the opportunity to seize some market share before Apple’s iOS-based CarPlay system enters showrooms later on, the Sonata among the models to receive the system.

Other automakers, such as Ford, General Motors, Honda and Volkswagen, will bring Android Auto into their respective offerings within the next year, among the dozens of automakers who have pledged to do so.

[Source: Timothy Cain/The Truth About Cars]

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8 Comments on “2015 Hyundai Sonata First To Offer Android Auto Direct From Showroom...”

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    Frustratingly, I own a 2015 Sonata but my *phone* is too old to run Android Auto. So close, and yet so far. Perhaps it’s time to take advantage of my upgrade…

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      Hell I still have a flip phone so but it’s starting the battery is starting wear out so maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

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        Don’t, seriously. Buy a battery on Ebay keep what works. This “new” phone is inferior in almost every way and requires a charge every 6-8 hours or it hits 30% of battery life. The two merits it does have are sliding keyboard for easy texting and it puts out 30% less radiation than my VE465, which itself put out half of what Iphone 4S did (SAR .50 vs 1.02 or thereabouts of Iphone 4). Otherwise it sucks monkey balls in every other metric and the “screen” is already damaged from sitting in my pocket every day for the two weeks I’ve had it.

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    Excellent, I’m glad to see this tech being implemented. It’s so basic, and yet really the only thing that I needed as an infotainement solution all this time.

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    As I understand it, Android Auto requires connecting your device via USB, which is kind of a pain. Maybe for those who are *always* charging their phones, this is no big deal, as they’re plugging in anyway. But for everyone else… not super convenient.

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    Look at the design here. That chrome trim runs all the way from the headlamp, forming a lovely uninterrupted horizontal to the rear of the car, adding length, continuity, substance. I very much approve.

    Disapprove Subaru front and DLO fail etc.

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