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Better late than never, here are a few live images from the Lincoln Continental Concept’s debut Monday evening prior to the 2015 New York Auto Show. The concept is meant to show the direction the brand will take when its new fullsize sedan — dubbed Continental — debuts next year.

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48 Comments on “New York 2015: Lincoln Continental Concept Live Photos...”

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    It looks like the block lettering on the front wing lights up. I am in favor of this. Could do without the chrome at the bottom, as it’s giving me B-body Fleetwood flashbacks. But it’s quite a big @ss “has presence” car.

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      “But it’s quite a big @ss “has presence” car.”

      “Has presence” are the words the popped into my head when I saw the photos. It’s a concept car, which means we judge it purely on looks alone… and it’s a head turner.

      Anyone else see a bit of Acura’s Jewel eye headlights?

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    I like it, although having finally gotten the current marque front end to the point where it’s attractive, I wish they had kept it.

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    Based on the photos, I think I like it.

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    I like the look of it – far more than the CT6 – which looks like a stretched XTS.

    But what are you gonna have to get people talking?

    How are you gonna send people to bed dreaming of owning one?

    I see nothing here worth dreaming for.

    Suicide doors would be nice.

    Bright White and cashmere leather would be nice – get away from the dark colors.


    Works for Jaguar’s XJ.

    Twin Turbo V8 ain’t hurting the W222.

    Audi’s got one.

    BMW’s got one…

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      This Is Dawg

      I’m seeing a lot of Chrysler 300 in this one, so you liking it makes me feel like I’m not the only one. Agree with WheelMcCoy above, those are some serious Acura headlights though. The grille is a little bizarre to me, especially the thick chrome bits on the bottom sides. I think this could look pretty good, and more brand cohesive with the new navigator’s grille.

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    I like the wild headlights.

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    How does Bentley and Lincoln both use the Continental name? Usually names are trademarked. I suppose if you use the Bentley name you may as well use their design language!

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    Gorgeous! Much better-looking than the CT6, and stands a very good chance of becoming popular too in Europe as an affordable lookalike alternative to the Flying Spur. GM must have gotten a heart attack when faced with the Lincoln concept. Only, bring back the suicide doors, please. Lose the door handles featured on the concept.

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    I do like the car, and I do like the resurgence of the Continental name if it makes it out the product. I will accept that, like Taurus, the name is disconnected from its original use as Edsel’s weekender.

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    I’m rooting for Lincoln, but there’s something oddly not quite right with the front end of the car. I don’t know if it’s the too-bland-look or if those lights are misproportioned to the grille, but it needs some work.

    Elegant, yes, but it lacks anything that makes me think “I gotta have this”. Lincoln may have out-Audi’d-Audi in the attempt to be as benign as possible….

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      I have to disagree. Conservative styling wins in this type of vehicle. It looks classy, and it isn’t going to look outdated in 10 years. I hope that when it goes into production, it will look very much like this.

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    I’m glad they built it, but it feels like Ford is just ripping off the designs from other manufacturers. It really does look like a Bentley with Acura headlights.

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    bumpy ii

    I knew the grille reminded me of something:

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    It looks like a much nicer Toyota Century to me. Something tells me that us Yanks’ car tastes, at least for those interested in luxury barges, are going to be eclipsed by the Chinese over the next couple decades.

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    Read a story on it in the paper yesterday, and the Lincoln rep was quoted as saying “the purpose of this car is to get in and… chill.” There’s that underserved market we were talking about a couple of weeks ago.

    So it seems that 2016 will be the year when I buy my first American-brand car, and it will be a Lincoln, of all things! Looking forward to it.

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    I endorse this styling direction, except for the trunk liftover height which I assume is there only because of the clean lines required by a concept.

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    i like the looks of this car, but then again, i like the looks of the audi a8 too.

    side profiles look very similar to me as do the headlights. i don’t know that lincoln designers are cribbing ingolstadt – i think it’s more this is where style is now (do you hear that cadillac? you are WAY out in right field.)

    i like the choice of color, not so much the wheels. someone above said they’d like it better with a light interior. i second that and add it needs dark carpets. black carpets, light seats and a blue exterior.

    that’s my 2 cents.

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    I think it could do with a little more character of it’s own. I looks to much like an Audi that wants to look Bentley.

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    Nice Bentley for a Lincoln. It’s a nice, nice car, but so Bentley-esque as to be a head-scratcher. Is it a tribute to Bentley or a rip-off?

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    USA, USA, USA!

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    Too bad what we end up getting will be FWD, no V8 option, and probably look a lot cheaper.

    Well…the concept is nice.

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      Who needs a transverse V8 and its poor turning circle when you’ve got three different turbocharged V6s, the top one of which (new-gen 3.5) will generate over 400 horsepower, and a full-time transverse AWD system?

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        I wouldn’t do a transverse V8 anymore, but I wouldn’t do a transverse motor at all if I could (in this type of model).

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        Who needs a transverse anything?

        Let’s do this sh*t Audi style. Longitudinal V8 with base FWD and optional (and highly favored) rear-biased AWD.

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          Well, yes it would be best to do things correctly.

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            I dunno why only Audi is willing to do that. It seems to work pretty well for them.

            But the last longitudinal FWD American cars were, what, the LH cars? And the last longitudinal FWD V8 American car was the 1985 GM E-Body.

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    I absolutely love this car, now this is how you do a flagship American luxury car, this is the kind of car that makes someone think twice about buying a Mercedes, BMW or Audi.

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    What a much better statement than the horribly misguided, derivative CT6. Kudos to Lincoln for pulling something off that actually sparks positive conversation.

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    Oh wow… I’ve got some saving up to do.

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    Not enough.
    A lot of work to do.
    If you cant make a Lincoln better than this???
    Maybe they should go back to the CAD…and click the”Continental”
    It doesn’t look much different than the high end Hyundai to a passer by.

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    The exterior is not bad, but I’m really a fan of the interior.

    BMW- and Audi-derived interiors are great and all, but they are starting to get old. This is something truly different — a reinterpretation of the old-school American interior, but this time with actual build quality (which no old-school American interior ever had). The amount of chrome in the concept will be toned down a bit, but except for that I want to see this interior in production exactly as is.

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    The more I look at this, the more that front end bugs me. I think there’s too much of a contrast between the grille and the headlamps – they just don’t seem to mesh well together. The side profile looks wonderful, the tail needs to be sharpened up a bit, though.

    I like the fact that Lincoln is actually trying to build this car around a defined experience: first class luxury travel that is serene, relaxing and elegant.

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      I want to see it with the current Lincoln corporate grille. I want one either way though. Juan Barnett, who writes here once in awhile, photoshopped a tail hump onto the Continental Concept. I actually like it…

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    Chrome bumpers. Everything old is new again! If they put enough leg room in the back, it’ll be what a full sized luxury car should be: something you can drive, or be driven in, and not look out of place in either instance. All it needs is a hood ornament.

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