By on April 13, 2015

Uber Safe Kiosk

Should you be in Toronto having a few with the TTAC Zaibatsu, and you need a lift home, Uber’s Uber Safe program might be what you need.

AdWeek reports the program uses a breathalyzer sidewalk kiosk to help hammered patrons make it home safe. Said patron blows into a disposable straw for six seconds, then the breathalyzer determines if they are over the legal limit or not. If so, Uber offers the patron a ride home.

The Uber Safe program was developed with ad agency Rethink, and the kiosk was assembled by fabrication studio Stacklab; both companies have offices in Toronto.

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5 Comments on “Uber Safe Helps Drunk Torontonians Make It Home Safely...”

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    Oh, come on. Take the Vomit Comet like the rest of us did!

    ETA: In all seriousness, if I were drunk, I would take a real, licensed taxi over a not-entirely-legit Uber driver. And if I were an uber driver—and unless I drove a taxi-spec Crown Vic or something else I could hose out—I’d be really hesitant to pick up a fare that consisted of inebriated passengers.

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      This. Do I want people who are certainly drunk and possibly vomity in my nice car? Nope.

      This seems more like a thing for drunk people to do, (stand around in groups at the kiosk, drink, and try it out) get a free breathalyzer as a fun party trick, and not actually use Uber.

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      It’s easy to conflate Uber X and Uber. The latter are actual livery drivers, who I’d trust the most of everyone to get me home. That said, as a customer, I think even Uber X has a lot of advantages for getting home drunk. If you have “home” saved in the app, you can put it in as your destination and the driver has the directions up on their phone even before you get in the car. In terms of safety, there’s a detailed record of who’s picking you up as well as live GPS tracking and recording of exactly where you’re going. In cities with crappy taxis like DC, a taxi would be my last choice for getting home.

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    Hey I’m a drunk Torontonian! But wasn’t there a police sting on Uber drivers two weeks ago?

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    Cities need licensed, bonded and insured drivers’ services to drive you and your car home.

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