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Buick Verano - Shanghai 2015

Aimed at those “who value a personal and dynamic driving experience,” the next-gen Buick Verano debuted at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show.

Power for the sedan comes from a 1.5-liter direct-injection turbo-four stated to be the most powerful engine in General Motors’ Ecotec family. Output amounts to 166 horses and 184 lb-ft of torque, all of which is directed to the front via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission specially adapted for road conditions in China. Fuel economy is 6.1 liters per every 100 kilometers.

The Verano’s styling draws from both the 2013 Riviera and 2014 Avenir concepts, such as the Avenir-esque, wing-shaped high-intensity discharge xenon headlamps with daytime LEDs and matching LEDs in the rear. A fastback roof, steeply raked windshield and “streamlined” C-pillars make the sedan appear longer than it actually is — no dimension figures were given at this time — while its double-sweep beltline give the Verano a sculpted appearance.

Other features include: 17-inch, 10-spoke aluminum wheels shod in Continentals; start-stop; signature Buick waterfall grill; and dual integrated inset exhaust.

The Verano is the newest vehicle in Buick’s Chinese market lineup meant to address the needs of customers in the midsize sedan segment, following the Excelle and Excelle GT.

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18 Comments on “Shanghai 2015: Buick Verano Debuts...”

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    A very unfortunate-looking Buick. Sorta a deformed Hyundai.

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      Agreed, not very distinctive. Also, the article says this gets a 1.5L turbo, but the pics Corey links to below clearly feature “2.0 T” on the backside.

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    any pictures other than the one on the front piece? something to look at or a link to any other pictures? o, wait, there they are over at autoevolution. if the styling is new it sure would be nice to see it. if the powertrain is new then yes, numbers are helpful.

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    Many photos here:

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    “those who value a personal and dynamic driving experience” sounds good, but means absolutely nothing.
    How could the Verano be more “personal” than any other car available?
    Is it any more “dynamic” than anything else? What does “dynamic” mean, anyway?
    So the bottom line is, it’s nothing special, but GM hopes to make lots of yen by selling them in the world’s largest market, which, by the way, isn’t in the Western hemisphere.

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    While I’m happy the chrome eyebrows won’t be looking at me so angrily any more, I feel like the rest of the styling is a big bowl of ramen fail.

    -Bulbous front end looks “pinched,” with the area below the headlamps appearing to go -inward-, which is very unusual in car styling. If you want a car to look stable and planted, it should get wider at the base of things. Everybody likes a wide-look car. This is the shape of a Tylenol PM capsule at the front. Bad.

    -The banishment of the chrome eyebrows at the back has left the rear end with no personality whatsoever. At least the fixed tail lamp lenses and the ones attached to the trunk lid line up perfectly.

    -The fuel door is truly at a bad place. Why feature it so high up, and with that hefty character line running through it, drawing such attention to an interruption (via cut lines) in said line?

    -Intense DLO and a-pillar fails, complete with plastic triangle.

    -Lower flare line at the bottom of the door is too truncated, and up a little too high. It makes the car look jacked up, causing even more “solidity” fail. As well, it looks like they didn’t want to run the line through the door cut lines – which is fine. But they went ahead and did it at the back anyway, for about an inch. Really?

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      i’m not so sure it is a complete dlo fail. that was the first thing i checked because it is so prevalent on the older version. here they have mounted the side view mirror on the door not in the angled portion ahead of the window. i could not tell from the photos if the small triangular portion where the door and a-pillar meet is plastic or glass. if glass it appears to be fixed and not attached to the window. that would be slightly better than a piece of plastic – but not by much. it’s the only reason i can think of mounting the side view mirror on the door.

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    Hey, no ventiports. Nice. And about time.

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    What does “transmission specially adapted for road conditions in China” actually mean? Different ratio spread? Taller/shorter final drive? Different shift programming?

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    Looks less modern than the current Verano. The rear end is a slight improvement, the rest is pretty terrible. Another example of the narrow/long trend like the CLA/Sonata/200/Lacrosse. The greenhouse looks more bulbous than a Toyota Echo’s

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    Goodness gracious, a 2009 Elantra with a Buick grille. Verrry nice.

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    This is a total dud. Like the previous Malibu re-do, the out going version looks better,

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    I’m confused by the name. Is it replacing the Excelle, or will it be sold along side it? Because the current Verano is already sold in China as the Excelle (looks great as a hatch).

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    Why does almost every new GM vehicle seem like a brand new car… that’s 10 years old?

    They need a new slogan… “consistently over promising, always under-delivering”

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