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Uber Austin

Transportation network companies Lyft and Uber are lobbying the Texas Legislature to enact legislation that would help TNCs better operate in the state.

Autoblog reports the TNCs are spending over $1 million on more than three dozen lobbyists during the 2015 legislative session to push for rules that would supercede local laws, allowing the duo and other potential TNCs to operate freely in San Antonio as they do now in Dallas, Houston, Lubbock and Austin.

The issue in San Antonio comes from the local taxi industry, who claim Lyft, Uber and other TNCs hurt the livery industry, and wants them to operate within the same standards as yellow taxis and black cars. Industry group Texas Taxi — representing 2,500 drivers — has hired eight lobbyists to counter the TNCs’ efforts, while the industry as a whole spending $500,000 to block the legislation.

Said legislation, co-sponsored by Chris Paddie of Marshall and Lyle Larson of San Antonio, would require TNCs to register with the state and pay an annual fee of $5,000, as well as conduct driver background checks and provide commercial insurance.

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5 Comments on “Lyft, Uber Lobby Texas Legislature For Statewide TNC Legislation...”

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    Sgt Beavis

    I suspect the lobbying group for Uber and Lyft are conducing phone polls this week. I got called on one. They covered a lot of issues but there was a huge focus on this issue. IMO the questions were attempting to drive the person being polled towards supporting Lyft/Uber..

    Personally I like these kinds of services but Uber is still run by a bunch of jackasses so I won’t mind if they fail…

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    What I can’t figure out is why the exact same party that loads up all the regulations and taxes that made the taxis what they are today manages to get the support of the voters who want Uber to get a break on the laws.

    Do people see no connection?

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      Sgt Beavis

      Probably because that is just one of hundreds (or thousands) of issues people consider when they vote…

      OK, I’m BS’ing you. People barely consider anything when they vote. Just look at the reelection of Rahm Emmanuel in Chicago or Rick Perry, here in Texas. One has done a totally crap job, the other just shows up. Both are reelected.

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