Japan's Misfit Crossover Era Is Over

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
japans misfit crossover era is over

First it was the Toyota Venza. Now the Honda Crosstour is being sent to the farm where it can be with other, odd-looking pseudo-CUV type vehicles.

According to Ward’s Auto, sales of the Crosstour plummeted by nearly 40 percent since the start of the year. The Crosstour has always had a dedicated core of loyal followers, but evidently that wasn’t enough to sustain its sales.

Like the Toyota Venza, the Crosstour was a black sheep. While the CR-V is America’s favorite crossover, the Crosstour never found anywhere close to the same reception that the CR-V, Pilot or Odyssey did. The homely looks and more appealing stablemates didn’t do it any favors. But buyers similarly rejected the Venza, which looked more traditional and offered a more practical package.

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  • GiddyHitch GiddyHitch on Apr 09, 2015

    Meanwhile, BMW is putting the finishing touches on their new M X6 GranCoupe Touring 3.5dX-Drive.

  • Fred Fred on Apr 09, 2015

    I just wish they at least tried to make a simple Accord wagon, no jacking up/crossover/SUV bs. Especially since they don't have the Acura Sportwagon to compete against. Sooner or later the tide will move back to cars.

  • MissmySE-R MissmySE-R on Apr 09, 2015

    Hope this is sufficient proof that you can't sell a Camcord wagon / crossover hybrid. Since you already have plenty of crossovers, can we please get back to having the option of a traditional wagon option on these cars? I would love one, bigger and less expensive than the euro options, better powertrain and handling than a H6 Outback.

    • PonchoIndian PonchoIndian on Apr 09, 2015

      they had to more or less give away the remaining TSX wagons because no one bought them, what makes you think an Accord wagon would do any better?

  • Ceipower Ceipower on Apr 10, 2015

    Took Honda long enough to realize they had a dud on their hands , but what can you expect from a company who builds their Luxury division cars (Acura) that look hideous with the "beak" grill...and they STILL won't let that one go! You have to wonder who at Honda green lights these duds? In true Dilbert fashion they need to promote the guy/gal to a position high enough he/she can no longer do any harm.